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Bert Dirschell


Dear Editor:

As I write this, Amy Coney Barrett is being grilled by senators. Randall E. Noel, chair of the ABA's Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary, who recently wrote, "A substantial majority of the Standing Committee determined that Judge Barrett is 'Well Qualified,' and a minority is of the opinion that she is 'Qualified' to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States."; the endorsement seems to have done little to allay the fears of Democrats.

Democrats seem terrified of the damage that might be wrought by a justice who believes that her personal views should not enter into her legal decisions, a justice who believes that our Constitution should mean what it meant to those who voted in favor of it and its amendments, a justice who believes that the legislative branch of government is responsible for making laws while the judicial branch responsible for rulings based on those laws. Shouldn't any rational person who had, or might have, the opportunity to vote in favor of a constitutional amendment expect that future justices would interpret the amendment to mean the same as it did to those who voted for it?

The opposition to Judge Barrett seems not to be centered on whether or not she might mis-apply the law; instead their fear seems focused on the fact that she might not let political correctness overrule the law. In cases where there is no applicable authority granted to the federal government by the Constitution, she might actually expect the legislative branch to pass a new law, or amendment. Is it such a novel idea that the federal court system isn't supposed to be in the law-making business?

Democrat's nightmares include the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the overturning of Obamacare. In that worst-case world states, and/or local government, would still have the authority to pass legislation restricting/allowing abortions. Our state and local legislators could pass laws providing as much "free health care to all," as state and local taxpayers were willing to fund.

Democrats hunger for a fascist federal government, one that dictates every nuance of how We the People live our lives. They believe that we are too ignorant to run our own lives and that our primary value is feeding the federal coffers.

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