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Our Opinion: Half measures shortchange safe driving

News Tribune editorial

Missouri senators revisited the theme of finding the proper balance between government oversight and personal freedom this week.

Perspective: Tax deficiency, art and ‘Valentines for Veterans’

This week, I’d like to highlight an issue important to Missourians as tax season gets underway, an opportunity for local students to have their artistic talents recognized and an update on a project to give a small token of thanks to our veterans on Valentine’s Day.

Our Opinion: Fundamental knowledge of civics needed

We support, with reservations, a state law requiring high school students to pass a civics test.

Our Opinion: When elected officials hit constitutional roadblocks

A state lawmaker has advanced a proposal to expand the membership of Missouri’s Conservation Commission.

Your Opinion: Sanders’ ‘free lunch’

The pablum being fed to Bernie Sanders groupies is that he will tax the rich and give them free stuff. In reality he will increase taxes on everyone.

Your Opinion: Bill sponsor responds

The News Tribune has questioned whether honesty and kindness prevail when it comes to care for the elderly.

Your Opinion: Move statue to Guard site

Regarding relocating the Spanish-American War statue to the Ike Skelton Training Site: It will be a perfect place to honor Missourians who are connected to the past and present National Guard.

Our Opinion: Know the signs of stroke, heart disease

The leading cause of death in the United States may not always be preceded by “fair” warning.

Our Opinion: Students share insights from accidents

Promoting safety for teen drivers is a common theme in this forum, but students who have experienced the consequences of distracted driving are more persuasive communicators.

Perspective: Proposal would add 2 members to Conservation Commission

It is hard to believe the first month of session is already in the books.

Your Opinion: Another government make-work scheme

The annual deadline for purchasing Obamacare approved insurance will have passed by the time this is printed. Remember the promises about not raising taxes on the middle class?

Your Opinion: Why landowners oppose Rock Island trail

So why is the majority of the landowners against the Rock Island trail?

Your Opinion: Senator joins witch hunt, micromanagement of MU

I voted for Mike Kehoe in 2010. I believed that he had a resume that simply demanded respect and could bring a voice of reason to that dysfunctional mess called the Missouri Senate.

Your Opinion: In appreciation of motherhood

To continue the Sunday discussion of motherhood, also characterized, “pregnancy takes a terrible toll on the female body.”

Our Opinion: Expedite bill to intercept Rx drug abuse

News Tribune editorial

Prescription drug abuse has become a scourge in Missouri, and a statewide monitoring program is needed to address addiction and overdoses.