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Your Opinion: People must obey laws

The inevitable happened, cops were killed.

Your Opinion: Liberals errantly credit Obama

I’m writing in response to Lawrence Wansing’s letter published Dec. 30. As usual for liberal Democrats, Wansing attempts to give Obama credit for something he had nothing to do with and as a matter of fact the Obama administration attempted to hinder fracking at every turn.

Our Opinion: History — Context, news and guidance

News Tribune editorial

An aspect of journalism is documenting the present in the context of the past and as an indicator of the future.

Perspective: Capitol life without Priddy?

Missouri lawmakers return to the Capitol and, at noon Wednesday, launch the 2015 General Assembly which will run through May 15. But the Missourinet’s first (and, until Dec. 1, only) news director, Bob Priddy, won’t be at the Press Table in the Senate when the session begins.

Perspective: Legislative session preview

The Missouri General Assembly will convene its 98th session this Wednesday, Jan. 7. I anticipate much blather by a bi-partisan cast – myself included – about this, that, and the other priorities, and what’s different this time.

Perspective: Battle of New Orleans remembered

If you’re old enough, you may remember a snappy tune ... which was a sensational version of the events of the Battle of New Orleans. I remember hearing it as a child, but it was still a bit before my time.

Perspective: Rising costs of health care

Since the implementation of the president’s health care law’s individual mandate, I have heard from so many of you in the 3rd District that either had issues registering for an insurance plan, or if you were successful, have seen your premiums rise at an alarmingly high rate.

Our Opinion: Treatment equity for cancer patients

News Tribune editorial

The new year has brought a measure of fairness and relief for cancer patients. A chemotherapy measure approved by lawmakers last session has become effective.

Your Opinion: Carbon dividend or carbon tax shell game?

I wish I knew what really motivates the “Climate Change” chicken littles of our country.

Our Opinion: Resolved

Navigating ‘temporal landmarks’ and ‘behavioral economists’

Resolved, for 2015, to eat more, exercise less, become more disorganized and less productive.

Your Opinion: Congressman criticized

For several years now 3rd District Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer has been repeatedly bashing Obama about the high price of gas and for not increasing the amount of energy produced in this country.

Your Opinion: Enabling irresponsibility

Remember the story about Maribel, the single mother of two who thought McDonald’s should raise her pay because she needed more money to support her kids?

Your Opinion: Response on abortion proposal

In response to Judy Baumgartner’s letter of Dec. 28. U.S. Census statistics show births to unwed mothers is now 41 percent and the murder of unborn children through abortion has topped 57,000,000.

Our Opinion: Another ill-conceived helmet law

A proposal to ease motorcycle helmet restrictions has no redeeming value.

Our Opinion: Time to plan New Year’s celebrations

Father Time’s 2014 hourglass was running low. He sat before the holiday fireplace with the New Year’s baby, 2015, planning the transition.