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Donovan O. Dean

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

I am an American, not a Ukrainian, nor a Russian, nor am I Chinese. I am an American citizen. I am a patriot. I believe in the Constitution. I believe in the voting booth. I no longer believe that Donald Trump is fit for office.

His insistence in seeking foreign help in his campaign is wrong. He narrowly avoided punishment for his involvement in the last election. He was involved, he was not found innocent, quite the contrary. Despite the fact he escaped indictment he did not learn anything. He is a defiant, recalcitrant child continually pushing the boundaries of acceptable behavior. My problem, and it should be yours as well, is he is hurting the United States Constitution.

He solicited help from Ukraine. Today, in a rerun of 2015, he stood and requested China to get involved in our election. Our elections should be sacred. Our elections should be American elections, only open to American citizens and not manipulated by off shore innuendo or fictions.

If you continue to support his attack on fair elections by not standing up to a weak man who wants to undermine democracy, then I cannot support you. I believe in the Republican Party but I do not believe in foreign interference in our elections, nor do I support a man who grovels at the feet of foreign leaders, begging for help.

It is time you speak out against requesting foreign assistance by leading the fight to restore faith in our elections. Stand up against the monumental breech of constitutional ideals that Mr. Trump refuses to accept.

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