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Your Opinion: Advice for visiting protesters

Words of advice to out-of-town protesters who block intersections in Jefferson City would be “not a good idea.”

Your Opinion: Two examples of erosion of the ‘rule of law’

It was a refreshing experience to hear Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speak.

Justice Matters: CASA brings stability to children in legal system

The myriad of cases in our state court system touch many lives, but perhaps the saddest instances involve children who, through no fault of their own, find themselves alone and lost in a courtroom full of adult strangers.

Our Opinion: In political ads, does free speech permit anonymity?

The First Amendment right to speak freely is not necessarily the right to speak anonymously.

Your Opinion: Expand Medicaid

While the Legislature fails to even debate expanding Medicaid and closing the health insurance coverage gap, they use their time to try to over-regulate the state’s only abortion clinic, applying unnecessary scrutiny to which other outpatient surgery centers are not subjected.

Your Opinion: Concerns about truck situation

This citizen has written several letters regarding the truck situation on U.S. 50 West and there has been no letup concerning this matter.

Your Opinion: Questions about president’s travel expenses

When Mr. and Mrs. Obama travel across the country to raise money for Democratic candidates, why should taxpayers foot the bill for travel expenses?

Trooper Talk: What to do if you’re in a traffic crash

No one wakes up and says, “I think I will be involved in a traffic crash today.” Yet, in 2013, there were 139,294 crashes reported in the state of Missouri.

Our Opinion: Artistry and reflection flow from fountain

A unifying motif surrounds plans for a “Fountain of Hope” in the downtown area.

Perspective: Legislative session at ‘half time’

The close of session on Thursday marked the beginning of the Legislature’s annual spring break and serves as the “half-way” point of the legislative session.

Our Opinion: Improve track record for trespassing

Two things to remember about trains — they can’t stop quickly and they can’t steer out of your way.

Your Opinion: Response to Kehoe on ‘tort reform’

Tort reform is a catchy label put on the process of taking away your constitutional rights by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the insurance industry in order to further their agenda — increased profits — no matter the cost to the citizens of this state and country.

Your Opinion: Race-baiting commentary

The editorial from the Philadelphia Inquirer printed in your paper March 19 concerning racism in America and Ferguson was a hit job at best and misleading at worse.

Your Opinion: Education is the key

It was gratifying to see a former U.S. senator and now college president come out strongly against the racist behavior of some college students in Oklahoma.

Your Opinion: So-called Christian churches

I wonder when these so-called Christian churches will come clean and just write book(s) that truly describes their beliefs?