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Your Opinion: Conversation needed about community attributes

Your Oct. 24 editorial asks several questions of our community and its leaders. The one closest to my own heart is, “Are we complacent?”

Your Opinion: Executive orders disregard process

President Obama and the Democrats had veto-proof majorities in both the House and Senate. In that period of time laws were passed that were supposed to improve the lives of the American people.

Your Opinion: Limits pave way for death panels

I reference an Nov. 11 article by Ben Shapiro headlined “The Death Panels Are Coming”.

Our Opinion: Will Gen Z disconnect from high tech?

News Tribune editorial

Future change — prompted by loss of privacy, online discomfort and being overconnected — may come in the form of a retreat from technology by Generation Z.

Perspective: Thanksgiving reflections

When individuals are asked what they are most thankful for at Thanksgiving time, they usually mention good health, family, and loved ones.

Our Opinion: Seasonal crimes call for precautions

News Tribune editorial

Jefferson City police have issued a seasonal crime prevention reminder in the wake of a recent incident.

Perspective: Giving thanks

Thanksgiving is not only a day to celebrate with loved ones but also a reminder for all of our good fortunes.

Our Opinion: Bonds reflect commitment to mental health

Issuing bonds to build a new Fulton State Hospital is a welcome sign.

Your Opinion: Government tricks squelch opposition

This letter is in reference to the AP article published Nov. 14 in the News Tribune “Trooper ambush suspect charged with terrorism.”

Our Opinion: Relocation inspires shared vision

“Location, location, location” is a mantra in the real estate industry.

Your Opinion: A season to support charities

Each year before Halloween is even over, the “merchandising” begins in the guise of Christmas giving.

Your Opinion: Obamacare ‘architect’ cites voter ‘stupidity’

Most of you probably remember Nancy Pelosi’s statement on Obamacare, “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”

Our Opinion: Assist search for new school superintendent

If you were hiring a new Jefferson City School District superintendent, what qualities would you prioritize?

Your Opinion: Bombarded with lack of ethics

There doesn’t appear to be a code of ethics for so many people anymore.

Your Opinion: Flags at half staff on Veterans Day

Another Veterans Day has come and gone.