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Your Opinion: Litterbugs show lack of respect

The litterbugs seem to have been taking over this area of the street the past few months as well as the guardrail that lines the 179 ramp that comes off of U.S. 50.

Your Opinion: Concerns about county decision

Last month, I submitted a letter to Cole County Commissioners Ellinger, Hoelscher, and Scheperle concerning the controversy surrounding the demolition of the Cole County jail and sheriff’s residence.

Our Opinion: Uphill climb for public transportation

Proponents of public transportation in Jefferson City face an uphill battle.

Our Opinion: County zoning designed to promote growth

A priority for local governments is to promote orderly growth.

Perspective: Support for transportation funds, tax cut not inconsistent

I love Easter and I love the week leading up to it, beginning with Palm Sunday.

Our Opinion: Motivated to improve or meddle?

Like the nursery rhyme character, Missouri lawmakers this session are putting their thumb print on ongoing programs — in some cases, after four years of inattention.

Your Opinion: County commission faulted for approach, tone

As the chairman of Jefferson City’s Historic Preservation Commission, it goes without saying that I am more than disappointed in the Cole County Commission’s decision to tear down the old county sheriff’s residence and jail.

Your Opinion: Don’t rush to protect e-cigarettes

The state Legislature’s rush to pass an e-cigarette bill should give Missouri voters pause. Why?

Your Opinion: No double standard by Hobby Lobby

In response to Dale Reichel’s letter April 16, Hobby Lobby does have the right to the insurance they offer their employees.

Your Opinion: America must return to faith

The letter submitted by Frances Byrd and printed by the News Tribune April 15 was absolutely excellent. Rather than killing (i.e., aborting a conceived human being) she advocated putting the child up for adoption.

Your Opinion: The threat of terrorism

There is an organized terror attack on the U.S. which is orchestrated by home-grown and foreign entities.

Your Opinion: Care and costs of treatment

Recently on a trip out west I increasingly felt ill. On the plane I was in considerable discomfort. Visiting family, finally, after a few hours on the ground I had to admit I was not getting better.

Perspective: High noon for tax relief

This week the Missouri House spent most of its time on “small” bills. These include bills dealing with non-profit food preparation, student assessments, water fluoridation, diabetes prevention and intoxicating liquor on boats.

Perspective: Students speak out about educational needs

As a part of the discussion about how high schools should change to meet the educational needs of all students, we cannot forget to consult the students themselves.

The Easter Story

And when the sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome, had bought sweet spices, that they might come and anoint him.