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Perspective: Voter ID, A+ Program among highlights

Published May. 29 2016

I want to highlight the two pieces of legislation I have received the most feedback on from you since session...

Our Opinion: Remember, and participate, on Memorial Day

Published May. 29 2016

Memorial Day is a time for us for to remember — in our actions as well as our hearts and...

Your Opinion: Climate has changed again

Published May. 29 2016

I just couldn't pass this up. Two articles on the same day! Chicken littles, please help!

Your Opinion: Global approach needed

Published May. 29 2016

Regarding the many letters recently on climate change, the bigger issue is the economy. I don't disagree much on the...

Your Opinion: Reject photo ID for voters

Published May. 29 2016

Democracy is sacred in America. Throughout our history, we have spent our time, our money and our resources to help...

Your Opinion: Breakdown must be repaired

Published May. 29 2016

With the civil trial for Karen Ray completed and the jury found a hostile work environment present in the JC...

Your Opinion: No crisis from core programs

Published May. 29 2016

Should I loan my government money for decades and not expect interest in return? I think not.

Perspective: A time of remembrance and respect

Published May. 28 2016

Memorial Day is more than an extended weekend and a reason to fire up the grill and go to the...

Your Opinion: Disappointing ethics effort

Published May. 27 2016

State Rep. Jay Barnes must have been one of those coddled children who got a lot of participation medals.

Your Opinion: Understanding the Zika virus

Published May. 27 2016

Current discussions about how much money the federal government should borrow to study and do research on the Zika virus...

Our Opinion: Good intentions, but failure to follow through

Published May. 27 2016

The state auditor, state Chamber of Commerce and a state board created to monitor regulatory fairness all agree the panel...

Our Opinion: Sensible approach urged for holiday travelers

Published May. 26 2016

Memorial Day motorists will encounter converging components that will require extra vigilance.

Your Opinion: Volume control

Published May. 25 2016

I would like to congratulate the Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce on their excellent Chamber barbecue.

Your Opinion: Ideas need boundaries

Published May. 25 2016

Dick Dalton in his letter of May 22 titled "Thoughts about 'ideas'" seemed to ask for a response so here...

Your Opinion: Serious flaws found in Graham's recommendation

Published May. 25 2016

Thanks to Bob Watson's May 18 report in the News Tribune, we can learn what Franklin Graham told Missourians on...

Our Opinion: When private blight becomes public interest

Published May. 25 2016

Where, precisely, is the line separating private property from public interest?

Your Opinion: Enough said on restroom issue

Published May. 24 2016

I am so tired of reading about the bathroom issue.

Your Opinion: Oppose climate change nonsense

Published May. 24 2016

I've been reading the climate change letters and doing more research and thought I'd just drop a few tidbits and...

Our Opinion: Trial underscores need to change school district culture

Published May. 24 2016

The Jefferson City Public Schools district recently experienced a trial — in more ways than one.

Our Opinion: Responsibilities and rewards of foster parenting

Published May. 22 2016

Home is associated with comfort, warmth, security, belonging, love and more. Sadly, more than 13,500 children is Missouri are unable...

Your Opinion: Questions for Brown on restroom issue

Published May. 22 2016

I read the letter of Steven Brown, May 18, and it caused me to raise some questions for Brown.

Your Opinion: MU professor cites data confirming climate change

Published May. 22 2016

Recently I heard University of Missouri Professor Dr. Michael Urban speak on climate change. He explained climate is complex and...

Your Opinion: Liberal tactic used to misrepresent statements

Published May. 22 2016

I'm writing this letter to clearly demonstrate the tactic liberals typically use by misrepresenting statements in order to win an...