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Clayton Hill

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Has the News Tribune changed format from middle-of-the road, offend few and appease the Jefferson City establishment?

Saturday's editorial headlined "Our two cents" gave the city and CAMPO a back-handed compliment for efforts in the transportation arena, but in close it questioned priorities as to real needs, pointing out this city is not a biking community.

The editorial specifically details our many tax dollars spent on the Missouri River bike/pedestrian bridge and the many greenway projects. How much is too much of an emphasis on inter-connectivity of non-essential, nice-to-have paths, trails and sidewalks? Why is Jefferson City part of this tax-funded study or plan to somehow connect St. Martins, Wardsville, Lake Mykee/Holts Summit and Taos with this city?

This anticipated study to create a plan for interface of the area community's transportation, other than roadway improvements, is a waste of our taxes.

It is again just a method to satisfy the city's insatiable need to spend money on consultant-driven studies while shirking common sense studies by our already salaried employees.

I could in minutes come up with a dozen higher priority projects where this study cost could accomplish a real need instead of a plan in Utopian futility.

How about getting rid of the ugly and dangerous sidewalk situation that exists on the west side of the 600 block of Monroe Street? It has only existed ever since I can remember.

So, that the News Tribune questions city priorities is almost crazy — a certain shift from their normal.

The Tribune's use of FOIA to detail the recent CRT story is a fine example of this trend — more of it, and less of: School is starting; slow-down in school zones. Leaves are falling; don't blow them in the street, and winter weather is here; drive carefully in the snow. They asked for input; well, here is mine.

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