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Nelson Otto

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

I think Mr. O’Mara missed the point of my last LTE. My point was how someone could be scientifically accurate, truthful yet be completely dishonest. Mr. O’Mara’s letter gives a prime example itself by stating the release of CO2 and other gases heat up water. Yes it does, during combustion but I’m sure that isn’t the message he was trying to portray. “Global warming.” Another fine example is his statement on rust, yes all rust is corrosion but all corrosion is not rust. Other metals, alloys, ceramics and polymers (which is also referred to as degradation) also corrode.

I cannot believe that Mr. O’Mara has never heard of “watering down drinks” before. It is considered fraud and is illegal. I think the way the law reads is if you put water in the bottle of alcohol it is a crime but you can mix it in a glass.

Pulmonary edema is fluid in the lungs, not blood. According to one article warning about swimming, when even a small amount of water is inhaled it will sometimes irritate the lungs and cause them to create their own fluid. One could die up to six hours after swimming. So it is a good thing Mr. O’Mara didn’t go swimming.

Water has the ability to function as both an acid and a base. If water accepts a proton it becomes what in chemistry textbooks is call a Brønsted-Lowry base. If water gives up a proton it becomes what is known as a Brønsted-Lowry acid. The list of scientific terms I used in my last letter are used to describe water starting with the scientific names of when it acts like a base and as you go through the list then the names describe water when acts as an acid.

I wouldn’t recommend Mr. O’Mara sit behind his car breathing in the exhaust, not because of the CO2 but because of CO which is carbon monoxide, which is toxic. You can search on line for a CO2 detector for your home but you will be hard press to find one as they only sell CO detectors. Why? oh yeah, CO2 is harmless unless it is in extreme concentrations. Which if I remember correctly I described those conditions in another LTE.

As one can clearly see, one can be scientifically accurate, truthful but completely dishonest.

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