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Your Opinion: Laws needed at Lake

As a resident and property owner at the Lake of the Ozarks I support any legislation having to do with the Lake of the Ozarks that imposes limits on noise, size of wakes and speed and limits on the size of boats and motors.

Your Opinion: Failure to follow through

Remember all those years ago when you just heard the Rolling Stones doing “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” That is sure true today whether you are talking about farm machinery or medical care.

Our Opinion: Capital Region expands commitment to community

News Tribune editorial

Capital Region Medical Center’s commitment to health care is contained in its slogan — “Better. Every day.” — but today marks a special day for the hospital.

Perspective: Working together to pass ethics reform

Missouri’s ethics laws are the weakest in the nation. Lawmakers in Missouri can accept unlimited gifts and meals from lobbyists. They can receive unlimited campaign donations from special interests.

Our Opinion: Smoke alarms: Simple, inexpensive life insurance

News Tribune editorial

Anyone interested in what has been described as “the cheapest life insurance money can buy?” The product is a working fire alarm.

Perspective: Brighter outlook for housing

There can be a brighter outlook for the future of housing in America.

Your Opinion: Ferguson then and now

Ferguson has been in the news for well over a year now. I believe that we can agree racial bias exists and changes need to be made.

Your Opinion: Don’t blame judge for others’ failings

If your son or daughter were charged with a serious crime, how long should they sit in jail awaiting a speedy trial? One year? Three?

Our Opinion: The unrivaled value of cursive writing

Keyboarding is a skill widely embraced by contemporary youth, but it must complement, rather than replace, cursive writing.

Your Opinion: Don’t politicize judge’s ruling II

To hear those clamoring for her head on a platter, Judge Joyce went crazy and dismissed a criminal charge against a confessed child molester.

Your Opinion: Don’t politicize judge’s ruling

This is with regard to the article in the Oct. 27 paper regarding a criminal case in Miller County over which Judge Joyce is presiding on assignment by the Missouri Supreme Court.

Our Opinion: Virtues of openness evaluated

Jefferson City Board of Education members snubbed an opportunity to help build trust when they went into closed session to discuss the format and priorities for an evaluation of the superintendent.

Your Opinion: Rein in abuses

Is there any limit to the abuses we will accept from a federal government that has grown far beyond its constitutionally endowed power?

Our Opinion: Safety diffuses frightening combination

Halloween’s arrival on a Saturday this year creates a frightening combination, unless safety is observed by motorists and trick-or-treaters.

Our Opinion: House speaker promotes policy on interns, harassment

We support proposed new rules for the Missouri House of Representatives designed to prevent recurring episodes of behavior that has demeaned people, embarrassed an institution and disrupted governing.