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Your Opinion: U.S. should buy Greenland

Published Aug. 20 2019

Frank RycykJefferson CityDear Editor:I would like to congratulate the president for his idea, published in the Wall Street Journal, to...

Your Opinion: Response to Schnieders

Published Aug. 19 2019

Michael H. BrownsteinJefferson CityDear Editor:When we ?ght fake news period, be it left wing, right wing, centrist, etc.

Perspective: Vets have sacrificed for us; they need our help to deal with the aftermath

Published Aug. 18 2019

Twenty-two every day.Veterans suffer real hardships when their service is up. They try to reintegrate into society and go back...

Your Opinion: Response to O’Mara

Published Aug. 18 2019

Wanda RoamJefferson CityDear Editor:Why is it that those on the left decry everything that does not line up with their...

Your Opinion: Are Warren and Harris ignorant or liars?

Published Aug. 18 2019

Bert DirschellCentertownDear Editor:Have Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris just shown themselves to be incredibly ignorant on subjects they tweet about,...

Your Opinion: When did ‘renters’ become negative word?

Published Aug. 18 2019

Michael H. BrownsteinJefferson CityDear Editor:In a recent editorial, the News Tribune stated that the area of Case and Union and...

Perspective: Interim filled with flood management, infrastructure

Published Aug. 18 2019

Greetings from the fourth floor of your state Capitol. It has been a busy two weeks since I last communicated...

Your Opinion: Right to bear arms?

Published Aug. 18 2019

Tim O’MaraJefferson CityTo the Editor:So this guy, U.S. citizen Dmitriy Andreychenko, walks into the Springfield Walmart exercising his Second Amendments...

Our Opinion: Arm teachers with knowledge, not guns

Published Aug. 18 2019

A school safety task force recently reported its findings to Gov. Mike Parson, calling for armed security in every school,...

Perspective: Resources for rebuilding and planning for the future

Published Aug. 17 2019

For far too many months, historic flooding has been the talk of the town in communities across the great state...

Your Opinion: Demonizing AR-15s just a ploy

Published Aug. 17 2019

Mark Bruenger Sr.Jefferson CityDear Editor:First and foremost, gun control is people control; however, many people have little knowledge about AR-15s,...

Our Opinion: Taking suicide seriously

Published Aug. 17 2019

We’re pleased to see a focus on suicide prevention before the start of the school year.Over the past week, area...

Your Opinion: Teledentistry promises better care

Published Aug. 17 2019

Gary HarbisonExecutive director, Missouri Coalition for Oral HealthDear Editor:August is Oral Health Awareness Month.

Your Opinion: LTEs cause consternation

Published Aug. 17 2019

Michael H. BrownsteinJefferson CityDear Editor:Recently the letters to the editor have caused me a bit of consternation.

Our Opinion: Does Galloway have a shot?

Published Aug. 16 2019

Nicole Galloway made her gubernatorial bid official Monday. In a two-minute video, the state auditor cast herself as a corruption-fighter...

Your Opinion: Term limits needed for Congress

Published Aug. 16 2019

Charles SchroederWestphaliaDear Editor:You can believe it: The Democrats in Washington, D.C., say that President Trump is divisive, a liar, a...

Your Opinion: Puerto Rico a future state?

Published Aug. 16 2019

Frank RycykJefferson CityDear Editor:I appreciate recent comments in these pages concerning Puerto Rico.

Your Opinion: The collapse of Capitalism

Published Aug. 16 2019

Dale ReichelCaliforniaDear Editor:I agree with Richard Wolff. Trump is a mouthpiece for a failing system, Capitalism.

Your Opinion: Defending Dyke’s cartoon

Published Aug. 16 2019

Nelson OttoJefferson CityDear Editor:When I saw the Letters to the Editor complaining about Jim Dyke’s “racist” cartoon on Aug.

Your Opinion: Response to Ault

Published Aug. 15 2019

Bert DirschellCentertownDear Editor:Tom Ault seems to ignore several important points in his LTE on immigration.

Your Opinion: ‘Warmest month on record’ claims

Published Aug. 15 2019

Nelson OttoJefferson CityDear Editor:There are two things I can count on occurring in August, one endless sneezing due to rag...

Our Opinion: Special ed group could be a godsend to area families

Published Aug. 14 2019

“A parent-teacher association focused on special education? Why wasn’t this thought of sooner?”That sums up our reaction to the soon-to-be-organized...

Your Opinion: Impact of tariffs

Published Aug. 14 2019

Bert DirschellCentertownDear Editor:It has been refreshing to see that people understand that tariffs (taxes) on imports raise the price of...