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Our Opinion: MSP database reflects history, volunteerism

Two community strengths — volunteerism and a passion for history — have converged to create a digital database of Missouri State Penitentiary (MSP) history.

Your Opinion: Warning of ‘war’ challenged as ‘off base’

Sorry public, but I feel the need to reply to Mr. Horstmann’s letter published May 24 with the headline “War continues on Christians.”

Your Opinion: Unbalanced school coverage lacks character

Much has been printed in recent months criticizing the Jefferson City Public School District in your newspaper.

Our Opinion: Timely review of Capitol intern program

The unexpected often realigns priorities.

Your Opinion: Response to Fleener on Social Security

Is Social Security in trouble because of its disability program? Without citing any sources Don Fleener says it is.

Your Opinion: Biblical disobedience repeated in America

In my daily Bible studies I have been reading in 1 Samuel the account of the people of Israel turning against God’s rule over them through the judges and demanding instead a king to rule over them like the nations around them.

Our Opinion: A challenge to get active, enjoy Missouri

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has been known to credit the first lady, in some endeavors, as his better half.

Perspective: Observe a moment of silence at 3 p.m. Monday

Some Americans have no idea what Memorial Day is all about. Some have forgotten or maybe just don’t think about it.

Perspective: Learning from our military heroes

It is a patriotic time of year in which we can appreciate our country’s history and the honorable actions of our veterans. We should also learn from their example.

Your Opinion: Revise policy for ‘adults’ and interns

Until men and women in positions of power can learn to curb their appetites for extra-curricular activity, telling a 19-year-old not to “fraternize” just makes the forbidden fruit that much more appealing.

Your Opinion: Holts Summit parent faces district issue

Why does it make sense to have Holts Summit children in the Jefferson City schools when it is a different county?

Your Opinion: Signs insufficient for out-of-state visitors

I have had problems the last three times when I am ready to return to the St. Louis airport because there are no signs directing drivers to St. Louis.

Your Opinion: Defend the right to free speech

While driving to work recently I heard about a high school English teacher in Martinville, Illinois, that was suspended indefinitely for stepping on a flag in class to teach his students about free speech.

Your Opinion: War continues on Christians

I’m writing to illustrate just another more frequently occurring example of how quickly we are turning our country over to the Muslim religion.

Your Opinion: Congressman seeks pay hike

I recently submitted an opinion letter, and it was published by you concerning the issue of what I believe is the rapidly growing cancer of ‘Entitlement Mentality’ in this country.