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The City Council on Monday will review a demolition contract to remove four dangerous buildings around East Capitol Avenue.

Council members will review a $147,609 contract with Mid Missouri Earth Movers for the demolition of vacant residences. The properties up for discussion are 410 E. Hess Way, 320 E. Miller St., 417 E. Capitol Ave. and 528 E. Capitol Ave/202 Marshall St.

The City Council approved an additional $300,000 for demolitions in July, but the amount of the contract means it needs City Council approval.

Building Inspector Dave Helmick said the city has demolished three properties using the funds so far and, if approved, the contract would add four more.

When the additional funding passed, Helmick said it would likely cover eight to 10 demolitions.

He plans to bid one more set of properties with the money, which would bring that total to nine.

“Something could happen in the meantime and a large structure could require something,” Helmick said. “Then at that point it might only end up being eight.”

Last year, the average of all city demolitions cost around $21.50 per square foot — and closer to $30 per square foot if it was a wet demolition, Helmick said.

Wet demolitions reduce dust and help control potential exposure to asbestos.

The bid includes a cost breakdown for each property:

• 410 E. Hess Way: $10,371

• 320 E. Miller St.: $21,870

• 417 E. Capitol Ave.: $64,710

• 528 E. Capitol Ave./202 Marshall St.: $53,670. The two addresses share one corner parcel.

Helmick said 410 E. Hess Way is a complete loss due to fire. It is uninhabitable and structurally compromised.

At 320 E. Miller Street, he said, the building’s west wall is failing due to roof failure.

“That is next to occupied structures,” Helmick said. “So, we want that removed so it doesn’t come down on its own.”

The property at 417 E. Capitol Ave. went on the list of dangerous buildings at the beginning of July due to the June storms, which caused the center of the roof to collapse and the remaining roof to shift. The Jefferson City Housing Authority filed an eminent domain lawsuit in July, which includes the property.

The final property, 528 E. Capitol Ave./202 Marshall St., was already uninhabitable before the 2019 tornado due to roof issues, trash and unsanitary conditions.

“But after the tornado and due to a lack of upkeep, there are large holes now in the roof and through the ceilings into the floors, which are causing the interior of the structure to be compromised,” Helmick said.

City staff is requesting a suspension of the rules so council can vote on the topic during Monday’s meeting rather than wait another two weeks.

Helmick said that is because of the condition of 417 E. Capitol Ave. Since the June storms, the roof has continued sliding and that’s causing internal damage.

“You can see on one side the roof is now hanging out about a foot and a half to two feet on the one side and two and a half feet or so on the other side,” he said. “With it being a wet demo as well as we get into fall, we’re going to start fighting weather and that roof is not going to be able to withstand any kind of snow load or high wind load. So, it’s essential that we get it down as soon as possible.”

That is the only wet demolition on the list.

Bills introduced

• Amend the 2021 budget to recognize hail damage insurance in the amount of $102,160 to go into the park fund.

• Amend the 2021 budget to recognize the sale of the Washington Park cell tower for $934,612 to go into the park fund.

• Authorize a $57,162 grant agreement with the Missouri Department of Transportation for the Jefferson City Memorial Airport.

• Authorize a $158,825 construction contract with Clean Infusion LLC for replacement diffusers at the regional water reclamation facility.

Bills pending

• A $35,176 agreement with JCW Boonville Properties LLC for the elimination of the Westport pump station.

• Approve a potential conveyance of East Miller Park for the expansion of the Jefferson City National Cemetery. The conveyance would need approval by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and the offer would expire after two years.

• A $389,631 construction contract with SAK Construction LLC for a pipe-lining project.

• Amend the budget to include an additional Neighborhood Services specialist position within the Department of Planning and Protective Services to assist with the increase in federal funding.

• Amend the city code to allow the city administrator to have more real estate purchasing authority.

• Authorize an agreement with Ameren Missouri for street lighting.

• Amend city code to include the offense of second-degree trespassing to align with state law.

• Amend the personnel policy for standby pay to reflect approved funding requests in the 2022 city budget.

• Authorize an agreement with Midwest ATC Services for air traffic control services from Jan. 1, 2021, through March 31, 2021.

• Authorize a $62,910 construction contract with SLV Roofing for roof replacement at the salt shed at Hyde Park and the Pavitt Building at Jefferson City Memorial Airport. It would also approve the use of insurance money for part of the work and general fund money for the remaining expense.


• Authorize the extension of a memorandum of agreement with Cole County EMS.

• Authorize United Healthcare and Berkley Accident and Health to provide group health insurance for city employees.

• Authorize Principal for group dental insurance for city employees.

How to participate

The City Council will meet in person 6 p.m. Monday, but will have a virtual option due to COVID-19 and social- distancing recommendations.

Community members can attend the meeting at the council chambers in City Hall, 320 E. McCarty St., or view the meeting live via the city’s YouTube page.

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