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Our Opinion: The right to work, and to choose

News Tribune editorial

We support right-to-work legislation, but not with the same fervor other proponents and opponents bring to the issue.

Perspective: Senior Savings Protection Act

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s true in life and law. House Bill 636, which I sponsored, would stop financial exploitation of elderly Missourians before it occurs.

Perspective: Business partnerships benefit schools

With each passing week in education, the more convinced I am that student learning must be richly influenced by professionals, business leaders and skilled workers from outside the school.

Perspective: More work lies ahead for FDIC

Operation Choke Point is an organized attempt by the administration, the FDIC, and the Department of Justice to bully and intimidate financial institutions from offering financial services to certain licensed, legally-operating industries the government doesn’t like in an attempt to choke off those industries from our country’s banking system.

Your Opinion: Evaluate role of group-oriented learning

Thank you for your work in providing interviews with and information of candidates for mayor and for school board.

Your Opinion: Funds redirected to intimidate taxpayers

In the immortal words of Mr. Spock “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

Your Opinion: Right intention; wrong solution on civics testing

Some Missouri legislators are promoting legislation (SB271) to force all students to pass the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Service) test before graduating. This is a wrong idea for several reasons.

Our Opinion: Suggestions to help students manage stress

If you’re a student experiencing stress, you’re not alone, according to a new study.

Our Opinion: Subtle signs may signal heart disease

This year’s Mid-Missouri Heart Ball will coincide with Valentine’s Day, often symbolized by a heart.

Perspective: Marching for Life; action in committees

On Saturday, Jan. 31, I had the good fortune of joining many of you at the Midwest March for Life.

Our Opinion: LU’s marketing strategy designed to attract students

Marketing is about offering the most attractive products and services — a combination of quality and cost — to the greatest number of people.

Your Opinion: Questions about state salary commission

The News Tribune editorial (Our Opinion Feb. 1) reflects how our spineless Missouri senators were shamed into blocking a pay increase for themselves and other elected officials.

Your Opinion: School district commended for transparency, communication

As parents of a Jefferson City Public Schools student, we have watched several issues with concern: a need for additional and upgraded facilities at JCPS; and concerns, as reported in the press, about issues or events at JCPS facilities.

Your Opinion: Incivility, divisiveness unworthy of Pulitzer

Our community seems to be following a troubling national trend toward hyper-polarized politics, which is usually accompanied by an increase in irrational incivility.

Your Opinion: Onerous EPA regulations are real

I’ve done some research. The historical data is irrefutable. The climate is changing. According to historical data it has always been changing.