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Your Opinion: Rule of law must guide judicial decisions

The election of our Cole County judges should not be partisan.

Your Opinion: Growth robs GOP of Obama-bashing material

The only jobs proposed by the Republicans were connected to a huge tax cut for the super rich which the Senate wouldn’t take up.

Your Opinion: Relieved of responsibility

There are overweight people who do have medical issues that cause the excess weight, but for the most part those of us who are overweight know why.

Our Opinion: United Way campaign nears home stretch

Using the theme, “There’s No Place Like Home,” area United Way volunteers have passed the halfway point in the fundraising campaign and are sprinting home.

Perspective: Ebola and ‘Black Swan’ theory

History is filled with “black swan” events. The writer Nassim Taleb, who popularized the Black Swan Theory, says these events share three characteristics.

Your Opinion: Answers needed on campaign contribution

Why is an outside political action committee, the Republican State Leadership Committee, contributing the gigantic sum of $100,000 in support of one Republican candidate in the election for the office of circuit judge in Cole County?

Perspective: Celebrating the nation’s manufacturers

Last week, the manufacturing companies and employees across the nation celebrated National Manufacturing Day. With that date in mind, I set off in my car to visit a couple of leading manufacturers in the 3rd Congressional District.

Our Opinion: An opportunity to thank you – our readers

News Tribune editorial

Community has been the emphasis of this year’s observance of National Newspaper Week, which ends today.

Your Opinion: Issue is local gas pricing

I can agree there are many forces that impact the price of gasoline, government subsidies, speculators, Wall Street bankers, etc.

Your Opinion: Mental illness Awareness Week

Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) is Oct. 5-11. This is a time to celebrate important advances like the coming blood test for depression and to learn the symptoms of major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other conditions.

Our Opinion: Sounding the alarm on fire safety

Do your smoke alarms work?

Our Opinion: Demolition plan suspended; time to explore alternatives

Cole County’s presiding commissioner has an aptitude for understatement.

Your Opinion: Problems within the high school

As you may already know, I frequent the opinion section of your publication often.

Your Opinion: Who will bail out residential utility customers?

A question for Mr. Robert Bonney, CEO, Missouri Restaurant Association.

Our Opinion: Local race attracts $100,000 from D.C.

News Tribune editorial

The money has an unpleasant aroma. Brian Stumpe, a candidate for Cole County circuit judge, has received a $100,000 campaign contribution from the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), based in Washington, D.C.