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Mike Barnhill


Dear Editor:

President Donald J. Trump has a foreign policy philosophy that some compare to a "bull in a china closet." If there was any concern as to threats posed to Americans across the world, these concerns are now confirmed with the death of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Soleimani is reported to be the "gangster leader" of Iran's Military Guard and responsible for hundreds of deaths to American troops who served in Iraq and Syria. The attack and killing of Soleimani was intended to close the lid on terrorist activities throughout the Middle East, but it may have just created a metaphor called "Pandora's box," where the solving of one problem creates yet another.

I once taught as a substitute a fifth-grade American History class at Southern Boone School District. The assignment was for each student to read aloud one page about the American Civil War. The assignment completed left 20 minutes with no suggested guidance. So I improvised by asking the class, "What are your ideas on solving the Syrian civil war?

The hands waving with an answer were numerous. The first to answer was a male who suggested, "First thing we must do is impeach Obama." My first impulse was the young boy probably didn't even understand what impeachment involved. But may have been an answer he heard at home.

The second to answer the question of solving the Syrian civil war was another young man who was very brief and to the point, "Nuke them all." I wonder where he got that idea? Possibly watching too many Rambo movies.

The third and final answer to the question posed before time ran out was a young lady. She suggested this as a solution. "I'm afraid to do anything that jeopardizes American troops if sent to Syria. We'll probably kill or hurt people who are from surrounding countries or have relatives living in Syria. Then we make more enemies to fight. I'd stay out of Syria."

There you have three suggestions for improving America's foreign policy. One idea is a change in leadership. Another is to waste the entire country and to believe as many troops in the Vietnam War did, "Nuke'em all and let God sort them out." The last one is an interesting one. Do we attempt to change the course of history or allow it to unfold before our very eyes?

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