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Our Opinion: Addressing absenteeism: A foundation for education

Although debate continues about the effectiveness of Common Core, block scheduling and the academies model, no one can deny that absenteeism hinders education.

Perspective: Bills, including ethics, off to quick start

Both the House and Senate, under the new leadership of Speaker Todd Richardson and President Pro Tem Ron Richard, are beginning the session quickly.

Our Opinion: MLK Day honors legacy of service

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, observed today, recognizes not only a celebrated American, but a compassionate activity — service to others.

Your Opinion: Existing city animal law sufficient

Do you know how to read proposed legislative changes? The “doggy door” provision is in the existing code. So is the “outdoor structure” provision. So is a provision addressing “extreme temperatures.”

Your Opinion: Funding for oral health applauded

On Jan. 5, Gov. Nixon made an announcement oral health advocates, dental providers and adults currently eligible for Missouri Medicaid have longed to hear: Missouri will move forward with providing Missouri Medicaid adult dental benefits.

Your Opinion: Helias education, donation appreciated

Our family is new to this wonderful community. When we learned we were being transferred last spring, our first concern was finding the right school for our daughter who was starting her junior year.

Your Opinion: Federal taxation and spending

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are pushing their “tax the rich” platforms. The federal government already collects too much in taxes.

Your Opinion: Don’t forget, abortion is legal

Well, the “abortion” topic has heated these good pages of the News Tribune for the recent past.

Your Opinion: Scientists speak on embryology

The Jan. 6 letter on “human development” characterized my Dec. 29 letter: “logical fallacy,” unprovable “philosophical point.”

Our Opinion: Distinguished career directing city parks

News Tribune editorial

If you’ve enjoyed any of the amenities operated by the Jefferson City Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department during the past 33 years, thank Bill Lockwood.

Perspective: Ethics package should include Gov. Nixon’s actions as well

In his opening remarks last week, Speaker Richardson pledged that the Missouri House would pass a package of ethics bills at the earliest opportunity. This week, we delivered.

Missouri View: Kicking the can down Missouri’s troubled roads

We want to hope that the Legislature this session will either pass a modest gas tax increase as has been proposed or find a solution for the state’s revenue shortfall before it loses its federal funding.

Perspective: Prioritizing safety; resisting overreach

One issue that I hear about all the time from constituents all over Missouri’s 3rd District is the federal government’s Constitutional responsibility to keep America safe.

Our Opinion: Government problem is our problem

Government, according to a recent Gallup poll, is the nation’s biggest problem.

Our Opinion: Would a shorter session enhance ethics?

Would a shorter legislative session improve ethics among lawmakers?