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story.lead_photo.caption Tyrann Mathieu holds up the Lamar Hunt Trophy after the Chiefs defeated the Titans two weeks ago in the AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium. Photo by Associated Press / News Tribune.

The News Tribune news and sports staff reached out to community members, coaches and former colleagues to get their selections for today's Super Bowl LIV.

Not surprisingly, 36 of the 40 responses predict a victory by the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers.

Officials and
community members

Gov. Mike Parson: Chiefs will win because they will fight to the end. They have several offensive weapons that will keep the 49ers guessing. They are determined and playing very well as a team.

— Chiefs 31, 49ers 21

Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe: Patrick Mahomes (will be) responsible for four TDs.

— Chiefs 31, 49ers 21

Carrie Tergin, Jefferson City mayor: I'm going to say they have better everything because they do. And of course, we all love Patrick Mahomes and will be watching him.

— Chiefs 42, 49ers 10

Ann Bax, president of the United Way of Central Missouri: Three minutes remaining in the game, Chiefs are down 24-22 and have the ball. They make their way down the field in three plays on short passes and are on the 22-yard line on fourth down. Travis Kelce has two defenders all over him but Mahomes hits him right between the defenders. He makes the catch and runs into the end zone with no seconds remaining. Chiefs win!

Chiefs, 28, 49ers 24

Carlos Graham, Ward 4 councilman and Lincoln University chief of staff: I think they'll have a better defense because they're going to be ready for Patrick Mahomes. He's going to throw two interceptions, and we're going to beat them by 7.

— 49ers 24, Chiefs 17

Jerald Jones Woolfork, Lincoln University president: They will have a strong offense.

— Chiefs 24, 49ers 21

Shawn Strong, State Technical College of Missouri president: Patrick Mahomes throws a total of six TDs. Two of those will be in the 4th quarter to seal the deal.

— Chiefs 42, 49ers 31

John Wheeler, Cole County sheriff: I think it will be a three-score separation. The 49ers will come out and confuse the Chiefs early, but Andy Reid, man, he can adjust and he has Mahomes. He'll start with the short passes and when they start coming after the short passes, he'll go long and if that doesn't work he'll just run. The 49ers have a good defense, but I think the Chiefs have the better offense.

— Chiefs 21, 49ers 0

Fr. Stephen Jones, Helias Catholic High School president: I think the Chiefs are going to win by neutralizing San Francisco's defensive line.

— Chiefs 35, 49ers 31

Roger Schroeder, Jefferson City police chief: Nothing unique. I think the Chiefs are going to score 35 with the offense they have, and I think their defense has let them down a little bit lately, but we all saw what Mahomes did to Tennessee, coming back in the playoffs. They were down and came back to win, so you have to say they have the momentum.

— Chiefs 35, 49ers 28

Rep. Rudy Veit, R-Wardsville: My 11-year-old grandchild tells me the Chiefs will win. A lot of use of the ground game.

— Chiefs by 14 points.

Rep. Dave Griffith, R-Jefferson City: A touchdown pass from Patrick Maholmes.

— Chiefs 38, 49ers 28

Sen. Mike Bernskoetter, R-Jefferson City: They're going to score more points than the other team.

— Chiefs 27, 49ers 24

Karen Enloe, retired executive director of the Public Schools Foundation: I think Mahomes' magic will kick in. I think the tight ends will need to make sure they catch the balls. I think we need to have a little bit of a running game but just follow the plan that Andy Reid has lined out and I think we can beat them.

— Chiefs 42, 49ers 35

Ken Enloe, Jefferson City School District board member: I think our offense is obviously just going to be more high powered. I think San Francisco has a great defense, but I think our offense is better.

— Chiefs 28, 49ers 21

Kailey Enloe, Jefferson City Schools informations systems manager: I hope that Patrick Mahomes makes some really amazing plays.

— Chiefs 34, 49ers 31

Nicole Galloway, Missouri state auditor: Patrick Mahomes is going to throw three touchdowns in the first half and the game will be over by halftime.

— Chiefs 50, 49ers 23

Larry Vincent, Cole County collector: I think it will be a pass from Mahomes to (Travis) Kelce and it will come late in the game.

— Chiefs 24, 49ers 21

Rev. W. Shawn McKnight, bishop of the Diocese of Jefferson City: Mahomes and strong fourth-quarter defense.

— Chiefs 31, 49ers 28

Area coaches

Brian Ash, Southern Boone baseball coach: Defense wins championships. But the Mahomes-led offense will score just enough to lead the Chiefs franchise to its second Super Bowl win. Player of the Game: Travis Kelce.

— Chiefs 38, 49ers 31

Ryan Fick, Blair Oaks boys basketball coach: Patrick Mahomes will lead a game-winning drive on the final possession, which was extended on a neutral zone infraction by Dee Ford.

— Chiefs 34, 49ers 31

Chris Hentges, Helias football coach: It will be close throughout but in the end the Chiefs offense is just too explosive. Patrick Mahomes will make a big play in the fourth quarter.

— Chiefs 35, 49ers 28

Chad Hult, Eldon football coach: I think the Chiefs will be able to connect on a few big plays to score, while the 49ers will grind out some good drives. Andy Reid has a great record after an off-week so it's hard to bet against him in that situation.

— Chiefs 27, 49ers 24

Devin Johnson, School of the Osage football coach: In the NFL the game always seems to go down to the last couple of possessions, and I don't see this game being any different. The Chiefs are clicking defensively and have too many weapons on offense.

— Chiefs 31, 49ers 24

Shannon Jolley, Capital City football coach: I think the Chiefs will struggle early against San Francisco's defense! A comeback win vs. the 49ers is not likely. I love the fact that San Francisco is committed to running the rock!

— 49ers 31, Chiefs 28

Ted LePage, Blair Oaks football coach: In the Super Bowl, the No. 1 defense is 7-1 against No. 1 offenses. This year, the trend is broken, as special teams play will make the difference.

— Chiefs 31, 49ers 28

Tony Phillips, Jays basketball coach: Patrick Mahomes will rush for one TD and throw two more.

— Chiefs 24, 49ers 8

Joe Rothweiler, Helias boys basketball coach: Chiefs kick a field goal in the final seconds.

— Chiefs 38, 49ers 35

Roger VanDeZande, Russellville football coach: Pass interferece called early and often.

— Chiefs 31, 49ers 24

Darrin Young, Capital City boys basketball coach: I think the Chiefs' defense will cause the 49ers to go away from the game plan like they did the Titans. Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill will have some big catches, and the Chiefs will ride on a good second half.

— Chiefs 38, 49ers 31

Former News Tribune

Adam Burns: Ah, the thrill of the News Tribune picks. I think I remember how to do this. Or do I? Guess we'll find out. Anyhow, without further ado, my pick is the Chiefs, which I understand is a popular selection, given the Chiefs' proximity to the Capital City, their highly entertaining offense and just the idea of Andy Reid finally capturing the big one. But, even though Vegas has Patrick Mahomes' squad as a slight favorite, I'll admit I was tempted to pick the Chiefs in a landslide. However, whenever I behave as such it tends to go the wrong way for me, and given my current proximity to Arrowhead Stadium — nearly 20 miles — and my Chiefs bias, I'm not putting myself in that position this time. Did you need any more reason from me why I think the Chiefs will beat the 49ers? OK, fine, I'll spell it out for you: P-A-T-R-I-C-K M-A-H-O-M-E-S. It certainly should be a thrill.

— Chiefs 45, 49ers 38

Brandon Foster: It's been fun to see old-fashioned, smash-mouth teams like San Francisco and Tennessee zags while the rest of the league zigs toward college-style, pass-heavy attacks. This feels lke the ultimate matchup of those two approaches, Mahomes and Kelce wore Blues jerseys at the Stanley Cup Final, so I'm rolling with the Missouri boys.

— Chiefs 35, 49ers 27

Brent Foster: Chiefs fans have had their share of heartbreak in the last half century: The Lin Elliott Game, Grbac over Gannon, The No Punt Game, Dee Ford Offsides, the Indianapolis Meltdown. But this one just feels different. Behind the best player in the NFL, the Chiefs will put 50 years of frustration to bed.

— Chiefs 31, 49ers 26

Tony Hawley: There are only two ways I see the Super Bowl playing out, and being a Chiefs follower since becoming a Missouri resident roughly 30 years ago, I hope its scenario No. 2. The first possibility is the 49ers' vaunted defense does what I fear could happen and carries the day, winning a slugfest to the tune of something like 17-14. But what I'm hoping is the Chiefs' offense proves it's as transcendent as it's been at times and makes this one a laugher. That would give the Chiefs their first victory in the big game since Super Bowl IV, which took place exactly one week before I was born.

— Chiefs 45, 49ers 20

Andrew Hodgson: This one is truly a toss-up — the NFL's best player in Patrick Mahomes vs. the top-ranked defense in San Francisco. History says go with the defense — the Chiefs lost to the league's top-ranked Packers defense in Super Bowl I then rode its own No. 1 defense to a Super Bowl IV win, after all — and this year is no exception. Chiefs have the best player; 49ers have the best team.

— 49ers 28, Chiefs 24

David Owen: It's been a long time coming for Chiefs fans. I mean the Royals won two championships before the Chiefs ever made it back to the Super Bowl for cripes sakes. I was beginning to think the NBA would return to the city before the Chiefs ever lifted another Lombardi Trophy. Well, today may be the day that title drought is over. It's been great to see the state blanketed in red and gold — thanks Stan Kroenke. And even though I like the black and gold just a little bit more, any team that stops the 49ers from winning their sixth title is fine by me — we've already got one too many in that spot, albeit from spygate, deflategate, cheatgate or whatevergate. This should be a great Super Bowl but, for the love of God, no more State Farm ads. Looking into my crystal ball, I foresee a long run for the Chiefs and their fran-cheesy QB Ma-homie, but this will be the game where the Chiefs finally break through that brick wall that's been holding them back for the past 50 years. Yes, I can see it now, the Chiefs win their first Super Bowl since 1970 and Andy Reid sets the tone by busting through a fake brick wall in his bright red Chiefs gear while holding the Lombardi Trophy and says, "Oh Yeah!!!!!"

— Chiefs 31, 49ers 17

Adam Stillman: This is going to be the decade of Patrick Mahomes. Whether he's in the Drew Brees/Peyton Manning class or the Tom Brady class at the end of it will be determined by his number of Super Bowl rings. He gets off to a great start with a title in 2020.

— Chiefs 35, 49ers 31

Other media members

Ryan Boland, Fulton Sun sports editor: The Chiefs' dynamic offense will have its hands full with the 49ers' ferocious pass rush Sunday night in Miami. Still, head coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy will be creative enough with their playcalling to generate a plethora of points to bring Kansas City its second Super Bowl title, and first in 50 years. Being a Kansas City native, I had to endure a 30-year wait between World Series championships for the Royals. A half-century wait will end tonight.

— Chiefs 34, 49ers 27

Kevin Kelly, KWOS Radio: I was very impressed with the Chiefs defense vs. the run against Tennessee, especially Derrick Henry, The 49er defense won't be able to contain Kansas City offense for four quarters. Patrick Mahomes is the game's MVP.

— Chiefs 27, 49ers 21

Kevin Labotka, California Democrat sports editor: It will be a high-scoring game thanks to the two impressive offenses. But the 49ers have the better defense and it will be able to slow down the Chiefs' offense just enough to help the 49ers squeeze by for the win.

— 49ers 37, Chiefs 31

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