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Bill Gerling

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Barack Obama met with Donald Trump within two days of his winning the election. Trump even mentioned that he was grateful for transition cooperation in his inaugural speech. Despite the closeness of the 2000 presidential election (537 votes) Al Gore conceded to Bush.

A national coalition of election experts including DHH Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency and National Association of Election Directors stated there is no evidence of votes being deleted or changed in Dominion machines. Edison Research, who Gateway Pundit and OANN credited with this lie, has refuted any claims that it produced a report on switching votes.

Dominion voting machines are used by 28 states including Missouri. The claim that they were programmed to flip votes from Trump is bogus. It has been discounted by mathematicians, election officials, and Trump's Department of Homeland Security. Shortly after Trump issued a false tweet about the machines cheating him, a coalition of election security officials issued a joint statement: "There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised."

It is not unusual for states to stop counting late at night with monitors leaving the counting room since results are not usually announced the next day. Fulton County, Georgia, allegedly didn't have monitors at one point but that was false as testified by election officials. In one claim that 21,000 deceased persons voted in Pennsylvania a judge ruled the list was inaccurate. The claim of "pristine ballots" was judged vague and broad and without proof.

The quote about Biden putting together a "fraud organization" was taken out of context for the benefit of Fox News listeners. Biden went on to say: "What the president (Trump) is trying to do is discourage people from voting by implying that their vote won't be counted, it can't be counted, we're going to challenge it and all these things."

Trump did not want vote by mail, although he voted by that method. He told people to vote in person instead of by mail during the worse pandemic in a 100 years. He didn't care about the risk people were taking which ultimately got him voted out of office. He cares for only himself but has convinced his loyal followers they are victims of cheating. Instead, he is trying to steal votes of the majority which has been affirmed by judges, election officials and governors.

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