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Your Opinion: Declining school scores and misplaced priorities

Having followed your education coverage, I want to thank you for providing a broader context of the issues.

Your Opinion: Standardized tests will dilute local control

I am a retired teacher with 31 years of experience and I feel compelled to share this information. Amendment 3 is on the November ballot.

Your Opinion: Bias of university workshop questioned

In August, the Huffington Post reported on the University of Missouri workshop “Energy in Today’s classrooms,” sponsored by Missouri utilities.

Your Opinion: Corporate farms and pork production

Twenty-five years ago I thought just as Phyllis Greenfield does that factory farms and corporate agriculture were killing the family farm.

Your Opinion: Fair Tax Act will eliminate lobbyists

I would like to comment on Mr. Haslag’s letter “Money poisoning our political system” published Sept. 7.

Our Opinion: Encouraging developments from veto session

News Tribune editorial

Perhaps the most encouraging aspect of last week’s legislative veto session is a renewed focus on broad ideas rather than narrow issues.

Perspective: Record-setting veto session

The Missouri Legislature overrode 57 separate vetoes in veto session this week. We started a little after 11 a.m. Wednesday with 47 overrides of line-item budget vetoes. Most passed by wide bi-partisan margins.

Perspective: Would later start times benefit sleepy students?

On Aug. 25 the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended that middle schools and high schools have later starting times so that teenage students can get more of the sleep they need.

Perspective: Preserve cash method for job creators

Complicated, complex, and confusing are just a few words that come to mind when I think about the nation’s tax code.

Your Opinion: Amendment would diminish quality of education

In 15 years of teaching, I have tried to do what is best for my students. But Amendment 3, which is on the November ballot, will make our job more difficult.

Your Opinion: Back-door approach to death panels

Well, here we are a little farther down the slippery slope to death panels.

Our Opinion: Observance promotes safety for child passengers

News Tribune editorial

National Child Passenger Safety Week, Sunday through Saturday, is designed to reinforce the proper use of child safety seats and seat belts.

Your Opinion: Arab nations must share risk

Isn’t it about time that Obama stops kissing up to the Arabs? Has no one told Obama that Arab nations actually have fighter jets?

Your Opinion: Concerns about city spending

I am a firm believer of the Constitution and that the government should not do for the public (at our expense) anything that the public can not do for themselves.

Our Opinion: Teen drivers challenged to buckle up

High school students are accepting, and winning, the challenge.