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Mark Bruenger Sr.

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Obama did not take our guns, i.e., steal the guns of free citizens, because of heroic efforts of gun owners to defend the rights of gun owners. The premise that because Obama was not a gun grabber, so Biden will not be one either is a case where the premise and conclusion are light years apart. Democrats lie about their true intentions to confiscate guns because armed free citizens will be the only challengers left that can resist their power-mad desire to rule. Their decades-long agenda is slowly rising from their cesspool of communist beliefs, and the fix is in with a totally biased media hiding their agenda.

Our Founding Fathers knew about kingdoms, tyrannies, dictatorships, despotism, autocracy, undemocratic rule, reign of terror and oppression. Citizens were not citizens but slaves, serfs, subjects, at best, but still not possessing any personal rights and freedoms. Biden recently insulted every American when he stated, "We did not need to know about his views on Supreme Court packing." Did you slaves and serfs not pick up on that quote? Gee, no outrage from mainstream liars?

We free citizens in a free country operating of our own free will need means to defend our freedoms from any tyrannical government that exceeded its authority. Many idiots have claimed the Founding Fathers would not have envisioned a gun like an AR-15. The Founding Fathers would because they were great followers of science and knew advances would be made to advance civilization including items of self-defense equivalent to what a government possessed. They would want to provide free citizens with what would be provided to government henchmen, obviously Democrats, so tyranny can be defeated if conservatives even lost sight of the danger when a singular propaganda media was melded to a political party. Of course, an absurdly fallacious argument has been proposed by idiots that free citizens fighting oppression would need nukes to have equal force against a tyrannical government is just a fallacy of argumentum ad absurdum, an exaggeration to nullify the need for easy availability of AR-15 type firearms.

Ballot count cheating has already been proven. Hand recounts and ballot machine counter programming reviews will change the presidential vote winner from Biden to Trump using honest and integrous procedures.

The mainstream lying media and Democrats are in lockstep silence about such matters as always.

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