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Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

When law enforcement arrests any suspect for any crime, that person is given their Miranda rights. That provides that they have a right to a lawyer, do not have to answer questions without the presence of a lawyer and if they can't afford one, one will be provided. That is unless you are Trump, and then the Democrats will not let you have a lawyer present, get to curtail your witnesses and can stop the witness from answering any question. This is the sham of the impeachment hearing that Democrats are currently conducting.

Now, the habitual liar, Adam Schiff, put out a statement that the corruption in Ukraine can't be discussed as it relates to the Bidens during the 2016 election. That is what the call was about and oh, you can't call the whistleblower, Ciaramella, or Hunter Biden. What country do we live in? Maybe Schiff doesn't want people knowing he has a Ukrainian operative that has funded his re-election campaigns in California.

We know that, from the day of the inauguration, Democrats have been out to impeach Trump. There is no doubt that with fourth-person hearsay and perceived understandings they concocted, Trump committed a crime and the House will vote to impeach him. They could do that if they felt he ate the wrong food, because they have a majority in the House. However, when it reaches the Senate, McConnell could vote to stop it immediately or have a long drawn-out trial that would require the Democratic senatorial presidential candidates to return to D.C. and be present. Pelosi did not think this one out! What the Dems wanted was to damage the reputation of the president to win the 2020 election. We remember how Harry Reid in 2012 said Romney "hadn't paid taxes for 10 years." When questioned after the election about the lie, Reid said "Democrats won, didn't we?" The end always justifies the means, doesn't matter if it is lies, slander or a concocted story.

The truth never gets out to the people of this country. It is just like the days of Hitler when Jews were told they were going to "work factories." George Soros' goal to destroy this country is nearing as we watch the killing of the minds of our youth with indoctrination, vaping and drugs, removing history and constitutional rights.

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