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Your Opinion: Hillary's agenda will destroy country

Published Oct. 16 2016

Wikileaks revealed Hillary's two-sided goals for our country — one given before cameras to voters and the secretive one to...

Perspective: Mobilizing to fight cancer

Published Oct. 15 2016

I have been a proud supporter of funding for the National Institutes of Health during my time in Congress. This...

Our Opinion: Believe in a strong finish for United Way journey

Published Oct. 15 2016

Embracing the area United Way's campaign theme song, "Don't Stop Believing," volunteers believe community momentum remains strong.

Your Opinion: Details reveal entanglement

Published Oct. 14 2016

Hidden in this week's news were details how the Justice Department under Loretta Lynch (B. Clinton's appointee to the U.S....

Our Opinion: 'ShakeOut' drill teaches earthquake survival skills

Published Oct. 14 2016

How prepared are you for a natural disaster? Emergency preparedness officials are urging participation in the upcoming Great Central U.S. "ShakeOut"...

Our Opinion: Complete the Veterans Walk to riverfront

Published Oct. 13 2016

Two steps forward and one step back describes the decades-long effort to link the Capitol Complex and the banks of...

Your Opinion: Wary of public funding for projects

Published Oct. 12 2016

It is seldom I agree with Mr. Smith, but in his letter this past Sunday, he voiced opposition to the...

Your Opinion: Climate change hoax threatens economy

Published Oct. 12 2016

I'm writing this letter to appeal to your readers to rethink support of the politicians and the climate change hoax...

Your Opinion: Sheriff White makes picture-perfect finish

Published Oct. 12 2016

Real leadership demands courage and integrity.

Our Opinion: Students invited to editorialize, win prizes

Published Oct. 12 2016

Area middle school and high school students are invited to participate in an editorial contest to raise awareness about the...

Your Opinion: Single-parent households

Published Oct. 11 2016

I doubt that the vast majority of we "deplorables" are as devoid of compassion as the MSM would have people...

Our Opinion: A notable lesson in shared history and culture

Published Oct. 11 2016

Joining instruction with entertainment forms a powerful, effective lesson.

Our Opinion: Consequences of violating public trust

Published Oct. 9 2016

A list of the top Sunshine Law violations by local governments in Missouri got our attention, particularly after reading a...

Your Opinion: Teach history at and about Lincoln University

Published Oct. 9 2016

Having read several articles in the Jefferson City News Tribune, I am writing to support continuation of the history degree...

Your Opinion: Involve neighbors in JCPS property decision

Published Oct. 9 2016

I want to commend Gail Jones for her letter of concern regarding the school district's proposed purchase of property on...

Your Opinion: Proposed apartment complex raises concerns

Published Oct. 9 2016

A new deal is being proposed for the Eastside of Jefferson City. It's not a good deal. The public notice...

Your Opinion: Hullabaloo over Trump's taxes

Published Oct. 9 2016

This hullabaloo over Trump's taxes is unbelievable! If the Democrats hate Trump so much because he doesn't legally pay any...

Your Opinion: Hillary's moral strength prevails

Published Oct. 9 2016

Let us be honest, folks. We don't like Hillary Clinton. Not because she is sometimes shrill. Not because she is...

Your Opinion: Tracing Hillary's connections

Published Oct. 9 2016

It would be advantageous if we could have an adult conversation, dispense with the second-grade name calling and discuss important...

Perspective: First Step Back Home

Published Oct. 9 2016

I'm always struck by the extraordinary individuals I meet as I travel throughout Missouri's 3rd District. From St. Charles to...

Our Opinion: Check smoke alarms for expiration dates

Published Oct. 9 2016

Replacing outdated smoke alarms is the focus of this year's Fire Prevention Week campaign.

Your Opinion: Allegations beg for fact checking

Published Oct. 7 2016

Charles Rackers' letter slandering Hillary Clinton just begged for fact checking.

Your Opinion: Inefficient federal funding folly

Published Oct. 7 2016

The News Tribune recently reported that Jefferson City received $262,865 from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.