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Our Opinion: Adjusting the volume on trash service

News Tribune editorial

Jefferson Citians are talking trash. The occasion is the effort by city officials to seek public input in advance of negotiating a new contract for solid waste services.

Perspective: No to Noranda

Is it reasonable for you to pay more on your electric bill so that an aluminum smelter 250 miles away can get a reduced rate?

Perspective: Empowering students to take charge of their learning

Elementary schools and middle schools in Springdale, Ark., have an effort in place to encourage students to take a deeper interest in their progress.

Perspective: Job-creating bills stalled in Senate

This week, the House sent the Senate two packages of bills that are designed to foster job creation and promote a common-sense energy plan to lower costs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Your Opinion: Who approves of Obama’s job performance?

Who are the 40 percent who, according to a WSJ/NBC poll, still approve of Obama’s overall job performance?

Our Opinion: The laws of civics

News Tribune editorial

Alarmed by data showing only about a third of Americans can name the three branches of U.S. government, a group of concerned Missourians has launched the Missouri Civics Education Initiative.

Your Opinion: Questions to ponder

What would happen if everyone started to speak up with what they believe is wrong? In our schools, work, neighborhoods, etc.

Your Opinion: Terrorists must be eradicated

In light of the latest sick, pathetic, cowardly, barbaric events happening over in the Mideast against innocent American journalists and humanitarians, I’d like to express my own personal opinion, politically incorrect as it may or may or may not be.

Our Opinion: Employers aid process of recovery

Among the many contributions businesses make to our community, 35 employers were honored Wednesday for helping people in recovery.

Your Opinion: Pork production and family farms

Here is part two, as promised. Pork producers are a strange lot, when we do something it tends to be overkill.

Justice Matters: Honoring the Bill of Rights

Many milestones exist in our country’s history, which are often forgotten.

Our Opinion: Teen tobacco, alcohol and drug use down

Regular readers of this forum are familiar with our abiding interest in the health and welfare of young people.

Your Opinion: Christian values under assault

Christian values are under assault in America.

Your Opinion: Response on university’s energy workshop

In the Sept. 14 paper Tony Smith shared his concern and sadness that the University of Missouri was involved with the development and presentation of a workshop entitled “Energy in Today’s Classrooms” that he read about in the Huffington Post.

Our Opinion: Another unfair, misdirected proposal

Perseverance isn’t always a virtue. Noranda Aluminum is seeking a rehearing from the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) on a proposed compromise to a rate reduction idea that was rejected last month.