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Don Fleener

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

After watching all of the destruction of statues and violence in an effort to destroy history, I am seeing a repeat of the discourse that led to the Civil War. By erasing our history, it will be easier to try and destroy the United States of America and the promise that it holds.

By educating our children about history and trying to make this country a more perfect union should be our goal. Not condoning the actions of the past but learning from it so we don't make the same mistakes again. In America we learn from our failures and try to correct them.

It seems to me that we are having a rebellion in the streets to tear down the government of the United States just as the Confederates did during the Civil War. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in her speech wants to dismantle the United States. Is she wishing for the United States to emulate her home country of Somalia? After listening to the Black Lives Matter spokesman saying that he will tear the system down is his organization trying to improve the lives of his people or just advocating for a socialist society where everyone is equally poor.

Peaceful protest is a hallmark of our country. It should always be protected by law enforcement. When protests turn to violence, a line has been crossed from protest to rebellion against the laws enacted by the vote of the people through their elected officials. Elected officials who refuse to adjudicate and support the police in enforcing the laws are in dereliction of their duties.

If city officials make laws in their jurisdictions that weaken the safety of its citizens those citizens have only four courses of action. Vote those officials out of office, leave those cities for ones that have law and order, arm themselves to protect their families and property, or become victims. The last two options are harmful to people of low income that have limited choices. Are the officials in these cities really looking out for the poor with their policies? What is their motivation?

We the people of this country are going to have a choice in a few months. Will we chose leaders that will support the laws of this country that lead to peace and security or chaos? Will we chose a socialist or a capitalist country. The choice is up to us.

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