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Our Opinion: Treachery lurks beneath deceptive ice

Violating the laws of nature brings consequences.

Your Opinion: Science or politics?

There is an old circus saying there is no money in playing a town you played last night.

Your Opinion: Candidates talk Chamber

None of the mayoral candidates in the March 1 edition could give any reason the Chamber of Commerce should receive any tax money.

Your Opinion: Unfair comparison

Talking heads and media pundits are fond of using comparisons to explain an event.

Your Opinion: Bullying by campaigns

Regarding the tragic death of Tom Schweich, I want to express my disgust with those “leaders” and so-called “writers” who fail miserably in respecting and observing the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

Our Opinion: Virtues of Scouting for Food

The Boy Scout oath asks its members to pledge, among other actions, “to help other people at all times.”

Your Opinion: Response to Horstmann on gasoline prices

Recently Harold Horstmamn, being the super conservative Republican that he is, gave a rebuttal to one of my letters.

Your Opinion: Throwing snowballs at scientific data

Should public servants pay a price for cartoonish behavior?

Our Opinion: Voters have the power to end attack ads

We, the voters, have the power to stop campaign ads that stoop to personal attacks.

Your Opinion: Auditor praised for inspiring youth

Missouri State Auditor, Tom Schweich, was a tremendous inspiration for many sophomores throughout the state of Missouri.

Your Opinion: Negative ads hurt people, our nation

We have just witnessed politics at it’s worst!

Our Opinion: Canada — trusted neighbor, trade partner

A Canadian consul general brought a positive message to Missouri last week.

Perspective: State auditor remembered; Senate acts on bills

Last week in the Missouri Legislature will be remembered only by the events of Thursday and the tragic death of Auditor Tom Schweich.

Opinion: How to interest and educate Generation Z

The point of learning about the past is that it helps put the present into context.

Your Opinion: Farm Bureau’s attack on Conservation

I am infuriated by the Farm Bureau’s reckless use of good ink. The Missouri Department Conservation was constitutionally created as a politically independent organization.