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Your Opinion: Lawmakers check out grocery bags

Now really with all the important issues our state Legislature faces do we need them between us and our grocery sack?

Your Opinion: Cost concerns for baseball fans

To Brandon Foster/PRESSBOX Author: You and MLB commissioner/Rob Manfred are wrong in what will improve the game of baseball, by increasing the likelihood of more fans.

Our Opinion: Medical usage differs from getting high

“We have no problem with the medicinal use of drugs,” we wrote in this forum nearly a year ago.

Your Opinion: Response to assertion that ‘our rights come from God’

I get so weary of the trumpeting that our rights “come from God.”

Your Opinion: Errant quote depicts danger of phony emails

Jim Dyke attributed a quote in a recent cartoon to Thomas Jefferson (Feb 16). It demeaned the poor. If you fact-check the quote, you will find it is not attributed to Jefferson by any reliable source.

Our Opinion: ‘Is plastic okay?’ A question for the state, or cities?

“Is plastic okay?” The question about grocery bags is heard by shoppers at checkout lines and now is being considered by state lawmakers.

Perspective: Senators debate student transfer bill

The first significant snow and winter weather of the year shortened the legislative week by a day.

Our Opinion: Explore relocating municipal court

The case to relocate Jefferson City’s municipal court in the nearby city annex has merit.

Your Opinion: Be careful what you ask for

The shooting death on East High Street the other day and more home break-ins off Henwick Lane in the western part of the county are but a reminder of bigger cities.

Your Opinion: Cartoon misquotes Jefferson

Did you see the cartoon in this paper recently showing Thomas Jefferson and quoting him? I knew right away it was a misquote.

Your Opinion: Does the Bible hate women?

I call your attention to a Feb. 14 Huffington Post article by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. titled “Does the Bible Hate Women?”

Your Opinion: Our trusting nature works against us

I don’t know how to say this without sounding cheesy but we may be on a road that has no turns. President Obama needs some lessons about enemy identification concerning the Islamic threat and how it relates to terrorism.

Your Opinion: Commentary and polls on evolution

I was watching Special Report with Bret Baier on FNC Feb. 12 and George Will, conservative commentator, made the following statement concerning what Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin, said when asked a question concerning evolution ....

Our Opinion: ‘Impoverished’ Lt. Gov. seeks per diem

News Tribune editorial

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is hardly a political newcomer, so we were surprised when he made a remark destined to attract public scorn.

Perspective: How government regulation kills innovation – Uber edition

Government works best when it determines the rules of the road, not the composition of the traffic. That’s the pithy libertarian case for less regulation, first formulated by law professor Richard Epstein.