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Your Opinion: Farming protected from HSUS agenda

The motto this year among the 4-H and FFA kids in the livestock barns is — “We farm so you can eat.” It couldn’t be said any better.

Your Opinion: Let facts, not political correctness, prevail

The headline in the paper was, “New fear: What happens in Ferguson if no charges?”

Our Opinion: The right to effective counsel – by the numbers

Do caseload numbers impede the ability of public defenders to provide effective counsel?

Our Opinion: A visual contribution to history

A complete historical picture is helpful to future generations.

Your Opinion: Explore more equitable rates

Solid waste service will be the subject of upcoming open house meetings in City Hall. Rates may be discussed.

Your Opinion: View of conflict tainted

Milton Garber’s Aug. 17 letter describes his version of history that no reasonable person could say is an objective viewpoint.

Your Opinion: More to Israel’s story

I guess the letter writer that wrote concerning how “Israel is killing its victims” might be getting his wish as it could generate additional letters.

Your Opinion: Padlock trend turns tacky

I’d like to ring in and speak a bit on the growing number of padlocks being put on the pedestrian/bike attachment of the Missouri River Bridge.

Your Opinion: Outraged by comment

I am outraged that a government official like Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder would make comments about the situation in Ferguson that exhibit such racism and ignorance of American history regarding civil rights and systemic, institutionalized discrimination.

Our Opinion: Be prepared for condensed city budget discussions

News Tribune editorial

Because Jefferson City’s budgeting process will require more haste this year, waste must be avoided.

Perspective: Who will watch the watchers?

“Who will watch the watchers?” is a question political philosophers have asked since Plato. How can society assure that those who hold the power of the state will not be able to abuse it?

Perspective: Local educators hear inspiring presentation

Mark Towers, a motivational speaker and author from Speak Out Seminars of Southlake, Texas, led educational sessions in the Jefferson City Public School District on Aug. 12-13.

Perspective: Federal Reserve needs reform

After visiting with countless families and individuals across Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District, I have found that hard-working individuals, those living on a fixed income, and small businesses understand their pocketbooks are lighter and their economic future is not as bright.

Our Opinion: State, city share exemplary project

News Tribune editorial

Historic structures at the Missouri State Penitentiary Redevelopment Site have a new lease on life, thanks to a project concluded this week.

Our Opinion: PSC rejects misdirected, unfair proposal

Missouri’s Public Service Commission (PSC) voted unanimously, and wisely, to reject Noranda Aluminum’s request for a further reduction in it electric rates