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Analysis: Lawmakers opt for privacy in budget deals

As the clock winds down for Missouri lawmakers to compromise on some of the most contentious bills of the legislative session, questions are being raised about closed-doors negotiations that allow a few key players to shape state policy out of the public’s sight.

Your Opinion: Disrespect for pledge, anthem

During the Pledge I would guess over 90 percent put the hands over their hearts. Then the National Anthem and down they went.

Your Opinion: Is proposal serious?

In a recent column, Rep. Luetkemeyer proposes to save my barbecue grill from the EPA. Actually he is upset over the EPA regulating our environment. But must he play us for fools?

Your Opinion: Conservatism and inclusion

Your April 19 edition contained three interesting op-eds, one from Mr. Fischer concerning Scripture defining marriage; one from the redoubtable Mr. Horstmann demanding that Christians be protected from anti-Christians and an op-ed from S.E. Cupp entitled “Conservative support for gay marriage is growing.”

Your Opinion: Climate change debate continues

A recent letter in response to a letter on climate change needs a response.

Your Opinion: Score on screenings updated

ust a note to your readers who may be keeping score on universities that are controlled by Muslim minorities vs. pro-American universities who believe in free speech and patriotism!

Our Opinion: Putting our 2 cents in on funding for transportation

News Tribune editorial

Missouri’s transportation funding dilemma is reminiscent of an old Dennis the Menace cartoon.

Perspective: Senate transportation chairman outlines proposal fuel tax hike

On April 14, I presented SB 540 to the full Senate. The bill called for a 2-cent increase in the state’s fuel tax beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

Perspective: Legislature down the home stretch

With only three weeks remaining in session, both the House and Senate are headed into the home-stretch.

Perspective: Recipe for graduating from college debt free

My son Jared will graduate in May from the University of Arkansas. And he is going to graduate debt-free.

Our Opinion: Be careful with review of City charter

News Tribune editorial

Careful consideration must remain at the forefront of any initiative to review Jefferson City’s charter.

Perspective: 100 days of latest Congress

We have now been in America’s new Congress for over 100 days.

Our Opinion: Audit reveals poor practice continues

Gov. Jay Nixon continues to set a deplorable example when it comes to state spending by his office.

Your Opinion: Women deserve equal pay for equal work

It will have taken the average woman in the United States from Jan. 1, 2014, to April 14, 2015, to have earned what the average white man earned from Jan. 1, 2014, to Dec. 31, 2014.

Your Opinion: Selection, not election, of circuit judges opposed

I have just become aware of a strange, unbelievable proposition being talked up by several people in Cole County.