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Your Opinion: ­With wealthy politicians, the rich get richer

All over the country Republican politicians are passing laws to inhibit minorities and other people from voting.

Your Opinion: Feds infringing on states’ rights­

Why does the state of Missouri and other states make laws? Why do we say you will be charged if this, that or the other? Why do we say you have to pay taxes?

Your Opinion: Heaping on more debt for our kids

Through the end of August the feds extracted $2,883 billion from us (over $122,000 every second of every day for nine months), another record high, an 8 percent increase over the record levels of 2014.

Your Opinion: Morality not on the decline

It would seem I have acquired another goat from Mr. Sampson. Several of his are in my herd.

Your Opinion: Taxpayers need voice on committee

For the past few weeks I have been reading articles in the News Tribune concerning the multipurpose building project.

Your Opinion: LU-city wellness center omits city residents

How interesting. We taxpayers are on the hook for 47.7 percent and $6.5 million for a facility we are not invited to use.

Perspective: Right to Work will return, and could hinge on next 2016 campaign

The Legislature overrode Gov. Nixon 10 more times this week, making him Missouri’s most overridden governor — ever. These bills ran the political spectrum, but one that failed garnered the most attention. The effort to override Gov. Nixon’s veto of right to work legislation fell 13 votes short.

Perspective: Advocating a voice of calm and reason at JCPS

As we started this school year, the administrators of Jefferson City High School, Nichols Career Center, and the Simonsen Ninth Grade Center communicated important priorities to the faculty and staff.

Your Opinion: On local control bill, follow the money

This week our esteemed Legislature considered overturning Gov. Nixon’s veto of various legislation passed during the 2015 session.

Your Opinion: Disappointed by MU’s decision

I am furious that University of Missouri Chancellor Loftin has severed ties between the university and Planned Parenthood.

Perspective: Planned Parenthood probes underway

This summer, a veil was lifted giving Americans a glimpse into the soul of Planned Parenthood.

Our Opinion: Observance invites us to revisit Constitution

Constitution Week, which begins today, invites us to revisit our nation’s framework for governing.

Your Opinion: Dysfunction in government

Mr. Schroeder had me for most of his letter to the editor on Sept. 13 in support of law enforcement until he ignored the Constitution of the United States of America.

Your Opinion: Morality has become worse

When I wrote the letter stating that our country’s morality has drastically gotten worse since WWII, another letter writer wrote contrary to that, and said morality had improved since he was a child some 50 years ago.

Your Opinion: Parks director praised

I have had the good fortune to work as a volunteer with Bill Lockwood since the early 1990s for two commission terms, two years president and currently as Parks and Recreation Foundation president.