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Wanda Roam

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

The fact that President Trump made an executive decision as commander in chief to take out one of the most dangerous terrorists from Iran to protect our military forces in the middle east and our embassies is exactly what I would expect our president to do. The armchair quarterbacking and second guessing of the Congress and the mainstream media is truly disgusting. To hear their lamentations and caterwauling, you would think that Iran and their terrorist thugs were their best friends forever.

At first it was prophesied that President Trump would be a dangerous warmonger, and when he has shown restraint and used pressuring sanctions rather than military action, he is accused of having no strategy or end-goal in mind. He's repeatedly said he does not want war and wants to live at peace with other countries and wants America to be treated with respect. He is a mover and shaker who is used to getting things done and fighting back when someone picks a fight. I don't agree with the name calling, but the constant lies and accusations being thrown at him from liberals in congress and their allies in the media and Hollywood would wear any normal person slick. Can you blame him for not sharing national security information with this corrupt and leaking Congress who would take every opportunity to thwart his efforts? Every single one of these people should be voted out of office and term limits imposed. There are politicians who have served their whole career in DC and are so indebted to special interest groups who pad their nests that they are in a panic because of the swamp-draining President Trump has promised.

The hatred from the liberals and the constant condemnation of President Trump's motives or actions is exhausting and dangerous for the security of our country. They are placing us into the hands of our enemies who want to divide and conquer or destroy us. Everything President Trump has done is because of his love for our country and frustration with what he has watched our politicians do for years to weaken our freedoms and prosperity.

It's time for Americans to come together for the good of our country and the future of our children. Even if you dislike POTUS, pray for him so that we can live peaceful lives. That is what God commands us to do. Obey God!

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