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Your Opinion: Response on abortion

In response to Mr. Thompson’s letter addressing the subject of “When Life Begins,” I have some comments.

Your Opinion: Pet protection ordinance favored

In response to the letter from Clayton Hill. He apparently doesn’t care about animals and how they are treated.

Our Opinion: Pet protections deserve approval by City Council

We welcome a proposed Jefferson City ordinance to protect pets from harmful weather conditions.

Your Opinion: Proposed cigarette tax unfair

In an article published Dec. 28 the proposal to increase cigarette taxes for road improvements was suggested. Why isn’t the public screaming discrimination?

Your Opinion: Ethics reform skepticism

Here we go again. Missouri has the most lax ethics laws in the U.S. But our Legislature is in session and this is the year for serious reform. Are you kidding me?

Your Opinion: Beef checkoff opposed

I am a fourth-generation farmer, born and raised in Callaway County. Agriculture is my passion and helping others is my purpose. This letter is to inform beef producers about the Missouri Beef Checkoff referendum.

Your Opinion: Act to end violence

Fox News Channel critics of Obama questioned why he only shed a tear at the deaths of the smallest and most innocent victims gunned down at Newtown.

Your Opinion: ‘Godless left’ threatens Constitution

Regarding the January “American Rifleman” article “She Flips, He Flops,” Hilary Clinton remarks in a group of donors in which she said that the Supreme Court “got it wrong” on the Second Amendment.

Our Opinion: Amnesty collects taxes, but coddles scofflaws

News Tribune editorial

We acknowledge mixed emotions when it comes to tax amnesty programs.

Perspective: The need for ethics reform – and its limits

For a small minority ... service in the General Assembly ends up being the worst thing that ever happened to them. With many lobbyists and others offering gifts and massaging egos, it is all too easy for a person to lose their sense of perspective and propriety.

Our Opinion: Follow-through needed to lift ‘sub-par’ performance

News Tribune editorial

A board created by state lawmakers more than a decade ago has not followed through with its mission, according to findings by State Auditor Nicole Galloway.

Perspective: Bill passed to repeal Obamacare

For the first time since a glitch-filled, health care website was deployed, health plans and doctors were canceled and premiums skyrocketed — the president has to tell the American people why he is not listening to their concerns and standing behind a health policy that is harming our country and its people.

Our Opinion: Commit to fewer traffic deaths in 2016

Evaluating public safety statistics from 2015 has merit insofar as it helps us improve this year.

Our Opinion: Much talk on ethics, but action?

“This year, if the Legislature does not send a campaign contribution limit bill to my desk, I will do everything in my power to get it on the ballot and make sure it passes.” That quote is from Gov. Jay Nixon’s 2013 State of the State address, delivered nearly three years ago.

Your Opinion: Changes to pet laws unnecessary and unwelcome

In the Jan. 3 newspaper an article advised us that the city is considering changes to ordinances affecting how pets, mainly dogs, are cared for by their owners.