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Our Opinion: Does question of rights require an either/or answer?

News Tribune editorial

Does the question about whether our rights are granted by man or God require an either/or answer?

Perspective: Tax code must reward hard work, innovation

Each and every day, my offices receive letters, emails, and phone calls with questions and comments about government policies and agencies. Since we are now in the month of April, calls, emails, and letters about our current tax system have increased as Tax Day and the deadline for Americans to file our income taxes with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approaches.

Your Opinion: Enforcing the law

Hey! I have an idea. Let’s pass a law that forbids police from stopping people for traffic offenses after a certain number has been reached.

Your Opinion: Don’t confuse cultural heritage with Christianity

Well, another reply to Mr. Sampson.

Our Opinion: Severe storms, flash floods – steer clear

Before bringing May flowers, April showers are creating some potentially dangerous conditions.

Our Opinion: Tax amnesty: Practical, but not principled

Is amnesty for delinquent taxpayers fair to Missourians who paid their taxes on time?

Your Opinion: Flagpole request denied

We live at the Villas of Duane Swift in Jefferson City.

Your Opinion: Christian faith under attack

It’s interesting that the movie “Killing Jesus” was such a hit and Easter being one of our most popular holidays next to Christmas that the parallels in Jesus’ time and now for the citizenry with regards to the fear of government and the attempts to corrupt and/or destroy the Christian faith are growing with leaps and bounds.

Your Opinion: Group not ‘leftist’ organization

In an April 2 letter Harold Horstmann called a “leftist political blog.

Your Opinion: Do surveys influence voters?

It has come to my attention that not everybody is happy with the concept of newspapers conducting and publishing pre-election surveys.

Our Opinion: Failure to communicate serves no one

The state Senate’s budget chairman believes three state agencies have failed to communicate their specific needs.

Our Opinion: Reform municipal courts; restore fairness

Reforming municipal courts in Missouri is a legislative priority that deserves to be passed — and the sooner, the better.

Perspective: Firm welcomed; budget work continues

On Wednesday, I was very fortunate to attend the press conference formally announcing that Continental Commercial Products will be moving its operational and corporate headquarters to the former RR Donnelley facility in Jefferson City.

Our Opinion: Vote to protect voluntary system from perilous alternatives

Voting is important not only for electing officials and deciding issues, but for preserving our voluntary system.

Your Opinion: Changing status from moderation for extremism

I have loved this state, my adopted state, since moving here in the early 1970s.