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Your Opinion: Flag theft dishonors military

A thief or thieves entered our property on April 2 and without permission removed a flag.

Our Opinion: ‘Zipper’ merge recommended in work zones

A challenge for traffic engineers is maximizing productivity in work zones while minimizing inconvenience for motorists.

Your Opinion: Quarrel with sports classifications

This reader tries to read and understand most of the headlines and articles in our paper or any paper for that matter but sometimes she reads articles that boggle her feminine mind.

Your Opinion: Appreciation for hospice volunteers

Sunday through April 16 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week. Every volunteer deserves our acknowledgement, appreciation and gratitude!

Our Opinion: Celebrate parks system centennial with stewardship

As we prepare to celebrate the centennial of our state parks system, let the Boy Scouts lead the way.

Your Opinion: Don’t be so quick to eliminate paper

I enjoyed a recent letter where the author questioned “mandatory” instant messaging of employment applications.

Your Opinion: Hypocrisy about ‘traditional values’

The end of the legislative session is mere weeks away. The party of “traditional values” is willing to force a child to incubate a fetus and then force her into a life of motherhood she never wanted and a life of poverty she cannot escape.

Your Opinion: Half truths cited to deny climate change

Half-truths are no better than a lie. The News Tribune published a March 27 Nelson Otto letter containing several half-truths.

Our Opinion: Take the initiative to understand autism

Although strides are being made in understanding autism, the disorder remains among the mysteries of modern medicine.

Our Opinion: Educating students about suicide prevention

We support two legislative proposals that address suicide awareness and prevention in Missouri schools, without creating yet another burden for educators.

Your Opinion: Defense spending disparities in NATO

Remember Donald Trump’s comments about NATO? I’m not a fan of Trump but there is certainly a basis for his comments.

Your Opinion: Wrong way to discipline a child

his citizen really enjoys reading the Watercooler stories that appear in our local paper.

Perspective: Senate adjusting budget to reflect Missouri priorities

After the legislative spring break and a wonderful Easter holiday, the Senate resumed session this week.

Your Opinion: County sales tax extension supported

As a resident and owner of a dairy farm in rural Cole County, I would like to encourage everyone to vote “yes” on Proposition A in Tuesday’s election.

Your Opinion: School board transparency needed

The March 28 News Tribune included a guest editorial from the St. Joseph News-Press that again addressed the topic of the value of transparency and open records for our democracy.