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Your Opinion: Work remains to be done

A recent entry regarding the Confederate flag caught my attention.

Our Opinion: Pooling some thoughts on pool popularity

The experience in another Missouri community has prompted us to pool some thoughts about the popularity of swimming pools in Jefferson City.

Your Opinion: Adoptee provides other views on adoption

As an adoptee, I read with interest the article about Annette Driver reconnecting with a daughter she had placed for adoption 38 years ago.

Your Opinion: Rabbi responds to error in advertisement

I read the newspaper’s apology regarding the cremation advertisement for Millard Family Funeral Chapels, depicting a Nazi solider.

Your Opinion: Nuclear deal with Iran a dismal failure

The AP announced early on Tuesday that an agreement was reached and sealed concerning Iran’s nuclear activities.

Your Opinion: Obama commended for recent actions

I always thought President Obama was a Republican or he sure seemed like one many times — drone wars, TPP, kissing Wall Street and the banks, etc.

Our Opinion: Habitat volunteers build homes, family

Habitat for Humanity constructs homes, but it also builds family.

Your Opinion: Concrete trail at Noren opposed

This letter is to comment on the proposed concrete boardwalk at the Noren access.

Your Opinion: Stand against unspeakable evil

In light of the recent undercover video of the harvesting of infant body parts by Planned Parenthood, we must admit that the unrepentant heart of man is evil.

Our Opinion: The Rx drug abuse/heroin connection

Missouri has gained a dubious distinction as the state where an unresolved problem has created a growing problem.

Your Opinion: Morality is a product of societal evolution

The editorial section of the News Tribune is always a popular read and rightfully so as it provides an approach to current events from the perspective of the populace and the approach to news therein is spiked with subjective opinion and emotion.

Your Opinion: More sensible approach to repairing roads

A recent article noted that the county is going to apply for federal aid to help pay for repairs to flood-damaged roads.

Your Opinion: Response on symbolism of Confederate flag

The July 12 letter from Larry Russell Johnson “Far Left missing the big picture” demands a response.

Our Opinion: Food 4 Kids fills need when school’s out

We applaud the community volunteers who are helping to feed area children this summer.

Our Opinion: The Internet of Things – life imitates science fiction

News Tribune editorial

When it comes to technology, is life imitating the art of science fiction? A standard theme in science fiction centers on advances — artificial intelligence, robotics, etc. — that exceed human ability to control or manage them.