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Your Opinion: Stop influx of Mideast refugees

The acceptance of some refugees does not constitute penitence for the death and destruction caused by U.S. government foreign policies supporting actions that generated the said refugees.

Your Opinion: Lower trash rates applauded

Thank you City Council from both the residential and business customers of Allied Waste/Republic Services for getting us lower rates.

Your Opinion: Will Missouri accept refugees?

For the last two days the news is full of the terrorist attacks in Paris last week.

Our Opinion: Journey fosters coordination among advocates for children

When families are disrupted, the welfare of children takes on a wide gravitational pull that attracts the interests of government, the judiciary, health care, volunteer groups and more.

Your Opinion: What’s going on in Missouri?

I have been travelling the past several weeks, visiting relatives in other states. I was asked several times, “What is going on in Missouri?

Your Opinion: Exchange would promote equality

The recent events at MU bring to light racism and segregation in the Mid Missouri college system.

Our Opinion: Second chance for students to be free from alcohol, drugs

Young people deserve second chances.

Your Opinion: Medicaid expansion needed

Under federal health reform, Missouri could expand its Medicaid eligibility, providing access to health care coverage for about 300,000 Missourians, while saving the state about $100 million annually that could be used for education or other purposes.

Your Opinion: Congress deserves low grades

At the risk of being personally attacked by one of the right-wing conservatives that submit letters to this column on a regular basis, I would like to offer my opinion on the current Republican Congress.

Your Opinion: School board, administration must be accountable

Why have we allowed a handful of school board members and administrators to engineer the decline of our once proud school system?

Your Opinion: What have we learned from incidents at Mizzou?

Concerning the activities that have transpired at the University of Missouri recently, what have we learned?

Your Opinion: University curators have ‘explaining to do’

I find it ironic that it was wrong for the minority (white folks) to be in charge of and run the countries of South Africa and Rhodesia, but it’s okay for a minority (black folks) to be in charge of and run the State of Missouri.

Your Opinion: Holiday example for downtown

While doing my morning walk recently, I was thinking about how years ago downtown Jefferson City would be decked out at Christmas time like a Disney theme park with boughs of green garland strung over the streets between buildings.

Your Opinion: Proud to recognize young volunteers

We are very proud to give recognition to everyone who volunteered and took part in the event sponsored by Operation Bugle Boy on Nov. 5 for Veterans Appreciation Night honoring our military veterans and on Nov. 6 paying Tribute to Heroes in honor of our law enforcement,

Your Opinion: Remember the Clinton scandals

The MSM (mainstream media) attacks on Ben Carson are indicative of its bias, unless we see similar coverage of the long list of Clinton scandals. Many of those who will be voting are too young to remember them.