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Your Opinion: Study qualities, experience

I am deeply concerned with the claims that are being made in this judicial race. In particular, one candidate is claiming that he ‘handled’ or prosecuted over 30,000 cases. I don’t think that traffic violations and parking tickets makes one qualified to be a circuit court judge.

Your Opinion: Distortions taint campaign

When you’ve got hundreds of thousands of dollars pouring in from DC you’ve got to find some way to spend it, right? And when you are playing with big league money you have to play by big league rules. So, you trash your opponent.

Your Opinion: Inappropriate rhetoric

When a big money campaign is used to contest an election for a legislative or executive office that is one thing. Those offices involve the making and implementing of policy. An election for a judicial office is something else.

Your Opinion: Stop whining about legal contribution

I’m tempted to vote for a candidate in the upcoming race simply because of the brouhaha over who has contributed how much to the campaign.

Your Opinion: Voters historically reject influence peddling

Back in the 1930s, Missouri’s citizenry became increasingly dissatisfied with how much politics was influencing the selection of judges and the decisions judges were making.

Our Opinion: Yes on Amendment 2

News Tribune Editorial: Protect children from sexual abuse

When it comes to supporting amendments to the state constitution, we set the bar fairly high. And, we raise the standard even higher for proposals that create exceptions or special circumstances.

Perspective: Changing the rules of the ‘permanent campaign’

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is no stranger to political fights to the death.

Perspective: The importance of voting

Whatever your political persuasion, I think most Americans would agree that it’s important to have a voice in our government and that is why voting is such an important part of being an American.

Our Opinion: Suggestions on saving for retirement

During National Save for Retirement Week, observed through Sunday, Secretary of State Jason Kander has offered recommendations to help investors reach their retirement savings goals.

Your Opinion: Campaign donation casts shadow

There’s an odor rising from the Cole County Circuit Judge race in Cole County, specifically a $100,000 contribution to Brian Stumpe’s campaign laundered anonymously through the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) in Washington D.C.

Your Opinion: Troubled by smear campaign

Like most Cole County voters, I don’t know much about Circuit Court Judge Pat Joyce.

Your Opinion: Concerned about campaign contribution

I am writing to address Mr. Stumpe’s bid for circuit court judge. I am very concerned that he didn’t acknowledge the donor of his $100,000 campaign contribution or just return the money.

Our Opinion: Time to ponder changes in leadership, direction

What direction do you want your community to take?

Analysis: GOP hopes Obama is key to Senate control

Struggling to preserve their Senate majority, Democrats are attacking Republicans over Medicare and Social Security in Louisiana, spending cuts in Arkansas, off-shore jobs in New Hampshire and women’s issues in Colorado.

Your Opinion: ­Response to column on Chronic Wasting Disease

Brandon Butler is incorrect in his recent article about an Iowa deer farm whose animals were found to have Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).