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Perspective: Parents urged to set driving rules for teens

Learning to drive is very exciting for teens, and a driver’s license is a giant step toward independence.

Your Opinion: MoDOT contributes to driver distractions

There was a recent article in the News Tribune telling how our Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) was going to use their 250 electronic billboards around the state to flash messages to motorists.

Your Opinion: School board isn't getting the message

On Oct. 13 School Board Vice President Doug Whitehead presided over the monthly meeting and heard from 20 citizens taking the board and administration to task.

Our Opinion: Sore losers plead voters were ‘misled’

The vote must stand. Opponents of a constitutional amendment creating a right to farm have filed a legal challenge to overturn the results of the election on the grounds that voters were “deceived” and “misled.”

Your Opinion: Law enforcement deserves support

I am not much of a touchy feely guy, most of my emotions result from thought, not from feelings, but I am really starting to wonder when the state, news media and community will start showing some support for the law enforcement attempting to hold things together in St. Louis and Ferguson?

Your Opinion: Praise for feature on ‘Stella Maris’

Our compliments to Jim Dyke and the News Tribune for the “Stella Maris” (“The Star of the Sea”) feature in the Oct. 12 Views section.

Our Opinion: Sensible proposal for prosecutors

County prosecutors have enormous discretion.

Your Opinion: World Food Day drive

World Food Day, Oct. 16, is a time to reflect on the problem of hunger and to explore solutions that people of faith and of good will are promoting so that all may eat and know God’s abundance.

Your Opinion: Criteria to elect candidates

Your Oct. 8 editorial although understated points out what Cole County voters have come to expect from elections.

Your Opinion: Lawmakers shirk duties

Missouri legislators are dodging their responsibilities by pushing legislative matters off on the people generally.

Our Opinion: Is it time to rebalance components of education?

What is the purpose of education?

Your Opinion: Bible sheds light on homosexuality

It is sickening to have read in the paper about United States Supreme Court backing so-called homosexual marriage.

Your Opinion: Statistics show economic ills

Who are the 42.5 percent who still approve of Obama’s job performance?

Our Opinion: ‘ShakeOut’ drill covers earthquake preparedness

State officials want you to help shake things up Thursday.

Our Opinion: Oh, deer! Be watchful for whitetails

White-tailed deer are among nature’s most graceful creatures.