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Chris Kramer

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

There's a blue uprising happening in Central Missouri. Democrats, Independents and even some Republicans who value national security and the rule of law are gathering and organizing in numbers not seen in years. They are determined to stop the attacks on our society and our democracy. They are driven by two major concerns which are shared by millions of Americans.

The first concern is the clear and present danger the GOP poses to American national security, due to the party and its leaders having gone "all-in" with Putin and other anti-democratic criminal dictators who are undermining our nation, often with GOP complicity. The GOP love-fest for our enemies who financially or politically benefit the Trumps and the GOP is greatly endangering our national security. Patriotic Americans are determined to stop these insider attacks.

The second concern is the broad attacks on voting, women's and other rights and the blatant lies told by the GOP at the state and national levels. These lies and attacks have galvanized those who value truth and human rights. They are building a network of candidates to take Missouri and the country out of the hands of those who are deliberately destroying democracy.

And women are leading the charge. In 2020, there are some extremely impressive women on the ballot. Their experience and abilities make them outstanding candidates for state and federal office.

One is the daughter of an Army soldier, a sales manager and has been a dedicated political and community service volunteer for many years. She is running to help Missourians who have been left behind while special interests have been enriched, and those whose rights are under attack from the Republican supermajority. Another candidate is the spouse of an active duty servicemember and a lawyer who has over 1,000 hours of pro bono legal work for those in need. She has worked on behalf of veterans and survivors of domestic violence.

These women are seeking to eliminate the rampant corruption and secrecy at the state and federal levels. They are leading the way toward transparent and honest governments which will work for the people rather than ignoring or working against the people.

They will be reaching out to voters from now until Election Day 2020, and while they have very clear goals in mind, they want to know what is on voters' minds. Let them know what you think.

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