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Your Opinion: Response to Sampson on source of rights

A comment to the opinion by Mr. Sampson published on March 26, “The Mayflower Compact, one of the first if not the first, document written to govern the affairs of men, states …”. Wow. Let us stop there for a moment.

Your Opinion: Eliminate ‘gen ed’ to contain college costs

We continually hear that the cost of higher education is prohibitive; that rising college expenses preclude many from attendance and create massive debt for many who do.

Our Opinion: Don’t give up on pay raise for state workers

At mid-session, a group of Central Missouri lawmakers is attempting to breathe life into a pay raise for state employees.

Your Opinion: The direction our country is going

We live today in the first age of the electric information environment.

Your Opinion: Democrats officially become pro-abortion party

I call your readers attention to a March 20 article by Dr. Susan Berry: “Senate Dems Hold Up Sex Trafficking Bill to Protect Abortion Industry”.

Our Opinion: Of crayfish, Wonder Dogs and state symbols

You may know Missouri’s state tree, the flowering dogwood, but do you know the state invertebrate?

Your Opinion: Join activities opposing the death penalty

This past year (2014 to present) the state of Missouri has executed 12 people.

Your Opinion: Governor urged to release library funds

Many of your readers might be unaware that Missouri public libraries are $6 million short this year as Gov. Jay Nixon continues to withhold funds from the 2015 budget.

Your Opinion: No proposal actually cuts federal spending

The Republicans are touting their new budget proposal. The Democrats are screaming “the sky will fall.”

Your Opinion: ‘Creator’ acknowledged in declaration

How can a previous letter writer believe, “Religion does not have a place in governance or in any of the restrictions that government places upon liberty”?

Your Opinion: Presidential travel rules same for both parties

I would like to respond to the letter from Doug Willig on March 24. He said that taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for President Obama’s fundraising travels.

Our Opinion: Evaluating mayoral qualities

News Tribune editorial

Although the candidates share some common characteristics, each offers a different emphasis and approach.

Perspective: Lessons to be learned from ‘The Matheny Manifesto’

“The Matheny Manifesto” is a very insightful book by St. Louis Cardinal manager Mike Matheny and co-author Jerry B. Jenkins.

Our Opinion: Join the ‘Bash!’ Remove litter, protect wildlife, save money

News Tribune editorial

The change in seasons is accompanied by spring cleaning that — in Missouri — takes the form of the annual No MOre Trash! Bash, with activities held throughout April.

Perspective: A balanced budget for a stronger America

Think about this: every dollar paid in taxes and every dollar borrowed in Washington is a dollar that can’t be used by everyday Americans to buy a car, pay the rent, send a child to school or expand a business.