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David V. Awbrey

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Many of the conservative LTE writers constantly knock socialism and how it's bad. If you will bear with me as I write further, I define socialism as direct provision of services to its citizens.

Well, if that is the case, I can't think of a finer example than that of the U.S. Veterans Affairs. I have never been to a VA Center, but I have been told all of its employees are U.S. government employees and its facilities are U.S. owned and operated. I don't have a problem with the VA and the most likely wonderful service it provides. I wonder how many of the LTE writers are benefiting from this socialist service.

Before you blow your top, I am a veteran too and qualified to join a VFW but I never have. When I volunteered for the Army I didn't join to obtain socialist benefits from the VA, but I wanted to make a stand against communism. When I stared at those Russian tanks in East Berlin in January 1965 as we were taken for a tour through it, I realized that I and countless other Americans and Western Europeans were vitally needed but I will admit the relief I felt when we crossed back into West Berlin surrounded by all those Russian tanks and troops.

So for those other Americans who served, truly enjoy your socialist benefits, you earned them.

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