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Your Opinion: Costs of ‘green energy’ not publicized

It is interesting that actual costs were omitted from a press release about a Greene County solar facility.

Your Opinion: Historical obstacles to outcome in Iraq

I must conclude this Iraq question with my response to Mr. Horstmann and Mr. Schneiders.

Your Opinion: Drivers should pay transportation tax

I do not believe Sen. Kehoe is acting in the best interest of Missourians when he advocates increasing the sales tax to support the needs of transportation in Missouri.

Our Opinion: Respect: A fundamental for education

The popular evangelist’s quote — recently posted on Facebook by a co-worker — triggered thoughts about the role of respect in connection with public education, a subject of this forum on Wednesday and Thursday.

Your Opinion: Farmers need protection from animal-welfare groups

I hope that you have a better understanding of family framers and corporate farms and that by attacking corporate farms you will affect the family farm.

Your Opinion: Questions on congressman’s support for agriculture

Protecting Farmers. Re: Congressman Luetkemeyer’s July 18 letter to his constituents.

Your Opinion: Combine fuel, sales taxes for transportation

Regarding sales tax vs. gas/diesel tax to fund roads. I have not had the time to research the surrounding states current fuel tax rate, but I do remember a situation back in the ’60s where Missouri raised the rate which elevated Missouri above the surrounding states.

Our Opinion: Uniforms: Time for public schools to try them on?

Are uniforms for public school students a reasonable early step toward improving the educational environment?

Your Opinion: Help for farms large and small

The opposition to Amendment 1 — the Right to Farm — have focused on the livestock industry.

Your Opinion: Pro-con format on zoning praised

Three cheers for the News Tribune for the pro and con article researched and written in conjunction with the Aug. 5 ballot question about county zoning.

Our Opinion: The future of public education

Public education may have reached a turning point.

Your Opinion: Right to Farm amendment potentially harmful

Re: right to farm or right to evade regulation?

Your Opinion: Hypocrisy evident on Opinion Page

On July 16, you published a major editorial scolding about how terrible it is to “see invective and name-calling dominate public policy debate.”

Your Opinion: Theory about attack on plane over Ukraine

My opinion letter is in response to the plane incident over in the Ukraine.

Your Opinion: Parental involvement benefits education

I am a parent of two boys. I take full responsibility for their behavior.