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Our Opinion: ‘Thank you, Captain Obvious’ for the heat warning

Playing the role of “Captain Obvious,” allow us to pass along advisories from officials regarding excessive heat.

Poll: Ahead of deal, Americans express mixed feelings

Most Americans think of Iran as an enemy of the United States, but a narrow majority still supported a diplomatic relationship in a poll conducted on the eve of the nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

Our Opinion: Resiliency in building and healing

The Missouri National Guard’s new Resiliency Center embodies its purpose.

Your Opinion: Of phone books and plastic bags

It is this citizen’s understanding that the new telephone books have been delivered to their customers.

Your Opinion: The ‘rest’ on unemployment

The good news seems to be that the unemployment is down to 5.3 percent.

Our Opinion: Support boosts agency additions to United Way

We join in congratulating the two agencies that have been selected by the United Way of Central Missouri as new partners.

Your Opinion: Christians do not ‘own’ morality

In his word salad published July 8 about Joseph Martin’s letter and “liberals,” while supporting Jim Dyke, Mr. Horstmann broke several “commandments of logical debate,” (Google that if you care).

Your Opinion: Support proposal to end public corruption

Dear middle class Missouri. I have an idea for a new bill. This bill would state that any person in political office yearly salary must not exceed the average income of the people that they are representing.

Your Opinion: Lessons to be learned from Greece

If we refuse to learn from the example set by the PIIGS nations of the European Union, or even from some our own states, we are doomed to suffer the devolution of the United States.

Your Opinion: Far Left missing the big picture

The far left had a light bulb moment when an angry mob and a few diehard poiticians decided to blame the murder of nine black people at the Emanuel AME Church shooting on the Confederate flag at the South Carolina statehouse and called for its removal from state property because it is allegedly a symbol of hate.

Our Opinion: Municipal court reform steps toward greater goal

News Tribune editorial

A law to reform municipal court operations throughout Missouri is a significant step, but only a step toward a greater goal.

Perspective: Municipal court reform becomes law

On Thursday, Gov. Jay Nixon signed municipal court reform legislation sponsored by Sen. Eric Schmitt. Like the transfer legislation Gov. Nixon vetoed last week, Senate Bill 5 was the product of a bi-partisan, cross-regional effort to improve the lives of all Missourians.

Perspective: What businesses want in their employees

To be best prepared for life ahead, students need to cultivate certain skills for the workplace, regardless of which line of work they enter.

Our Opinion: Circling the elusive math of payday lenders

News Tribune editorial

Are “payday” or “title” lenders predators, as alleged by social welfare proponents who demonstrated Wednesday outside the local office of a Missouri congressman?

House passes 21st Century Cures Act

Each week, I sit down and meet with all different types of health groups that visit Washington to advocate on behalf of what is important to them. I hear stories from children, teenagers, adults and the elderly about how important medical research funding is to them and their well-being.