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Sheriff White won't run for re-election March 30, 2015

Spokesman for late state auditor found dead March 30, 2015

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Your Opinion: Why isn’t Holts Summit its own school district?

By removing Holts Summit students from Jefferson City Schools, Jefferson City would be more able to manage its population.

Your Opinion: Freedoms outlined in Constitution

Conservatism today has gotten fixated on a wrong idea of freedom and that has led to a deep-seated belief that government is bad.

Your Opinion: Time to abolish daylight savings time

“An archaic ritual …” is how Rep. Mike Kelly described the daylight savings time clock change, according to an Associated Press article published in the News Tribune.

Your Opinion: Response to Sampson on source of rights

On Feb. 25 you published my opinion responding to Cal Thomas’ op ed on where our rights come from, God or man.

Your Opinion: School boards must be transparent

I just finished reading the late Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich’s scathing 50-page report on the St. Joseph school district.

Our Opinion: We must rebound from crisis of confidence

News Tribune editorial

How does our collective crisis in confidence affect you? Where will it lead?

Perspective: Questions for educators

We are at a time in which different groups pose some fair questions about public education. And those questions deserve an answer.

Perspective: Purpose of our criminal justice system

This week, on Wednesday, the House Committee on Civil and Criminal Proceedings heard House Bill 332, a bill I sponsored that reduced from 30 to 10 percent the amount of general revenue that local governments can derive from traffic fines and court costs.

Our Opinion: Area students ace safety competition

News Tribune editorial

Students at three high schools in Cole County recently posted three of the state’s seven perfect scores in a roadway safety competition.

Perspective: Protecting the Second Amendment

All Americans are granted freedoms and rights that are guaranteed to us by the Constitution, including the Second Amendment. And when those guaranteed rights get trampled on by the administration, I will not back down.

Our Opinion: Wise decision to delay demolition of old hospital

We welcome the announcement by SSM Health that it has no immediate plans to demolish its former hospital.

Our Opinion: Tort reform legislation may displease the court

The Missouri Senate has advanced legislation that may displease the court.

Your Opinion: Trends threaten Christian schools

I’m sending another example of the UK’s (our apparent leader in cultural development) next step in eliminating Christian schools.

Your Opinion: Wood-burning stoves jeopardized

Well, it would certainly appear to me that our nations vastly increasing numbers of tree huggers, and/or more likely the do-gooder groups such as the tens of thousands of assorted non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are indeed up to their circus antics once more.

Our Opinion: United Way’s help for students called a ‘blessing’

Volunteers, partnerships and services are among the terms frequently used to describe the efforts of the United Way of Central Missouri. We’d like to call attention to another — “blessings.”