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Your Opinion: Be aware of rules for bicyclists

With the increase in the number of cyclers in the city perhaps it would be wise if the paper would post the laws concerning bicycles.

Your Opinion: AG urged to seek delay of EPA rules

Earlier this summer the United States Supreme Court ruled that the EPA must take into account the economic cost prior to passing rules that limit the emissions of power plants.

Our Opinion: Hunters urged to share bounty, seek evidence of missing persons

Missouri’s hunters in the past have responded to requests to share their bounty and to watch for evidence of missing persons.

Your Opinion: End abortion

Why do they call it Planned Parenthood when in reality it is all about aborting a baby.

Your Opinion: Powers of states

A recent letter in this column asked why states even make laws since the United States Supreme Court may strike them down and, more broadly, “What happened to state sovereign rights”?

Our Opinion: Celebrating our readers during Newspaper Week, our anniversary

News Tribune editorial

National Newspaper Week, observed today through Saturday, provides an excellent opportunity for us to thank you, our readers.

Fire Prevention Week safety: Smoke alarms send message

If I asked you where the smoke alarms are in your home, could you tell me? Like many people, you may not know where they have been installed. However, location matters when it comes to smoke alarms.

Perspective: Pay raises, Planned Parenthood and the refugee crisis

For five years, I’ve sounded like a broken record on state employee pay: we shouldn’t be dead last in the nation.

Perspective: Reading, writing, work and wisdom

One week from now, on Sunday, Oct.11, the Jefferson City News Tribune is printing the last scheduled submission of this column.

Our Opinion: Strong case for state employees’ pay raise restated

News Tribune editorial

We echo the sentiments of legislative leaders who are asking the governor to work with lawmakers to increase the salaries of state employees.

Perspective: Acting to spark renaissance in manufacturing

258,400 — that is the number of employees that are employed by manufacturers in the state of Missouri. 17.6 million — that is the estimated number of manufacturing jobs in the United States.

Our Opinion: Banned Books Week celebrates right to read

Who decides what books you may and may not read?

Your Opinion: Local influence on Yogi Berra’s career

Yogi Berra’a colorful comments went viral after his recent death.

Your Opinion: Constitutional, religious issues

In her letter published Sept. 24 Shirley Dawson had interesting questions and comments that I believe deserve reply.

Our Opinion: Share roads safely during harvest season

A fall harvest safety reminder from the Missouri Highway Patrol brought to mind a recent incident.