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Our Opinion: Changes in public education complicate pressing choices

Public education is changing; that’s common knowledge.

Our Opinion: Protecting seniors and the disabled from fraud

We’re on board with a bill signed last week by Gov. Jay Nixon to help protect senior and disabled Missourians from financial exploitation.

Our Opinion: Donations extend services, reach through grants

Giving and receiving are components of any charitable contribution.

Your Opinion: City officials challenged to ride buses

Maybe our city officials could benefit from undertaking a similar recent challenge the San Francisco officials accepted from a public transit advocacy group.

Your Opinion: A closer look at perceived ‘war’

Horstmann provides examples of this supposed “war” upon Christians. Let us look “just a bit” closer at some facts, shall we?

Your Opinion: County commissioners urged to support RACS

Shame on the Cole County Commission for its short-sightedness!

Your Opinion: Wind energy proposal deserves support

I am concerned to read the news reports that the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) is seriously considering denying Clean Line Energy the regulatory approval it needs ....

Your Opinion: Spending increases and need for Fair Tax

Our debt to GDP ratio ranks up with the European nations identified as the PIIG nations; Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Greece, all nations with a debt/GDP ratio of over 100 percent.

Perspective: Moberly’s Mamtek microcosm

Mayor Riley and Moberly’s City Council should be ashamed for attacking the very small business owners whose work they enjoy but refuse to pay.

Our Opinion: Flag Day is a time to restore unity

News Tribune editorial

Today’s observance of Flag Day is an opportune time to reflect on what our flag symbolizes.

Our Opinion: Veto the student transfer law

News Tribune editorial

A “school transfer law” awaiting action by the governor could influence the future of public education in Missouri. We encourage Gov. Jay Nixon to veto the proposal.

Perspective: Paying respect to our nation’s flag

Our United States flag was first authorized by the Second Continental Congress on June 14, 1777.

Your Opinion: More about Social Security

I’m writing to add some information to Don Fleener’s letter published May 20.

Our Opinion: Cautionary tale of kids in hot cars

Some cautionary tales, thankfully, avoid heartbreaking endings.

Your Opinion: Thoughts on budgeting, ‘marriage today’

A couple of recent New Tribune articles merit comment.