Lutz elected Moniteau County presiding commissioner

Joe Lutz
Joe Lutz

More than half of Moniteau County's registered voters turned out at the polls Tuesday.

Tipton Mayor Joe Lutz, a Republican, won the race for Moniteau County presiding commissioner against opponent Charlie Roll, a Democrat. As presiding commissioner, Lutz is now tasked with management of the area's finances and administration.

The race was the only contested one in the county. Lutz won 3,898 (76.9 percent) votes against Roll's 1,171 votes (23.1 percent).

"It's always gratifying," Lutz said, "that if you put a lot of work into (the campaign), it pays off."

A key issue for Lutz was addressing the lack of economic growth in Moniteau County as well as ensuring growth moving forward. He has said he would focus on expansion and development through available grant money.

"Grants that are out there now -- they're giving money away by the wheelbarrow full, basically, but you've got to do the paperwork," Lutz said. "We have places in this county that will be able to get grant money for their roads, for their sewers, etc. And we want to make sure that it's our tax money, whether you like it or not. I want to get as much money as I can get for our community if it's out there. Let's get it."

He said he'd like to have a more cohesive and comprehensive plan on what the county is planning on doing and making sure that the public is aware of it.

Lutz will vacate the position of mayor on Dec. 31, with Tipton's mayor pro tem taking over.

Other contested races on the ballot include:

• U.S. Senate -- Republican Eric Schmitt received 3,903 votes (76.11 percent), Democrat Judy Busch Valentine received 1,088 votes (21.22 percent), Libertarian Jonathan Dine received 95 votes (1.85 percent) and Constitution Paul Venable received 42 votes (0.82 percent).

• State auditor -- Republican Scott Fitzpatrick received 4,127 votes (81.18 percent), Democrat Alan Green received 793 votes (15.6 percent) and Libertarian John A. Hartwing Jr. received 164 votes (3.23 percent).

• Congress, 3rd District -- Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer received 4,264 votes (83.38 percent) and Democrat Bethany Mann received 850 votes (16.62 percent).

• Supreme Court Judge Zel Fischer received 3,418 yes votes (76.43 percent) and 1,054 no votes (23.57 percent); Supreme Court Judge Robin Ransom received 3,300 yes votes (75.24 percent) and 1,086 no votes (24.76 percent); Western District Appeals Judge Alock Ahuja received 2,970 yes votes (67.75 percent) and 1,414 no votes (32.25 percent); Western District Appeals Judge Karen Mitchell received 3,161 yes votes (72.80 percent) and 1,181 no votes (27.20 percent); Western District Appeals Judge Mark Pfeiffer received 3,177 yes votes (73.29 percent) and 1,158 no votes (26.71 percent); and Western District Appeals Judge Doug Thomson received 3,279 yes votes (75.17 percent) and 1,083 no votes (61.88 percent).

Vote totals for uncontested candidates were: Republican incumbent Willard Haley, 4,501 votes, for House District 58; Republican incumbent Mike Bernskoetter, 4,501 votes, for Senate District 6; Republican incumbent Kenny Hayden, 4,441 votes, for 26th Circuit judge, Division 2; Republican incumbent Aaron J. Martin, 4,509 votes, for associate circuit judge; Republican incumbent Roberta Elliot, 4,641 votes, for county clerk; Republican incumbent Mandy Burger, 4,597 votes, for clerk of the circuit court and ex officio recorder of deeds; Republican incumbent Sarah Jones, 4,557 votes, for county treasurer; Republican incumbent Derik T. Kinde, 4,470 votes, for prosecuting attorney; and Republican incumbent Ellen A. Ash, 4,587 votes, for collector of revenue.

County votes on issues:

• Constitutional Amendment 1 received 1,838 yes votes (38.12 percent) and 2,984 no votes (61.88 percent).

• Constitutional Amendment 3 received 1,819 yes votes (35.72 percent) and 3,273 no votes (64.28 percent).

• Constitutional Amendment 4 received 3,008 yes votes (61.05 percent) and 1,919 no votes (38.95 percent).

• Constitutional Amendment 5 received 3,131 yes votes (63.65 percent) and 1,788 no votes (36.35 percent).

• Constitutional Convention received 1,510 yes votes (30.96 percent) and 3,365 no votes (69.04 percent).

• Cole R-1 School Proposition K.I.D.S received 175 yes votes (69.44) and 77 no votes (30.56 percent).

All results are unofficial.