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Harold H. Horstmann


Dear Editor:

I'm writing in reference to a Washington Post commentary by Erik Wemple published Nov. 5 on page B3 of the News Tribune: "Newsmax forced to admit vaccines don't make you glow."

I refer to an LTE I wrote "Commentary bashing Trump is trash" published Oct. 26. By the inference that Newsmax — being a reputable news outlet, as is OAN — would as a company endorse such a premise is absurd! There are two statements in the article that would for any objective intelligent person, to immediately disregard this article as trash. "A tweet from Emerald Robinson, Newsmax's White House correspondent: 'Dear Christians: the vaccines contain a bioluminescent marker called LUCIFERASE so they can be tracked.' In advancing the bioluminescence claim, Robinson is following the grand tradition repeating garbage from social media." Shouldn't these two statements make it obvious to any legitimate responsible news organization that this whole story should be discounted as an attempt at a bad joke from a tweet and not in any way be taken seriously? Not for the fake news media!

It is more than obvious to me the News Tribune seems to be acting as an enabler for the leftist fake news Washington Post's editorials; the clear intent is to eliminate their conservative news competition. I wonder if in the future we'll be seeing a misleading derogatory commentary about Fox News by the Washington Post in the News Tribune.

Another absurdity: the News Tribune chooses an article with a picture as a part of a Nov. 7 page A14 "Not real news": "Despite false claims, LA mayor who tested positive had not received booster shot." Who cares?

What's happened to our newspaper? Just because the leftist AP and Washington Post use Twitter and Facebook for their "news" sources, why must we be subjected to such worthless information rather than real news as a part of our paid subscriptions!

What's happened to the concept of journalism being the voice of America with news being a service to citizens reporting on what may genuinely affect our lives? My answer: Our media has been taken over by the woke culture and the Marxist political ideology seemingly rampant in Washington, D.C.!

There is no way America can survive when the only information available to the citizenry is controlled by one ideology that enables a tyrannical government.

God save our precious Republic!

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