Local couple to release children’s book with AI illustrations

"Calvin The Coolest President" by Austin Petersen and Stephanie Petersen.
"Calvin The Coolest President" by Austin Petersen and Stephanie Petersen.

A Jefferson City couple is releasing their first children's book.

The unique twist? All the illustrations in their book was created using artificial intelligence.

"Calvin the Coolest President" is a revolutionary children's book by award-winning broadcaster Austin Petersen and licensed therapist Stephanie Petersen.

This children's biography follows the life and career of Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States, that is told in a fun and engaging manner.

Paired with the exciting story is the creative aspect of the use of artificial intelligence for creation of the illustrations.

With the Petersen's use of cutting-edge technology, they've produced an educational and entertaining book for young readers. With the rise in popularity surrounding AI, the Petersens decided to use it in a fresh way to produce works of art for their new book.

Following Coolidge's life and career, this book walks children through what made him different from other presidents and why he may be forgotten by many.

In a press release, authors Austin and Stephanie said: "'Silent Cal,' as he was known, has many lessons to teach young people about leadership, humility and being a boss without being bossy."

The Petersens are well known throughout the Jefferson City area for their commitment to entrepreneurship and creativity.

"Calvin the Coolest President" is now available for sale on Amazon Kindle and as a paperback on Amazon.com.