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Our Opinion: Uniting tradition and imagination to meet goal

News Tribune editorial

A successful blend of tradition and imagination helped the United Way of Central Missouri exceed the goal of this year’s fundraising campaign.

Your Opinion: Outrageous federal intrusion into locker room

A Nov. 3 article by Ben Shipiro: “Feds Rule to Force High School Girls to Undress Next to Naked Boys Who Think They’re Girls.”

Perspective: Revamp federal education policy

After more than a decade of federal intrusion into our local education policies, it is time for Congress to overhaul the system that is limiting student success across the country.

Our Opinion: Incomplete action on harassment policy

News Tribune editorial

A Missouri House committee has fallen short of implementing a comprehensive policy to address sexual harassment issues.

Perspective: Remembering our nation’s heroes

Heroic, brave, deserving and humbling. As we honor Veterans Day, here are four stories involving our service members from the last year to match those four words.

Your Opinion: Dark money funds GOP candidates

Ever since the disastrous Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. the FEC” (federal elections commission) that has allowed unlimited financing of politicians by corporations in all elections here in the U.S. money has flowed like water in the recent floods.

Our Opinion: Patriot Paws reaches out to military veterans

Rex is characterized as a fellow “soldier” by his owner, military veteran Michael Dubinski.

Our Opinion: Awaiting trash disposal options for Jefferson City

Will a preferable choice be among the available choices for future trash disposal?

Your Opinion: Federal spending must be curtailed

Bureaucrats, politicians and those who stand to benefit from more government spending regularly bemoan the horrible condition of our infrastructure.

Our Opinion: Abandon, or justify, quest to equalize county salaries

Once again, Cole County residents have witnessed the biennial hand-wringing session when county officials gather to set their own salaries.

Our Opinion: Missouri poised to set example on mental health

A federal grant to strengthen mental health and substance abuse treatment in Missouri has potential to do much good.

Your Opinion: Cursive remains relevant

I read with interest the article in the News Tribune on “Keeping cursive relevant.” Here are a couple of stories I would like to share with you in regard to that subject.

Your Opinion: Check-off picks pockets

Hold on to your wallet if you are a Missouri beef producer. The National Beef Council is trying to pick your pocket for another dollar every time you take a beef cow, calf or bull through the auction.

Your Opinion: Income redistribution

How much income redistribution is fair? Dr. Gerald Prante, an economics professor, made some interesting claims in a November 2013 paper.

Your Opinion: Stay of execution urged

Missouri plans to execute Ernest Johnson Tuesday, Nov. 3, even though he is intellectually disabled — in violation of our own state law and U.S. Supreme Court decisions.