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Our Opinion: A new session — The threshold of possibilities

News Tribune editorial

Every Missouri legislative session comes with its own dynamic.

Perspective: Time to get to work

With the pomp-and-circumstance over, I’m eager to start working. Committees have been announced, but assignments have not been made yet. I will hopefully bring you that news next week.

Perspective: A (post-game) comment on lack of originality

If you are a football fan, you’ve probably noticed countless interviews after recent bowl games or NFL playoff games. And you may have noticed that often the player or coach being interviewed simply parrots a comment or phrase that has been utilized hundreds of times before.

Perspective: America’s new Congress

With the 114th Congress officially underway, the first week was a good indication of House Republicans commitment to Americans that we are focused on creating jobs, dismantling the president’s health care law and keeping our nation’s gas prices low.

Your Opinion: Rescind helmet requirement for motorcyclists

I rode motorcycles for many years. A lot of those years were in states that do not require riders to wear a helmet.

Our Opinion: Don’t let up on promising safety efforts

News Tribune editorial

The numbers indicate Missourians practiced safety last year and produced promising results.

Our Opinion: Respect rules of decorum at Capitol

As journalists, we are fierce defenders of the First Amendment right to speak freely.

Your Opinion: Consumers spark economic growth

Well Christmas sales are great.

Your Opinion: Conservation changes favored

This is in response to a recent letter in the opinion section of your newspaper regarding the recent bills filed by Sen. Brian Munzlinger, R-Williamstown, and his questioning of what I perceive and totally agree with in part about our state Conservation department and state Legislature and it’s what I personally see as nothing more then blatant double taxation and money grabbing in the name of conservation.

Our Opinion: Easing transitions following foster care

Transitions may be both liberating and terrifying.

Your Opinion: Where is the outrage over abortion data?

I’m writing to express my shock at a story, the subject of which, seems to escape the attention of the mainstream press.

Your Opinion: Nuances separate carbon ‘tax’ vs. ‘fee’

I’ve had many conversations about using “carbon tax” vs. “carbon fee” in describing legislation advocated by Citizens’ Climate Lobby to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Opinion: Meddlesome, unnecessary threat to Conservation

Proposed laws originate along a spectrum of motivations. At one end, the incentive is good government; at the opposite pole is spite.

Your Opinion: Limit political terms, donations

While in the grocery store a few days before Christmas, I happened to turn down the right-hand corner to the third page of an out-of-town paper and the large type in the heading caught my attention.

Your Opinion: For what should I apologize?

After the post-Ferguson rhetoric I am trying to figure out what I, as an old white man, should be apologizing for.