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Perspective: CRomnibus at Christmas

While this time of the year is very joyous and festive from coast to coast, I will spend most of this column addressing the spending bill that Congress recently passed.

Our Opinion: Valor – an extraordinary gift

News Tribune editorial

The thought of climbing into a burning vehicle to rescue someone is absolutely terrifying.

Our Opinion: Shortsighted view of aiding environment

Are environmentally conscious motorists being shortsighted?

Our Opinion Christmas tree: symbol of life; reminder of fire safety

Because a Christmas tree is a symbol of life, its association with tragic house fires is particularly disturbing.

Your Opinion: Is officer included?

Headline! “All lives matter.”

Your Opinion: Close the health care gap

The Missouri Chapter of the National Organization for Women calls upon the state Legislature to make health insurance available to all Missouri citizens.

Our Opinion: Urgent needs, optimum timing for building repairs

To preserve and maintain our state Capitol building, lawmakers must follow authorization with action.

Our Opinion: Changing nutrition standards, tastes, habits

An irony of life in America is indicated by references to both an obesity epidemic and a hunger problem.

Our Opinion: The reality of producing city contests

Jefferson, the programming guy, rushes into the producer’s office with an idea for a new show.

Your Opinion: Explore adding conference center to project

Will the conference center get “lost in the shuffle?’ Perhaps.

Your Opinion: CIA report reflects political hypocrisy

Obama and the Democrats would have us believe that water boarding is horrible while sending a drone to kill the terrorist and his entire family (along with a few friends) is morally correct.

Your Opinion: More lies on health care for immigrants

How many more lies will Obama feed us in his last two years?

Your Opinion: Some disparities make no sense

How is (state Rep.) Jeff Roorda president of St. Louis police union when he is a former cop that was fired for making false reports?

Your Opinion: Media engages in selective reporting

I was surprised to see three website stories with headlines about a 32-year old Bosnian man killed in St. Louis at 1:15 Sunday morning. This was not an ordinary gun related killing but a brutal killing with a hammer!

Our Opinion: Addressing ballot timing and variables

News Tribune editorial

In an effort to stabilize one problematic variable, state Sen. Will Kraus, R-Lee’s Summit, has drafted legislation to create an earlier deadline for finalizing ballot language.