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Richard and Rita Rackers

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Once again, the leftist wordsmiths are trying to convince us that critical race theory (CRT) and 1619 Project curriculum is all about teaching our children to be critical thinkers. The July 13 News Tribune article reporting on the July 12 Jefferson City School Board meeting would lead you to believe parents are in lock-step support of "critical thinking" as the core reason for teaching about critical race theory. However, the two concepts are in total opposition to one another.

Critical thinking skills allow students to analyze information and make objective judgments. Critical race theory forces all analysis to look through the lens of racism and white supremacy. This does not lead to objective judgment due to the inherent biases of perceived racist attitudes of those involved in any action.

Critical thinking requires good communication among the interested parties. Critical race theory assumes all white people are racist oppressors of people of color due to the color of their skin, effectively stifling further conversation.

Critical thinking requires open-mindedness. Critical race theory requires admission of past guilt for "crimes against people of color," even though they may have occurred centuries before. Slavery was horrible, but it does not exist in the United States of America today — so let's move on and create an even better country without attributing the sins of the past to society today. As Superintendent Larry Linthicum promotes that we are "Stronger Together."

Critical thinking involves the gathering of factual information, not opinion or academic interpretation. Learn the facts about critical race theory, and how it is being used to promote hate and divisiveness between Americans of all colors.

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