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Our Opinion: Reject unnecessary amendments on farming, bearing arms

We support farming and the right to bear arms. We do not, however, support two proposed constitutional changes — Amendments 1 and 5 on the Aug. 5 ballot — pertaining to those topics.

Your Opinion: Chamber contribution for ballot issue questioned

Politics and the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce Jefferson City Government and the Cole County Commission annually provide tax funds to the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce to promote our city and surrounding area.

Your Opinion: Transportation tax shifts burden unfairly

This three-fourth cent transportation sales tax coming up for a vote is, in my opinion, all part of a bigger plan to cut income taxes for the wealthy and corporations and raise taxes on the masses, comprised of low- and middle-income people, not to mention seniors and disabled individuals living on fixed incomes.

Your Opinion: Transportation sales tax unfair

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really irritated at the advertising in favor of the transportation sales tax.

Your Opinion: Right to Farm opposed

Are the people’s rights, whether they be farmers or not, important to our political leaders?

Our Opinion: Approve zoning for Cole County

News Tribune editorial

The dual goal of Cole County zoning is to protect individual property values while promoting orderly growth countywide.

Perspective: Cheap Chinese buffet analogy returns

Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to include a declaration that the right to keep and bear arms is an unalienable right and that the state government is obligated to uphold that right?

Perspective: Lessons to be learned from summer travels

Like many of you, I have traveled a few days during the summer, but I didn’t make big plans or go to any faraway places. Instead, I shared time with family in a couple of different places in Arkansas.

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Analysis: Putin stays on offense in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin might be expected to hunker down into defense mode as he is besieged by accusations of Russian involvement in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Instead he has stayed on offense and appears to positioning for the long game.

Our Opinion: Attractions enhance fair’s agricultural traditions

News Tribune editorial

Instead of candied apples and country music, a single hog show once formed the backbone of the entertainment on tap at the early Cole County Fair.

Perspective: Growing up under Obama’s policies

I’m sure you recognize the many difficulties of being a parent and understand how expensive it is to care for our young ones. Unfortunately for parents, things have only gotten worse thanks to the misguided economic policies of this administration.

Your Opinion: Costs of ‘green energy’ not publicized

It is interesting that actual costs were omitted from a press release about a Greene County solar facility.

Your Opinion: Historical obstacles to outcome in Iraq

I must conclude this Iraq question with my response to Mr. Horstmann and Mr. Schneiders.

Your Opinion: Drivers should pay transportation tax

I do not believe Sen. Kehoe is acting in the best interest of Missourians when he advocates increasing the sales tax to support the needs of transportation in Missouri.

Our Opinion: Respect: A fundamental for education

The popular evangelist’s quote — recently posted on Facebook by a co-worker — triggered thoughts about the role of respect in connection with public education, a subject of this forum on Wednesday and Thursday.