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Perspective: Reflections on highlights of past years

With the end of the year nearing, I was recently reflecting over the past two years in Congress. While there were many battles placed in front of Congress, there were also several highlights that come to mind over the past couple of years.

Our Opinion: The gift of making sober choices

News Tribune editorial

If you’re driving while saturated with alcohol, or anything above the legal .08 blood alcohol content, prepare for the consequences.

Our Opinion: Sensible, sensitive withdrawal of street renaming

Withdrawal of a proposal to change the name of Lafayette Street is wise.

Your Opinion: Pay, immigrants and Obama

Legislators should have no say so in the salaries of state employees.

Your Opinion: Race not deemed relevant

A XXL suspect was spotted by a police officer as the suspect violated the law by walking in the middle of a street.

Your Opinion: Slavery, a worldwide problem

When the topic of slavery arises, most of us who live in the United States have a very myopic perspective on the subject.

Our Opinion: State charitable campaign reveals virtues of character

An announcement Tuesday about state employees speaks volumes not only about their generosity, but their character.

Your Opinion: Mall collects special tax, thanks to City Council

Steve Meystrik’s suggestion in the Dec. 7 edition that we shop Capital Mall only when absolutely necessary is a good idea.

Your Opinion: Double standard for role models

I was returning on a flight home from San Francisco Dec. 4 and read an article in USA Today, by Nancy Armour concerning the five Rams players that entered the field of play with their hands held up.

Our Opinion: Multipurpose building plans must avoid cross-purposes

Multipurpose building plans must avoid cross-purposes

Your Opinion: Welfare spending out of control

Welfare spending in our nation is completely out of control.

Your Opinion: Congress focuses on negative

How much more absurd and negative can our members of Congress become?

Our Opinion: Museum links military, civilians

Just as a National Guard member is called a citizen soldier, so an enhanced museum is both a showcase of Missouri military history and an attraction for civilians.

Your Opinion: Support for Rock Island Line Trail

Just a voice in support of The Rock Island Line Trail in Central Missouri.

Your Opinion: Barnes column enlightening

I always look forward to reading the ‘Opinions’ page of the News Tribune.