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Lawmakers, state officials to receive pay raises January 28, 2015

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Perspective: Education conversation with Sen. Paul LeVota

Before the current legislative session was fully up and running, Sen Paul LeVota, D-Independence, spent a few minutes visiting with me on Jan. 12.

Perspective: The State of the Speech Week at the Missouri Capitol

The Missouri Constitution mandates that the Legislature do three things every year: pass a budget and listen to both the governor and the chief justice of the Missouri Supreme Court gives speeches.

Perspective: Combating Obama’s global warming agenda

Late last year, I wrote a bulletin on the amount of regulations the Obama Administration proposed for 2015. That number was an astounding 3,415 regulations.

Our Opinion: Promoting justice in words and actions

News Tribune editorial

In response to Thursday’s State of Judiciary address, one lawmaker characterized Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice Mary R. Russell’s remarks as “candid insights.”

Our Opinion: A victory for Special Olympics and Jefferson City

Let’s give credit where credit is due.

Your Opinion: Observations from pro-choice demonstration

Members of the Missouri Chapter of the National Organization for Women organized a demonstration at St. Peter church Sunday in celebration of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision affirming women’s right to choose abortion.

Our Opinion: Recreational marijuana points in wrong direction

To supporters of recreational marijuana use, we pose this question: What is so unsatisfying or unfulfilling about your life that you feel a need to get high?

Your Opinion: Conservation changes have merit

I am perplexed why some of the proposed constitutional amendments and laws related to the Department of Conservation are being portrayed as a threat.

Your Opinion: Home-schooling story lacks quality

After reading the recent front-page story entitled “As home-school numbers rise, regulation falls” I was extremely disappointed to discover a shocking lack of quality throughout the article.

Opinion: Consequences of rising debt, deficit

Last month the national debt exceeded $18 trillion for the first time.

Your Opinion: Global warming fee and climate alarmists

A few days ago I read how California is adding global warming tax of 10 cents a gallon.

Our Opinion: Unconscionable diversion of tobacco funds

Here’s an embarrassing fact; among the states, Missouri is dead last in spending for tobacco-prevention programs.

Our Opinion: Empowerment through service

The way to change hearts and minds is not by force, but by being a force.

Your Opinion: Home school story biased

I am writing to address the horribly written article regarding home schoolers that was recently published.

Your Opinion: Why use deceptive terms?

I’m writing to clarify for Mr. Laur why the terminology being used in his attempt to sell the climate change energy plan is unconscionably deceptive.