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Your Opinion: Insane funding for Ukraine

May 22, 2022 at 3:50 a.m.

Wanda Roam

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

How can RINO Mitch McConnell stand with a straight face and say the most important thing to the American people is the war in Ukraine. I beg to differ. Yes, the incursion into Ukraine by Russia is a concerning issue as well as the mass lockdown of citizens in Shanghai with no access to food or medical attention, so they are starving to death. There are many atrocities going on around the world, but America cannot solve every nation's issues. However, the obsession with Russia is very telling. I've said it before and I will say it again, if the media and the leftists are losing their minds over every move of Russia, or blaming everything that goes wrong on Russia, it tells me they have something to hide and are afraid that Russia will expose them or stop them from accomplishing their goals. The insane amount of funding going to Ukraine needs to be used here for American families first. They are creating a food shortage and baby formula shortage for American citizens, yet they are providing pallets of baby formula to the illegals coming across the southern border.

Where is this administration and our Congress's concern for their constituents and the struggles we are dealing with just to make it through and hopefully put gas in our cars and food on our tables? When there's more concern with helping another country and putting that as our priority, that's called America last, not what President Trump was consistently doing by putting America first.

Now this illegitimate administration is planning to relinquish our healthcare decisions to the WHO, which will have the authority to lock us down and impose all sorts of mandates that we cannot oppose. This is exactly what the leftists have planned for decades: a new world order. Just as Klaus Schwab stated, "You will own nothing, and be happy."

Every concerned American citizen must get involved and crash your senator's and congressman's websites with your emails and phone calls. There's not much time left before this bumbling puppet in the White House accomplishes the agenda of the man behind the curtain, and we are no longer the United States of America but part of the One World Government. This is not conspiracy, it's happening now. Please God, wake up the clueless and intervene on our behalf. Reveal your power and glory!


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