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Jefferson City firefighters battle house blaze August 30, 2015

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Perspective: The costly power plant rule

What would you think if I told you Washington was going take another $1,700 a year out of your family’s checking account?

Our Opinion: Go-it-alone, all-or-nothing strategy flaws

Restrictions on power plant emissions are the latest manifestation of President Obama’s go-it-alone strategy.

Your Opinion: Oppose Obama’s new power plant rules

Capitalism can’t accommodate government mandates that deny reality.

Your Opinion: Response to Gibson on Planned Parenthood

I really do try and stay out of other people’s bedrooms and definitely away from discussing lady parts.

Your Opinion: Cecil the Lion vs. Black Lives Matter

It speaks volumes to the racial prejudice and indifference this nation shows to black lives that there is so much outrage over a lion that was killed in Zimbabwe than over police killing black people.

Our Opinion: Big money, campaigns and free speech

We recall a cartoon depicting an arrow marked “You Are Here” pointing at a spot between a rock and a hard place.

Our Opinion: Governing by narrowly averting catastrophe

Anyone who requires further evidence of congressional dysfunction need look no further than recent action on the federal highway bill.

Our Opinion: Safety Kids deliver timeless message

We can never know how many young people will choose to live a better life after hearing the message from a group of their peers — the Safety Kids.

Your Opinion: To the anti-choice community

Poor Jay Barnes is so emotionally overwrought I think he needs to breathe into a paper bag.

Your Opinion: What are we teaching?

What is society teaching our children? The Clintons teach us about using interns, setting up a foundation to peddle power for money, destroying evidence and working the media like the Russians used TASS.

Your Opinion: Thoughts on slavery, history

In his eulogy for Rev. Clemente Pinckney President Obama made a reference to “our nation’s original sin.” He was referring to slavery.

Your Opinion: Cuba, quakes and paving trail

None of us can lay claim to being a perfect human being but it is believed that most Americans lead pretty good lives and are not deceptive in their dealings and friendships with others.

Your Opinion: The Bible, court and marriage

There is an old adage that you should never wrestle with a pig! The only thing that happens is that you get dirty and the pig loves it but here goes.

Our Opinion: Preserving the Capitol’s structural integrity

News Tribune editorial

More than six months after the extent of water damage at the Missouri Capitol was publicized, much-needed repairs have begun.

Perspective: A note on scandals; ABLE Act

The Missouri Legislature’s reputation has taken a beating this summer. The bad acts of the few have maligned the reputation of the many.