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Charges filed in Hy-Vee shooting July 28, 2015

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Our Opinion: Pantry creates recipe for distribution

When it comes to feeding needy people, we appreciate efforts to improve on a proficient approach.

Your Opinion: Confederate symbols, politics and Missouri history

The Boone County commissioners during an interview on Channel 8 news on July 16 voted unanimously to move a Confederate memorial which stood since 1935 on the grounds of the Boone County Courthouse in Columbia to a private property south of Centralia at taxpayers’ expense because a lone African-American male was offended and threatened to file a petition to remove the memorial.

Your Opinion: Response on displaying Confederate flag

On July 12 Larry Russell Johnson’s letter was published on the Confederate flag flap. (Pun intended.)

Our Opinion: ADA anniversary: Much progress, but work remains

The theme of inclusion was sounded by champions of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on Sunday’s 25th anniversary of the law.

Your Opinion: Can we do more than imagine?

Can you imagine? A lady in a grocery store in Jefferson City offered to let me in front of her in a check-out line. I refused, of course, being stubbornly independent and self-sufficient.

Your Opinion: Damaging allegations undermine justice

Innocent until proven guilty is a farce when the media, especially in the case of alleged sexual misconduct, establishes itself as the judge and jury and decides to destroy someone before the justice process even begins.

Your Opinion: GOP thwarts Obama’s economic stimulus

t has been almost seven years since the president was elected when he took over from the Bush administration who served two terms.

Our Opinion: Arm trained soldiers against attacks

News Tribune editorial

In the aftermath of attacks at a military recruiting center and a reserve center, both national and state officials are debating whether military members at those types of facilities should be armed.

Perspective: The end of Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood’s unmitigated implosion continues.

Perspective: New principal outlines priorities

As the new Jefferson City High School principal, Mr. Bob James has been on the job since July 1.

Perspective: Standing up for the unborn

The horrific videos of Planned Parenthood that were recently released go beyond the abortion debate — simply, they are inhumane.

Your Opinion: Why don’t we enforce immigration laws?

I am more disgusted every time I hear that nothing can be done about the illegal alien situation until we have “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Your Opinion: Response to Johnson on same-sex marriage

Comments on Mr. Johnson’s letter published July 15 on the recent SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage.

Our Opinion: Missouri and governor gain well-deserved recognition

Missouri and Gov. Jay Nixon are garnering well-deserved national recognition for initiatives to serve people with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges.

Your Opinion: Senator ignores LGBTQ issues

Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, champion of the “pain-capable” fetus, voted last week not to get involved in the nationwide problem of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth being victimized by bullies.