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Perspective: Council faces decisions on budget, fire chief

During the four months as a councilman for the 4th Ward city business has been to support city departments in performing their duties.

Our Opinion: United Way: Helping others here at home

In “The Wizard of Oz,” the Yellow Brick Road provides a good start for Dorothy to reach the Emerald City and, eventually, home.

Your Opinion: New library director extends invitation

As the newly appointed director of Missouri River Regional Library, I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to the library, especially if it’s been a while since your last visit.

Your Opinion: Right to Farm does not eliminate standards

Tom Judge wants answers on Right to Farm. Seems he is worried that farmers, particularly livestock farmers, will farm as many critters as we want in whatever conditions we see fit.

Your Opinion: Counter-protesters provide service to the community

Like everyone I was not pleased to learn that the members of the Westboro Baptist Church, taking unfair advantage of the riots in Ferguson, were spreading their message of hate in our town.

Our Opinion: Dilemma invites county to rethink expansion

News Tribune editorial

A demolition/construction plan has left the Cole County Commission between a proverbial rock and hard place.

Our Opinion: Labor Day — Constants amid change

News Tribune editorial

As we prepare to observe the Labor Day holiday on Monday, we are reminded of a quote that described workers as reliable, loyal, punctual, dependable and great problem solvers.

Perspective: Burger King deal shows need for corporate tax reform

The reason American companies are seeking to invest abroad rather than here is simple. At 35 percent, we have the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world.

Perspective: Troubled EPA ‘waters’

This week, I’m going to highlight just one regulation from just one federal agency: the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Waters of the United States” rule.

Our Opinion: An exception in child sexual abuse cases?

Although the November election is more than two months away, a proposed change in criminal law already has triggered controversy.

Your Opinion: Zoning vote marks defeat of special interests

Once again special interest proposals have crashed and burned courtesy of the people of Cole County.

Your Opinion: Presbyterians, peace and the Mideast crisis

I found the article “Faith, prayer have no bounds” interesting that the First Presbyterian Church was featured hosting a prayer service for peace and reconciliation around the world.

Our Opinion: Animal welfare law revisited

We disapprove of the way the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act came into being, but it appears to working.

Your Opinion: Statements and actions questioned

Just when you have seen it all, heard it all, or thought you have, Ferguson has lit up the “I’ll be damned light.”

Our Opinion: ‘Four E’s’ apply to safety on Labor Day

Labor Day weekend approaches amid a mix of public safety reminders for motorists.