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Mike Barnhill


Dear Editor:

The "Trump Party" avoided another meltdown due to the assistance of the Republican Party's dominance in the Senate. How many more times Trump will receive a "free pass" in his responsibility as president of the U.S. remains to be seen. Because of this most recent travesty of justice and fairness (it was once called democracy) we must wait and see if wrong doing will continue up to and after the 2020 election. Many Republican senators felt Trump had committed an error (some said a crime) but it wasn't considered great enough to warrant Trump forced from office. One can only wonder, "What will?"

Many in the "Trump Party" forget they won the 2016 electoral vote, but lost the popular vote by 2.8 million. The states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania were responsible for the electoral vote win. But even those three states were very close to going with Hillary Clinton. Many felt Hillary had the election sewn up and didn't show up to vote. Figure in the "We need a change and clean up the swamp" voters not voting for Trump makes for an exciting race in 2020. Exciting enough to cover your odds of losing by starting an investigation of a rival with no intention of actually doing so. Just the rumors like those used against Clinton seem to do the trick.

It seems we have four political parties in America. 1) The Independents who actually measure the ability of the candidates and vote accordingly. 2) The Democrats who are considered the most optimistic of the four due to views like national health care and climate change. 3) The Republicans are the "watchdogs" of America always keeping the Democrats from increasing the national debt (which Trump has increased significantly) and telling the Democrats "that bill is too optimistic and doesn't fit our nation's needs." 4) Trump Party.

The Trump Party always believes their ideas are superior to everyone else's and use every means in the books to keep the leadership positions in the Supreme Court, Senate majority, House majority and all positions of governing importance. Lower taxation to keep the voters happy and ignore paying down the national debt. Tell voters anything they want to hear to gain their trust and vote. Always blame the other party for any failures and never take responsibility for anything like foreign intervention in an election or rigging a 2020 election.

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