Style at Home: Seasonal bedding roundup

Both feminine and masculine tones were at play in this bedding design. (Provided photo/TNS)

Many hands make for light work. That's what they say, anyway. For the last three weeks, it's been an all-hands-on-deck situation resetting after the holidays. Although I can't exactly say it's been light work -- this year featured more Christmas looks than we've ever done before. But our team is fantastic. Everybody pitched in, and the shop is finally looking fresh, bright, and ready for the new year.

As we transition, I thought it would be a great time to share some beautiful beds from the season. Here is a collection of some of my recent favorites.

Sophisticated floral


Escaping the world to fall face-first into sophisticated florals has perhaps never been more appealing than with this bed.

The back of this reversible duvet features a creamy fabric with coral tape trim, a minimal ying to the maximalist yang of the botanical print on the other side. Decorative throw pillows in the same moody brown and taupe colorway complement the fiery tones found in the duvet, a windowpane plaid and animal print lending a masculine edge to the design. The pop of red is carried through the design with the duvet trim and cut velvet bolster.

Designer showcase stunner

This beautiful bed was designed to be featured in the primary bedroom of the 2022 Symphony Designer Showhouse in Kansas City, Missouri. The house was a remarkable Tudor style home, and the bedroom featured impressive architectural features like exposed beams and vaulted ceilings.

Red and blue are such a stunning combination, we knew it would be the perfect cornerstone to our New Traditional design. Here, another sophisticated floral ties together cranberry windowpane and navy Greek key fabrics, with tape trims adding a dash of sparkle to solid navy and greige textiles.

A romantic pastoral toile

Pastoral black-and-white toile fabric used on the duvet was the inspiration for this bedding design. This look hit the floor this winter, but black and white is a classic that fits year-round. We looked hard, and it took us a while to find a black-and-white toile with a French influence that we loved, and I fell head over heels with this particular design. Another thing to love? This pastoral toile also comes in a soft green and blue. All three are classic, romantic and beautiful!

For this look, we paired our custom bedding components with ready-made items such as Bergen euro shams and matching Bergen coverlet. Using both custom and machine-washable ready-made items can prove both budget and family-friendly. Buffalo check and gingham are preppy and whimsical additions to this bedscape, seen in the pillows and on the back of the reversible duvet.

Plaid: a winter classic

We're mad for plaid and perfectly obsessed with this posh-meets-preppy bedscape. We featured this cheery plaid look right before the holidays. But like we mentioned a few weeks ago, plaid has staying power well beyond the Christmas season.

We found plaid to be the perfect addition to this monogrammed design, giving this bed a certain relaxed sophistication. I love that we followed through with the same tartan used in the pillows for a throw as well. Black-and-white gingham and a neutral ticking stripe add a cozy and casual look to the space, reverberating with old-world charm.

Adapted from Katie Laughridge is the owner of Kansas City interior design destination Nell Hill's. For more information, contact Katie at

photo The pillow combination on this designer showcase bed is a stunning mix of color and texture. (Provided photo/TNS)
photo This stunning bed was designed to be featured in the primary bedroom of the 2022 Symphony Designer Showhouse in Kansas City, Missouri. (Provided photo/TNS)
photo Both plaid and monogramming are at work in this preppy design. (Provided photo/TNS)
photo This bedding design proves the timelessness of black and white. (Provided photo/TNS)
photo Monograms, gingham and toile are the perfect New Traditional combination. (Provided photo/TNS)
photo Texture is at play in this design, from the pillows and throw to the detailing on the duvet. (Provided photo/TNS)
photo This sophisticated floral bed quickly became a fall favorite. (Provided photo/TNS)
photo The combination of red and blue is the cornerstone of this New Traditional design. (Provided photo/TNS)