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Our Opinion: Share holiday creations with community

News Tribune editorial

The annual Christmas Home Decorating contest has become a tradition both for families and the community.

Perspective: Acting to prioritize the safety of Americans

Earlier this month, the world was in shock as hundreds of individuals in Paris were killed or wounded by a terrorist attack. What happened in Paris is a very real reminder that terrorism is still a threat to America and our allies around the world.

Things not to be thankful for in sports

Another Thanksgiving in the books. So passes that day when sports columnists observe a 24-hour moratorium on griping in order to roll out all the things they’re thankful for, a tradition that was perfected by the late, great Furman Bisher in Atlanta.

Your Opinion: Elect supporters of environment

I read Mr. Johnson’s recent letter and sympathize with his argument that the scientific method should drive our response to climate change, but from a different viewpoint.

Your Opinion: Vote inconsistent with holiday ideal

Republican Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer co-sponsored legislation passed by the U.S. House on Nov. 19 that could stop plans to admit Syrian refugees into the United State.

Our Opinion: Shop locally: Experience the advantages

Reflecting a Christmas tradition, shopping locally involves both giving and receiving.

Your Opinion: Want Syrian refugees? Get out your checkbook

Who will pay for Syrian refugees?

Our Opinion: Gratitude: An attitude that keeps on giving

Participants in the first Thanksgiving were onto something — gratitude improves physical, mental, social and spiritual health.

Your Opinion: What happened to the Golden Rule?

Please explain to me how someone can call themselves a Christian and Republican.

Your Opinion: Will we turn away refugees based on fear?

Some 4 million people have fled from Syria out of fear of being barrel-bombed by the Assad regime or beheaded by ISIS.

Your Opinion: Horstmann’s complaint ‘particularly distasteful’

As a card carrying member of the “Angry Old White Guys Society,” I found Mr. Horstmann’s tirade published Nov. 13 to be particularly distasteful.

Your Opinion: Medicaid expansion claims questioned

This letter is in response to the “Medicaid expansion needed” letter to the editor appearing in the Nov. 16 edition of the News Tribune, where Mike Sutherland was proposing that Missouri could expand its Medicaid coverage and net savings of at least $100 million per year in state general revenue dollars when the expansion is fully implemented.

Your Opinion: Coal is plentiful and dependable

Bob Watson’s article in the Nov. 14 paper concerning the Sierra Club’s urge to force Ameren to reduce coal use caught my eye.

Your Opinion: More Hillary Clinton scandals listed

Travelgate — Seven employees of the White House travel office were fired so that friends of the Clintons could take over the travel business.

Our Opinion: Wide spectrum of support lifts Boys & Girls Club campaign

The success of the local Boys & Girls Club capital campaign is a testament to the club’s widespread support throughout the community.