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Our Opinion: Improve, don’t duplicate, farm-to-school program

Providing locally produced food to Missouri students is a good idea.

Your Opinion: Hobby Lobby’s double standard?

So Hobby Lobby doesn’t want to pay for birth control stuff through the Affordable Health Care Act.

Your Opinion: Jeb Bush’s costly ‘act of love’

Jeb Bush quoted in reference to illegal immigration: “Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family.”

Your Opinion: Students on spring break assist Habitat project

In the last full week of March, a group of 13 college students, and three chaperones, from the University of Wisconsin at River Falls, quietly descended upon Jefferson City and spent the next seven days building critical retaining walls and working on various Habitat homes under construction in our community.

Our Opinion: Patrol adopts cross-training for Lake area

Missouri law enforcement is adapting a concept from athletics.

Your Opinion: Story criticized for generalities

On April 9 an article titled “PSC looks for answers to unusual cases,” by Bob Watson, appeared in the News Tribune.

Your Opinion: Promote adoption, not abortion

I recently read that Planned Parenthood’s Columbia Center is no longer licensed to perform abortions.

Our Opinion: Collecting military memorabilia, and stories

The Missouri Society for Military History is on a mission.

Perspective: Needed, long-term salary study included in this year’s budget

It is hard to believe there are only five weeks left in the legislative session this year, but the calendar does not lie.

Our Opinion: Explore array of resources at the library

Are you neglecting a resource you’re already paying to support?

Your Opinion: Allow maximum public input before commission decision

With a decision looming on the fate of the old jail and sheriff’s residence, we have asked the county commission to hold a night meeting including a public hearing ....

Your Opinion: Pass bill to block false Medicaid claims

Imagine if we had legislators who did not understand the fundamental differences between going to the grocery store (something you do when you need to buy food), and going to the doctor (something you do when you’re sick).

Your Opinion: Accountability needed, not higher taxes

“Simply add another tax/surcharge” has become the mantra for every government both small and large.

Your Opinion: Don’t follow failed model

Here is an idea capturing the enthusiasm of our Legislature: Cut income taxes for Missouri citizens. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Your Opinion: Where’s the senator?

Where in the world is Mike Kehoe?