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Your Opinion: In appreciation of motherhood

To continue the Sunday discussion of motherhood, also characterized, “pregnancy takes a terrible toll on the female body.”

Our Opinion: Expedite bill to intercept Rx drug abuse

News Tribune editorial

Prescription drug abuse has become a scourge in Missouri, and a statewide monitoring program is needed to address addiction and overdoses.

Perspective: Why I oppose a dragnet prescription monitoring program

The Supreme Court has called the right to privacy both a “fundamental human right” and “the right most valued by civilized men.” It finds support in the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.

Our Opinion: Earthquake preparedness emphasized

News Tribune editorial

Because more than 200 years have elapsed since the New Madrid earthquake, preparedness concerns may be met with complacency by Missouri residents.

Perspective: Sponsored bills heard during busy week

In the last seven years, my colleagues and I have spent a lot of time fighting against the president’s agenda on behalf of our districts. While it may get a little less attention, we’ve also been working hard to pass our own bold, innovative, bottom-up agenda that contrasts greatly to the top-down approach that has so often been used.

Our Opinion: Is it time to reconsider City Council term limits?

We’re open to the idea of easing term limits for members of the Jefferson City Council.

Our Opinion: Caregiver bill needs structure to prevent abuse

A Missouri lawmaker has an idea to provide another option to care for the increasing population of elderly residents. Although the option is attractive in theory, potential problems abound.

Your Opinion: Wages and jobs

An employee’s worth is based on the skills of the employee and the status of the labor market.

Our Opinion: Public deserves answers from parks commission

News Tribune editorial

Will an indoor recreation facility now under construction serve the needs of Jefferson City residents who requested it?

Our Opinion: You, too, can enjoy the show, feel the history

More visitors are “enjoying the show” Missouri offers and “feeling the history” in Jefferson City.

Perspective: Senators discuss MU turmoil, stop agriculture tax hike

Last Monday, the first of what will certainly be many lengthy discussions of recent events at the University of Missouri took place on the Senate floor.

Your Opinion: Expert testimony changes opposed

“Tort reform” as it is called by large corporations and their political friends, is nothing more than saying, “we don’t trust jurors.”

Your Opinion: Facts regarding grand jury decision

As always I read with interest Mr. Horstmann’s letter of Jan. 27 about the decision of the grand jury in Texas relating to Planned Parenthood.

Your Opinion: Abortion arguments prompt response

First, apologies to the editor. I know, I stated last week in these pages “I would leave the abortion issue for now.”

Your Opinion: Hypocrisy on concealed firearms issue

I know I’m way too old to be surprised when I see the Missouri Legislature acting like a bunch of hypocritical boneheads, but the latest debate regarding forcing Missouri schools to allow firearms should not be happening until after the Legislature changes laws to allow and promote freedom to carry firearms in the Capitol.