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Dale Reichel,

California, Mo.

Dear Editor:

We have a "s---hole" economy, to use one of Sir Trump's phrases. Republicans are still complaining about spending and debt as usual. But this is the kind of economy they created, you know, supposed markets and the almighty capitalism.

I have said it before and I'll say it again — capitalism has to have big government to survive.

We have our seven-year or so recession, but this time, the "expected-unexpected" came along with COVID-19. Our great economic system tripped and fell over COVID.

"Not what your country can do for you, it's what you can do for your country" is being preached some places. That's fine if you can do it, but if you're unemployed or you're out of money all together, how do you do it?

When the U.S. economic system leaves you with $400 rent or higher, a $300 car payment or more, you have a child or children to feed, insurances to pay, etc., and no job, what do you do? Then unemployment runs out, too. If there is not a "handout," what do you do? Steal or be a prostitute?

If the handouts stop, then the economy stops and there goes our capitalist system.

Do you think it is time for those 650-plus billionaires to pay more taxes? They all got big tax cuts the last 15-20 years and other breaks.

Hey, what about pay cuts for you! Instead of $20 an hour, how about $8 an hour and those who make $10 an hour, how about they get $4 an hour. That would spur the business sector, wouldn't it! You can work six or seven days a week too, and no holidays either. Work, work, work!

You've still got a problem. How do you pay all those hundreds of dollars a month in bills you have? Live in a teepee and ride a bicycle. Riding a bike will help you lose weight and be healthier and save insurance companies and big pharma lots of money. They'll get wealthier. You do like making the top dogs wealthier, you usually vote Republican, most of you do.

You better line up for your handout, and keep that capitalist system afloat.

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