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Steven Brown

Holts Summit

Dear Editor:

I’ve tried to not become one of the usual suspects submitting editorials but the word smithy Tony Smith finally pushed my last button on Nov. 3.

Let’s begin with his Oct. 20 LTE. “Public sentiment is shifting decisively against President Trump.” Simply not true when it comes to his performance and impeachment. “He is a classic bully. That inspires and amuses millions of supporters. Do they teach their children these traits?” Yes. I taught my children to defend themselves and that is what President Trump is doing. Yes, that does inspire me.

Has the president, Smith said “reached extreme levels of violating our Constitution, the rule of law and the public trust.” Yet to be proven and you saying it definitely does not make it true. But you are right about the election coming. It will be for the soul of America.

On Oct. 24, Smith says “An accidental and illegitimate president, Trump is at war with all parts of the government.” There you go again; calling the election illegitimate is pure ignorance and a lie. FYI Mr. Smith, we are a Republic and we have a Constitution which demands for the Electoral College to be the deciding factor when it comes to the president. Mr. Trump won overwhelmingly. At odds with the government is aka draining the swamp. That’s another reason he won.

Now we come to Nov. 3. “He says the Constitution and rule of law are phony. His cult accepts everything he says or thinks.” Really? He said that? Look in the mirror, Mr. Smith. As far as your references to Russia, Syria, and Turkey as they were involved in the killing of al-Baghdadi you must be incredibly naive or just deliberately miss leading not to understand we had to fly through their airspace and we needed them to stand down their air defenses. No, al-Baghdadi did not target America, he raped and killed Americans.

I certainly don’t agree with all President Trump says, but I sure like the results. I’ll be voting for him in 2020. God bless America and Semper Fidelis.

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