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Mike Barnhill


Dear Editor:

Dear Sens. Blunt and Hawley:

I have written to you on several occasions but often haven't been able to get a handle on your reply. Please answer this basic question with a "yes" or "no." The situation followed by the question. President Trump has been quoted as saying, "I'm smarter than all the generals." He has recently been quoted as saying, "I'm smarter than all the scientists and doctors." This week he wanted Attorney General Barr to investigate Joe Biden and "lock him up." The question is "Do you agree with President Trump's statements?" Again a simple "yes" or "no" will do.

I'm going to generalize with my own statement, "I'm afraid the majority of Republican senators are fearful of the wrath of President Trump if they express any view contrary to his own. Perhaps fearful of President Trump turning on them and directing words like they've heard directed at his foes which are "lock him up." Please again, a simple "yes" or "no" will do. But if you want to clarify why you stated "yes" or "no," please feel free to do so. Thank you, Mike Barnhill.

This is a message I sent to Sens. Blunt and Hawley. I wonder what the result (provided they reply) will be? I promise to pass the information along as soon as I receive a reply.

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