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Your Opinion: Is officer included?

Headline! “All lives matter.”

Your Opinion: Close the health care gap

The Missouri Chapter of the National Organization for Women calls upon the state Legislature to make health insurance available to all Missouri citizens.

Our Opinion: Urgent needs, optimum timing for building repairs

To preserve and maintain our state Capitol building, lawmakers must follow authorization with action.

Our Opinion: Changing nutrition standards, tastes, habits

An irony of life in America is indicated by references to both an obesity epidemic and a hunger problem.

Our Opinion: The reality of producing city contests

Jefferson, the programming guy, rushes into the producer’s office with an idea for a new show.

Your Opinion: Explore adding conference center to project

Will the conference center get “lost in the shuffle?’ Perhaps.

Your Opinion: CIA report reflects political hypocrisy

Obama and the Democrats would have us believe that water boarding is horrible while sending a drone to kill the terrorist and his entire family (along with a few friends) is morally correct.

Your Opinion: More lies on health care for immigrants

How many more lies will Obama feed us in his last two years?

Your Opinion: Some disparities make no sense

How is (state Rep.) Jeff Roorda president of St. Louis police union when he is a former cop that was fired for making false reports?

Your Opinion: Media engages in selective reporting

I was surprised to see three website stories with headlines about a 32-year old Bosnian man killed in St. Louis at 1:15 Sunday morning. This was not an ordinary gun related killing but a brutal killing with a hammer!

Our Opinion: Addressing ballot timing and variables

News Tribune editorial

In an effort to stabilize one problematic variable, state Sen. Will Kraus, R-Lee’s Summit, has drafted legislation to create an earlier deadline for finalizing ballot language.

Perspective: Philadelphia and ethics in government

On Thursday, I had the privilege to argue a case in front of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia. The case was about Internet privacy — in particular, the biggest Internet hacking and tracking scheme in history.

Perspective: Sharing authors’ quotes on enrichment and growth

A number of authors have been speaking to me recently with gentle reminders of the importance of having an uplifting outlook and a constructive demeanor.

Perspective: Reflections on highlights of past years

With the end of the year nearing, I was recently reflecting over the past two years in Congress. While there were many battles placed in front of Congress, there were also several highlights that come to mind over the past couple of years.

Our Opinion: The gift of making sober choices

News Tribune editorial

If you’re driving while saturated with alcohol, or anything above the legal .08 blood alcohol content, prepare for the consequences.