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Forbes: "Fireworks Conspiracies Explode As NYC Launches Task Force To Look Into Blasts." The Mary Sue: "Mystery Fireworks Continue to Befuddle Sleep-Deprived Nation." The Washington Post: "Who will solve the great fireworks mystery, and will we ever sleep again?"

Newspapers across the country are wondering: What's up with all the fireworks? As we approach the Fourth of July, it's normal to hear the "bombs bursting in air." But this many, this early? That's not normal.

We've seen it in and around Jefferson City as well. On Saturday night, a phenomenal display came from around the Wardsville area. Since then, we've heard multiple displays that sounded like they came from within the city.

Naturally, people are seeking meaning in the phenomenon. And naturally, speculation has gravitated from bored teenagers to conspiracy theories. Are the fireworks a political statement? Do they have something to do with the Black Lives Matter movement? Are they protests against the movement? Are they being done by military/police to try to rattle us, perhaps conducting psy-ops experiments? Or are they demonstrations against authorities?

We suspect the wiz-bangs that we've been hearing are neither being done by authorities or being done against authorities.

We'd like to believe they're being done by patriots — people who are proud of their country and who believe that, despite our faults, we live in the best country in the world.

Also, after being cooped up for several months because of a bug too small to see, we're reopening our state and country. That's cause for celebration — and caution.

It's cause for caution in two different ways: We haven't yet beaten the virus, and we need to be careful with the fireworks.

Social distancing, masks and testing will help defeat the virus.

As for the fireworks, follow the law and be respectful to your neighbors. Among other things, that means not lighting fireworks in city limits and lighting them during daylight hours.

Otherwise, let's celebrate our country's freedom and our new-found freedom from self-isolation. Light 'em if you got 'em.

News Tribune

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