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Your Opinion: Grammar and public schools

This message is primarily in response to Shirley Bernskoetter’s letter of Sept. 11, wherein she takes the JC public schools to task for deficiency in the teaching of proper grammar to their students.

Perspective: Maintaining an uplifting attitude

The longer I live the more I see the value in being optimistic, even in the midst of difficulty. Or perhaps we should say, especially in the midst of difficulty.

Your Opinion: Why are local gas prices comparatively higher

Ever wonder why gas prices in the Jefferson City area all go up or down the same amount within a 24-hour period?

Your Opinion: Don’t demolish historic Cole County jail

A plan to demolish the old Cole County jail to build a new courtroom in its place is a bad idea on so many levels.

Your Opinion: Capitol amenities need maintenance

A recent visit to the park behind the Capitol building was quite distressing.

Our Opinion: Keep focused amid multipurpose possibilities

Maintain focus. As possibilities and permutations enter the equation, we encourage Jefferson City Parks and Recreation commissioners to remember city residents requested a multipurpose building for indoor recreation.

Our Opinion: The business of simplifying and saving

The impulse to reduce business fees is laudable but, as always, the proverbial devil will be in the details.

Your Opinion: University workshop and academic freedom

Are you concerned about academic freedom?

Our Opinion: Review of highway, water patrol merger needed

Sadly, a drowning had to happen to prompt a much-needed review of the 2011 merger of Missouri’s Highway Patrol and Water Patrol.

Your Opinion: Corporate farms may benefit family operations

Final chapter. After my education in pork processing and pork producers ended I began to see those corporate farms in a different light.

Your Opinion: Evaluate teachers on combination of criteria

To adopt a teacher evaluation system based largely on “quantifiable student performance data” that would be used in decisions about paying or retaining personnel is ill advised.

Your Opinion: Observant hunters help solve cases

Hunters, as you head to your favorite spot, please be aware of your surroundings. Do you see anything unusual?

Your Opinion: Revisit concept of multipurpose building

I would suggest that an $8 million dollar recreation center with seven basketball courts is probably not what this city really needs.

Your Opinion: Time, effort invested, but not money

What started out as an Osage County Pork Producer’s Association inception soon morphed into a statewide organization.

Your Opinion: Reuse should guide courthouse project

Reuse, reuse, reuse should be the key word to discuss among the Cole County commissioners about the courthouse project.