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Your Opinion: Government tricks squelch opposition

This letter is in reference to the AP article published Nov. 14 in the News Tribune “Trooper ambush suspect charged with terrorism.”

Our Opinion: Relocation inspires shared vision

“Location, location, location” is a mantra in the real estate industry.

Your Opinion: A season to support charities

Each year before Halloween is even over, the “merchandising” begins in the guise of Christmas giving.

Your Opinion: Obamacare ‘architect’ cites voter ‘stupidity’

Most of you probably remember Nancy Pelosi’s statement on Obamacare, “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”

Our Opinion: Assist search for new school superintendent

If you were hiring a new Jefferson City School District superintendent, what qualities would you prioritize?

Your Opinion: Bombarded with lack of ethics

There doesn’t appear to be a code of ethics for so many people anymore.

Your Opinion: Flags at half staff on Veterans Day

Another Veterans Day has come and gone.

Our Opinion: Extending a program for veterans locally and nationally

In connection with last week’s observance of Veterans Day, we were pleased the national program, “Justice for Vets,” reinforced our support for veterans courts, including the new one to be established in Cole County.

Your Opinion: Council’s closed session on sewer line questioned

As the parents a of future Special Olympics athlete, and as residents of Jefferson City, we applaud the efforts being made to win the “Training for Life” site, here, over another in Columbia.

Your Opinion: Missourians, not courts, should decide gay marriage

It seems that since 30 states have made gay marriages legal, our state should be one of “inclusion not exclusion.”If we were told to jump over a cliff (and isn’t that what we’ve been told) would we go jump?

Your Opinion: Voters elected Republicans to stop Obama, Democratics

Well it happened, the usual Democrat suspects are quiet. Wonder why? Ha Ha.

Your Opinion: Caught in check authorization snafu

This is something I think the public should know about. I was told by different people I’ve talked to that this has been happening since September 2011.

Your Opinion: Climate alarmists ignore data, seek power

Religious people could learn a valuable lesson from climate alarmists on unwavering faith.

Your Opinion: More evidence of Muslim domination

I’m writing to list more articles as examples of the Muslim incremental, and seemingly successful, advancement in their goal to transform the UK and now America into Muslim domination.

Our Opinion: New St. Mary’s exemplifies exceptional contributions

News Tribune editorial

Two quintessential community assets are a vibrant economy and quality health care. Today’s opening of the new St. Mary’s Hospital — Jefferson City assures continuation of that contribution, started more than a century ago.