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Our Opinion: Speak now on possible GRUT tax increase

News Tribune editorial

The Jefferson City Council is considering an increase in its gross receipts utilities tax (GRUT) to finance capital projects.

Your Opinion: ‘Unplanned Parenthood’ would be more accurate name

As for the dilemma of what to do about funding Planned Parenthood, I think we should first look at the contradiction in the name of their organization.

Your Opinion: Hubris infuses white perspectives of blacks

I think we “white folks” really have no idea how things work day-to-day for people who happen to be African-American and I believe it’s hubris to think we do.

Your Opinion: Data shows Missourians prefer clean energy

I found it interesting in Congressman Luetkemeyer’s Aug. 15 perspective that he hears from so many of us who are in fear of EPA’s rule to clean up power plant emissions.

Your Opinion: Responses to recent letters

I thought of this moment in history reading the Aug. 15 Op-Eds; the Tinfoil Hat Brigade was heard from today.

Your Opinion: Opportunity to learn more about Islam

Some forms of Christian scripture have been incorporated into Islamic scripture. Muslims revere Jesus as a prophet.

Perspective: Nixon’s notes are worthless

NFL owners met in Chicago two weeks ago to discuss Los Angeles. Owners competing to move to the nation’s second-largest media market presented their plans. No decisions were made, but a few things became clear.

Perspective: Books about leadership share common components

In recent decades a tidal wave of information on leadership has been produced. The sources range from best-selling books to detailed academic studies.

Our Opinion: LU students volunteer to serve community

News Tribune editorial

Wearing shirts sporting the word “Service,” about 700 Lincoln University student volunteers performed a half-day of community services at various venues throughout the community.

Perspective: Acting to boost student success

Something that we can all agree on is that every child in every school deserves access to an excellent education. However, our country is falling short of achieving the goal of every child receiving a solid educational foundation.

Your Opinion: Blame for lack of labeling

I have been a beef producer in Missouri for over 20 years.

Your Opinion: Civil War aim unequivocal

Abraham Lincoln understood full well the ambiguity of the Union cause at the outset of the Civil War and arguments future generations may make regarding the crux of the conflict.

Our Opinion: ‘Drive sober,’ reduce risks, save lives

Drunk driving is no accident. It results from an impaired decision, and it causes accidents.

Your Opinion: An example of ‘conflict resolution gone wrong’

In response to Kristie Scheulen’s letter of Aug. 16 regarding the violence surrounding the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, I must first admit to being as unfamiliar with some of the aesthetic qualities of black culture as any other white person.

Your Opinion: Reaction to rally focusing on Confederate flag

Sunday’s front page article “Scores rally round Confederate battle flag” could have been entitled, “A Lighthearted Look at Celebrating a Flag that stood for Enslavement, and, post Civil-war, Oppression of Black Americans.”