Callaway County leans Republican in midterms

A "vote here" sign is seen Nov. 8, 2022, outside First Baptist Church in Fulton. (Anakin Bush/Fulton Sun photo)
A "vote here" sign is seen Nov. 8, 2022, outside First Baptist Church in Fulton. (Anakin Bush/Fulton Sun photo)

The 2022 general election results for Callaway County saw strong Republican support, with just over half of the registered voters going to the polls.

Callaway County has 29,567 registered voters, and 15,162 ballots (51.28 percent) were cast Tuesday across 28 precincts.

For United States senator, Republican Eric Schmitt received the majority vote. He got 9,907 votes (66.06 percent). Coming in second was Trudy Busch Valentine, who received 4,616 votes (30.78 percent).

For Disctrict 10 state senator, Travis Fitzwater won the county. He received 11,182 votes (76.88 percent), while his Libertarian opponent Catherine Dreher received 3,321 votes (22.83 percent).

The race for District 43 state representative was uncontested with Republican Kent Haden being the sole candidate. He received 1,755 votes (98.45 percent).

Republican candidate Jim Schulte was elected District 49 state representative. He received 9,263 votes (71.61 percent). Democratic nominee Jessica Slisz received 3,666 votes (28.34 percent).

For the U.S. Congress District 3 seat, Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer won Callaway County with 10,930 votes (73.05 percent). Bethany Mann, Democrat, received 4,015 votes (26.83 percent).

The following are the results of uncontested races:

• Circuit Judge Circuit 13 Division 2, Democrat Jeff Harris with 9,751 votes (92.88 percent).

• Associate Circuit Judge Division 6, Republican Christopher Wilson with 12,435 votes (97.96 percent).

• Associate Circuit Judge Division 7, Republican Sue Crane with 12,550 votes (98.32 percent).

• Presiding Commissioner, Republican Gary Jungermann with 12,465 votes (98.01 percent).

• Clerk of the County Commission, Republican Ronda Miller with 12,792 votes (98.60 percent).

• Clerk of the Circuit Court, Republican Megan Morse with 12,503 votes (98.59 percent).

• Recorder of Deeds, Republican Christine Kleindienst with 12,530 votes (98.58 percent).

• Prosecuting Attorney, Republican Ben Miller with 12,329 votes (98.25 percent).

• Collector of Revenue, Republican Sarah Gladman with 12,490 votes (98.70 percent).

• County Auditor, Republican Rylee Page with 12,458 votes (98.66 percent).

Callaway County voted yes on all questions of judges.

Callaway County voted "no" on Constitutional Amendment 1. "No" received 8,167 votes (57.28 percent), while "yes" received 6,090 votes (42.72 percent). Constitutional Amendment 3 was also voted "no," with 7,882 votes (52.81 percent) for "no" and 7,043 votes (47.19 percent) for "yes."

Constitutional Amendment 4 received a "yes" vote for Callaway County. "Yes" received 9,569 votes (65.92 percent), and "no" received 4,947 votes (34.08 percent) . Constitutional Amendment 6 also received a "yes" vote. "Yes" received 9,317 votes (64.26 percent), and "no" received 5,183 votes (35.74 percent).

For the question of Constitutional Convention, 9,865 (68.73 percent) votes were given for no. 4,488 (31.27 percent) votes were cast for yes.