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Bill Meyer

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Today it seems that individuals cannot separate right from wrong. It is my opinion that this failure to acknowledge and actually achieve law and order will eventually result in a return to the 1800s style vigilante justice. So how can law and order be achieved when individuals cannot separate right from wrong?

For example, protests are constantly in the news. I fully believe in your right to protest all you want as long as you don't participate in violence or looting. However the moment any protest becomes violent all rights of said group to protest is revoked and marshal law shall be declared.

Once marshal law is declared all individuals identified as causing any injury to police officers, any property destruction or any looting of any type shall immediately be arrested. As no trial is necessary, said individuals shall then be given a choice of serving a minimum prison sentence of five years hard labor or immediately surrendering their United States citizenship, green card, or visa allowing them to be in the United States, and be deported.

Now we have law and order!

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