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Your Opinion: City’s omission from recent list

“Jefferson City doesn’t register on new list of beautiful towns,” read the front page headline for April 1.

Your Opinion: Don’t risk water supply to move oil

Drill baby drill, then wave goodbye as U.S. fuels go sailing away.

Our Opinion: Complaints not grounds for impeachment

Three Missouri House Republicans want to impeach Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon.

Your Opinion: Impediments to quality education

Clearly our children are our most valuable asset, unfortunately there are unscrupulous people who take advantage of that love for their own selfish interests, particularly, progressives and the federal Department of Education who are supported by teacher union lobbyists.

Your Opinion: Bait and switch on convention center

Bait and switch. Taxation rip-off.

Our Opinion: Boating begins with certification and safety

Boating not only begins with warmer weather, it begins with certification.

Your Opinion: Climate change and gaseous cows

Hey all you dairy farmers and milk drinkers out there, here come the feds.

Your Opinion: Who looks out for unborn children?

I read recently a letter that stated, “I am appalled at the way women’s freedoms and privacy are under constant attack in our Legislature.”

Your Opinion: Cartoon mischaracterizes e-cigarette emissions

Once again, it appears Jim Dyke has not bothered with even a modicum of research of the science before creating yet another cartoon defending nicotine addiction.

Our Opinion: Implement Common Core and test its results

Common Core controversy continues.

Perspective: Senate acts on taxes, small business issues

As I write this on Friday morning, I am also watching coverage of last night’s NCAA basketball games.

Our Opinion: Trash cleanup preserves wildlife, natural beauty

Peanut the Turtle — like the tortoise in the fabled race with the hare — has a moral to impart.

Our Opinion: Local pension bills enjoy widespread support

Governing often requires choosing from among multiple options.

Your Opinion: Show compassion; expand Medicaid

According to what I read and/or hear on the news, our Missouri Republican legislators are refusing to expand Medicaid to many Missourians currently in need of it.

Our Opinion: Dwindling interest in elective office

Perhaps the most notable aspect of upcoming elections is the lack of contested races.