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Perspective: Enhancing mobile mammography

Life brings many twists, turns, ups and downs to all of us. Many of us have experienced a mother, sister, daughter or friend who has been diagnosed with, suffered from and bravely fought against breast cancer.

Our Opinion: Unique golf venue linked to our community

Add a handicap-accessible golf course to list of recreational amenities in Mid-Missouri.

Our Opinion: Uniform starting line for job applicants

The best employer-employee relationships are based on mutual fairness.

Your Opinion: Calling attention to maintenance

Unlike some residents in the immediate area, this property owner does try to keep her home and land in good condition, but it is difficult to maintain the land as she would like when government bodies don’t do their share to maintain what they own.

Your Opinion: Support equity for federal retirees

I served the federal government for 42 years with the DOT Federal Highway Administration retiring doing environmental.

Our Opinion: What’s ahead for city’s environmental quality panel?

Jefferson City’s Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) may be characterized as a victim of its own success.

Our Opinion: Helias fund drive deserves wide support

The shield logo for Helias Catholic High School illustrates that the institution is under God’s protection.

Perspective: Budget, ethics bills sent to governor

On Wednesday, after one last trip around the Coca-Cola plant and the State Capitol, Jefferson City laid to rest one of its most distinguished and well-respected citizens, Carl Vogel.

Your Opinion: Address Missouri Blvd. issues

Missouri Boulevard is a dangerous street for cars and for pedestrians attempting to cross the street. It can be a harrowing experience.

Your Opinion: Debt scare follies

TIME magazine has a big scare story about the national debt in a current issue.

Your Opinion: Target and transgenders

Well folks the destruction of our culture and the compromising of our women and children’s privacy and security seems to be coming to our fair city if not here already.

Your Opinion: Cyclical climate over long term

On the subject of global warming, most of the letters that I read in your paper are from people who are genuinely and passionately concerned about the future of our globe.

Your Opinion: Proposal would restrict PSC oversight

There are a lot of talking points being thrown around about SB1028, the utility industry’s most recent attempt to freeze customers out of the rate-making process.

Your Opinion: Consequences of corporate manipulation

If you are interested in reading a fast-reading book that is part adventure, part intellectual exploration and just pure fun, I would recommend “Rust — The Longest War,” by Jonathan Waldman.

Our Opinion: Self-interest must play no role in Capitol stewardship

News Tribune editorial

A lawmaker believes some Missouri Capitol tenants — namely, lawmakers — deserve more control over how Capitol space is allocated and used.