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Perspective: EPA wants to regulate your backyard grill

Recently, the EPA announced a grant to the University of California-Riverside to conduct research directed at developing technology to reduce particle emissions from residential barbecues by decreasing the amount of grease that comes into contact with open flames.

Viewpoint: Emphasis on making children safer in storms

Parents need to talk with their children about the realities of tornado season.

Your Opinion: Tax code needs to be simplified

There has been much discussion about the tax code recently. The main reason that the tax code has become so complicated is that it has been used as a way to encourage activity that the legislature thinks is important.

Your Opinion: Bill would hide environmental information

HB479 is a harmful piece of legislation that would prevent state agencies from releasing data and information to the public concerning animals and environmental protection.

Your Opinion: Exercising freedom of religion

There is one thing I am going to try to make very very clear. Sometimes we must tolerate things we do not necessarily like.

Your Opinion: Senate’s proposed cuts on Social Services is ‘extremely disturbing’

The front page news story (News Tribune - April 11) about the state Senate’s proposed budget cuts for the Department of Social Services is extremely disturbing ....

Your Opinion: Proposed legislation would aid factory farms

I find it interesting that the Missouri House of Representatives is attempting to pass bills that would: Prohibit an individual from voicing concerns about the safety of food from animals raised on factory farms; give preference for public money to counties that do not regulate factory farms, HB 882; protect factory farms from lawsuits resulting from harmful emissions, pollution, and unsafe discharges of waste, HB 955; and eliminate local control of factory farms, HB 999.

Your Opinion: Trend among schools districts to hire lawyers

Back in my day the school administrators who are trained in school law and school finance were paid the big bucks to do the job that lawyers are paid to do in many of our school districts.

Your Opinion: Dangers of denial on climate change

If your physician told you that you had a cancer, would you tell him that is a hoax? Maybe you would if you were a conservative.

Your Opinion: Christianity, liberty and Indiana law

I would like to respond to Mr. Horstmann’s Op-Ed published April 7 trumpeting “Christianity is under attack”, and then using the recent kerfuffle in Indiana as evidence.

Your Opinion: Minority rule, not majority rule

This is a follow-up of my letter published March 25 titled “Mizzou students commended for showing film.”

Your Opinion: Is silence golden?

Silence often speaks louder than words.

Our Opinion: Help prevent child-on-child sexual abuse

News Tribune editorial

Ending cruelty to children caused by sexual abuse and neglect is the goal of Missouri KidsFirst, the state’s chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America.

Perspective: 'Moving week' in the Missouri House

This was moving week in the Missouri House. With only five weeks left in session, bills are nearing the de facto deadline whereby they must pass the House to have a chance to clear the finish line.

Perspective: The way we’ve always done may not be most efficient

How many times do we find ourselves doing things at work or at home or anywhere in life just because it feels best doing it that way?