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Kathy Sheridan

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Trump voters: I feel your pain. I do. You're feeling what many of us felt four years ago. Disbelief, anger, sadness, vain hopes that the Electoral College will save us. Some of us demanded recounts, suggested maleficence and voter fraud. It's Déj vu all over again. I take no pleasure in your pain, I'm just relieved the nightmare is almost over.

The problem is the voters he swore to protect and serve. He belittled, bullied and made up petty names for anyone who disagreed with him. We don't accept this from middle school children, but it's A-OK with the leader of the free world. He "owned the Libs." He made no attempt to reach out to anyone beyond his base. His popularity never reached 50 percent. What did you really expect?

Both candidates received more votes than any previous candidate. He revved up the entire electorate. People who have been disinterested took part in the process. Take that as a win.

Now is the time to put aside your grief and disbelief and accept defeat. It's time to give Biden a chance. It's time for Trump to put on his big boy pants and accept that he is a loser. An impeached loser. He gets to carry that for the rest of his life. I would hope he would follow the example of all past presidents and let his successor prepare. Unfortunately, he is too small to do that. His father raised him on the mantra that if you aren't a winner, you're nothing. He can't accept that. He will continue to lie and bluster, trying to turn us against each other. He is showing you his character. Believe him.

I also remember Sept. 12, 2001, when we flew flags and linked arms as Americans against a yet unknown enemy. I hope we're able to find that patriotism again.

Let me close with some encouragement: You'll be okay. Four years is not so long, though it may seem like it. I prayed, journaled, practiced gratitude, took anti-depressants and kept scrapbooks of the horror, and I made it. Accept the painful reality, and find a way to soothe yourself. You are stronger than you think. We're here for you. I'd actually like to discuss politics again without all the anger. We have a lot to learn from each other if we'll just open our minds and engage in dialogue.

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