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Your Opinion: Officers’ lives also matter

We have recently heard an outcry about the injustice inflicted on black men by police.

Your Opinion: Stop attacks on working families

The recent vote of the Republican majority, including my State Rep. Tom Hurst and my State Sen. Mike Kehoe supporting so called “Right-To-Work” is a direct assault on the wages, benefits and working conditions of working men and women in our district, our state, our nation and the world.

Our Opinion: Questionable tactic escalates conflict in Legislature

Because conflict may have consequences, a popular axiom cautions us to choose our battles carefully.

Your Opinion: Stop genetic tinkering

I reference a May 8 article by Ben Spencer, science reporter for the Daily Mail: “World first as SPERM is grown in a lab for the first time: Scientists claim breakthrough could give hope to infertile men”

Your Opinion: ‘Go the extra mile’

I would like to offer more on the recent disagreement played out here concerning Christian’s “right to discriminate” against gays (and other people they don’t like).

Your Opinion: Enraged at vitriolic cartoons

One of the first indicators that I had made a serious mistake by moving here, that the superficial charm of Jefferson City thinly veils a mighty river of hatefulness, was the appearance of Jim Dyke’s narrow-minded vitriolic cartoons in the only newspaper.

Our Opinion: City seeks new trash proposal – in 96 pages

Garbage is complicated. Jefferson City government is preparing to seek a new solid waste contract for residents and businesses.

Perspective: Let jurors, judges decide fate of young killers

Michael Taylor was hiding in the girls’ bathroom at school while he waited for her to come in.

Our Opinion: Political leverage and misplaced priorities

Political leverage again threatens to trump good government in the final week of a legislative session.

Perspective: Legislative action sends various bills to governor

As of noon on Friday, the Senate is still in session and working on a variety of issues.

Our Opinion: Bring fairness to municipal court fines

Municipal court reform is more than a Ferguson issue; it is a fairness issue.

Your Opinion: Time to abolish daylight savings time

A letter in the News Tribune March 16 talked about the problems that were caused with the changing of the time to daylight savings time. The letter listed some of these problems.

Your Opinion: Religious beliefs not relevant to discussion

I would like to reply to the letters written by Edward Bode and Harold Horstmann that were published on May 3.

Your Opinion: Response to collector on anthem etiquette

Let me begin with the following in response to Larry Vincent’s response Monday May 4.

Your Opinion: Government overreach

I urge everyone to read the full story about the IRS confiscating the assets of Mr. McLellan, at the site noted below.