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Your Opinion: Pope’s views, Catholicism and capitalism

In a recent encyclical the Pope seemed to take aim at the evils of capitalism.

Your Opinion: Ruling based on liberty, not Bible

Regarding the letters to the editor June 30 by Byrd and Roam bemoaning the decision by “SCOTUS” respecting same sex marriage.

Our Opinion: Themes that stand the test of time

Endurance, tradition and optimism were among the themes represented by items included in a time capsule to be sealed within the state Capitol for next century.

Your Opinion: Supreme Court ruling reflects modern mindset

Many in America are jubilant about the recent Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage.

Your Opinion: Gay marriage ruling does not attack Bible

In response to Wanda Roam and Francis Byrd on marriage equality, I am so tired of people talking about a war on Christians.

Your Opinion: Basic question is equal treatment under the law

Reading the letters to the editor on July 1 by Durbin and Horstmann reminded me of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Your Opinion: Church, state and marriage

In recent letters to the News Tribune there are those who have written to express their dismay over the Supreme Court’s ruling concerning same-sex marriage.

Our Opinion: Timeless messages

News Tribune editorial

What message would you like to share with residents 100 years from now?

Perspective: Heroes of democracy nurture Safe Sleep Act

The Founders replaced a system of government in which the people had no voice with one in which they did. They specified that government only derives “just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Perspective: What do students want?

In a book called “It’s Not Us Against Them,” Raymond McNulty wrote extensively about what is needed among educators today to make schools more effective.

Our Opinion: Court decision adheres to rule of law

News Tribune editorial

A court ruling in an open meetings lawsuit puts us in a position of conflicting preferences.

Perspective: Six-month assessment of Congress

In January, I wrote a bulletin about America’s new Congress and the hopes and expectations the members of the House of Representatives had for the new session at that point in time.

Your Opinion: Assessing costs of wind power

A recent opinion piece stated, “Wind is the lowest cost electricity in the U.S. today, about four cents/kWh.” Below is a summary of studies that refute that claim.

Your Opinion: U.S. becoming a heathen nation

The recent decision by the United States Supreme Court allowing homosexuals to marry is more proof that the United States is becoming a heathen nation.

Our Opinion: Enlightened approach now includes eating disorders

A new law to require insurance coverage for eating disorders marks another step in Missouri’s enlightened approach to mental health issues.