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Wanda Roam

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Our country is headed in a very dangerous direction if this deranged tunnel-vision of the Democrat-controlled House is not stopped. It is apparent that from the day of President Donald Trump's fair election by the American voters and immediately after his inauguration, a plot to remove him was being contrived by those on the left. The DNC and Hillary Clinton's campaign used foreign influence through the fake Russian dossier to create an illusion that Trump somehow colluded with Russia to take the election from Hillary.

After nearly three years, and Adam Schiff stating he had irrefutable evidence hiding in plain sight that Trump was guilty of collusion, that all suddenly vanished into thin air never to be brought back up, but immediately obstruction of justice became an issue. It's hard to obstruct justice when there was no case in the first place. Nineteen minutes after President Trump's inauguration the Washington Post stated "The Campaign to Impeach President Trump Has Begun." This campaign is in full swing and there is an obsessive-compulsive agenda to find something — anything to divide and deceive the country into believing their repeated talking points, "quid pro quo," "digging up dirt on a political opponent," "unconstitutional actions," etc.

The push to impeach the president has required the full focus of the House and Speaker Pelosi to herd cats by appeasing AOC's Anti-American, Anti-Jewish Squad along with the other Dems and their easily influenced audience by the cloned and repeated mainstream media talking points.

Adam Schiff is determined to make a total fool of himself and divide this country regardless of the harm it causes. Schiff recruited and coached the so-called whistleblower who is being represented by attorneys who worked for former National Intelligence Director Clapper, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton and are known anti-Trumpers. When Schiff read before Congress from President Trump and President Zelensky's phone call transcript, he intentionally added and changed the wording to lead the American people to believe he was actually reading word for word their conversation, in hopes that we would accept his lies and not check for ourselves. He didn't admit this farce until he was challenged by congressman Mark Meadows. Then he sheepishly excused his outright lie by calling it a parody as if he was on a SNL show.

We need the light of truth to shine in. Prayer warriors must pray.

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