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Our Opinion: Common path to academic excellence

If we’re teachable, we can learn much from the top academic students at Jefferson City High School.

Your Opinion: Satisfied with trash service

Allied Waste has been providing the trash service here in our community in a very satisfactory manner and I personally have been quite pleased with the service they have been providing for the time they have done so.

Our Opinion: Protect state’s seniors from financial fraud

Changes in demographics may require new initiatives.

Perspective: Senate corrects disappointing tactic, blocks pay raises

On Wednesday I was very disappointed that the Senate failed to adopt a resolution stopping the recommendations of the Missouri Citizens Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials from going into effect.

Perspective: NFIB seeks restoration of 40-hour workweek

The U.S. House of Representatives recently voted to repeal part of the Affordable Care Act which has had consequences that even the law’s strongest supporters could not have intended.

Our Opinion: Community commitment exemplified

Look no further than the recent decision by Missouri Special Olympics for proof of the popular axiom — economic development is a community effort.

Your Opinion: Landowner supports Rock Island trail

Thank you for allowing us to express our opinion regarding the proposed abandonment of the Rock Island rail line and its conversion to a recreational trail.

Your Opinion: Intercessory prayer offered to convert hearts on abortion

In Sue Gibson’s letter Jan. 22, she compares promoting abortions at a Catholic Church — or any church I suppose — to protesting abortions at an abortion clinic.

Your Opinion: Risky business on climate change

Last week the Risky Business Project reported that both Missouri agriculture and manufacturing face profound economic risks from climate change.

Our Opinion: Near miss reveals state pay raise conundrum

News Tribune editorial

A vote by Missouri senators to block pay raises for legislators and state elected officials prompts a number of questions, including a hypothetical one — where would the state get the money?

Perspective: No new stadium debt without public debate

Rome had its gladiators and the Coliseum. American states and local governments have taxpayer-funded NFL stadiums. Since 1992, you’ve been paying for the Rams stadium in St. Louis.

Perspective: Education conversation with Rep. Jay Barnes

In the early evening before Gov. Jay Nixon delivered his State of the State address on Jan. 21, State Rep. Jay Barnes, R-Jefferson City, took time to visit with me in his office at the Capitol.

Our Opinion: Education strategies II

News Tribune editorial

The mission of public schools is to educate everyone, which includes students with discipline and behavioral problems who require more attention than other students.

Perspective: Raising awareness about human trafficking

This week, the House of Representatives focused on a topic that doesn’t make the headlines on a daily basis, but is a widespread problem that isn’t going away and needs to be mentioned more often.

Your Opinion: Deflate-gate possibilities

If it can be determined who let the air out of the Patriots’ footballs, that person should be immediately apprehended and taken to Washington, D.C., to let some of the hot air out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.