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Getting Thrifty

by Makenna Tourville | May 17, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.
Finding great pieces is accessible with local thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Encore Vintage, Shop Girl and J Street Vintage that offer second-hand finds from apparel to home decor and furniture (Photo/Dominic Asel).

Rolling your shopping cart down the narrow aisles adorned with garments sorted by color and tiny knick-knacks sitting on shelves is part of the thrifting journey. The musty smell of a thrift store and scouring through a mess of clutter is also part of the thrifting experience that deters some, but the silver lining is the treasure trove of unique finds that entices thrifters. Only at the thrift store can you find a brand new pair of Stan Smith sneakers for $14 or a $5 pair of Levi’s that fit like a glove. 

Finding great pieces is accessible with local thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Encore Vintage, Shop Girl and J Street Vintage that offer second-hand finds from apparel to home decor and furniture. These shops have attracted many people from out of town and dubbed Jefferson City as ‘one of the best places to thrift.’ Tori Stiers, a native of Fulton and owner of Cherry Gloss Thrifts, recommends Jefferson City’s Goodwill as the ultimate thrift haven. She found that most people choose to donate to this location leading to a constant rotation of inventory. 

Over the years, thrifting has grown in popularity, and it is now a trend to own second-hand items. Benefits like finding a unique piece or purchasing at a great price point have helped position thrifting into the light. It has now transformed into a thrift culture — it’s considered a fun activity or a means for resellers to find and flip an item for profit. Participating in thrift culture is more than searching for the best deal or brand names. It requires an open mind, patience and creativity. When thrifting in Jefferson City, “I recommend getting to the store as soon as they open to beat the crowd,” Stiers said. Because most thrift stores restock throughout the day, she also loves to skim through the new racks as soon as they hit the sales floor. 

Thrift for home

Thrift shopping has been long associated with updating your wardrobe, but the thrift store can be the perfect spot to find home decor. Looking to spruce up your bedroom or redecorate to land in the pages of Architectural Digest? The thrift store has a variety of one-of-a-kind gems that can work with any budget and transform a space. Here are some second-hand finds HER recommends grabbing that will complete any space.

Kitchenware is one of the easiest items to thrift, such as dishes, glassware or pots and pans. This section is the best area to find vintage plates, mugs or bowls that add a unique touch to a kitchen. Compared to purchasing kitchenware at retail price, buying these items second-hand offers a great price point.

A must-shop area when redecorating is the wall art area. Paintings, photographs and mirrors are easy to find and perfect for filling up a blank space on a wall. If you already have a picture that needs a frame, thrifting a frame is a budget-friendly option. 

Trinket dishes, candle stick holders, books and more act as little personal touches to bring a space to life. The thrift store houses so many knick-knacks and trinkets that can be frequently swapped out for a new look when changing the theme of a room.  

The furniture section of a thrift store can be a hit or miss depending on the day and what’s in stock but chairs seem to be a great find when spotted. A chair seems like a random item to search for, however, if you are in the market for one, the local thrift store may have one in an interesting style or shape. One of the unique facets of thrifting is being able to stumble upon an item from an entirely different decade that is no longer being produced. Vintage items like these are a timestamp of history with a unique appearance.


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