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FROM HER: Move in your own way

by Molly Morris | May 18, 2022 at 10:06 a.m.

More than exercise, movement can take on so many different forms and can be tailored to your personality and goals.

It’s not about getting swimsuit-ready or just physically moving yourself to a new location — your movement of choice is a lifestyle, one you build and grow because it’s important to your mental well-being. 

Take Angela Nale, the Lady Nightmare Rugby Club coach; she’s an avid exerciser and athlete off the pitch. She does it not to be skinny but to be strong. Strength builds confidence, which is what she preaches to her high school players. 

Other athletic endeavors are more about the socialization, which is what prompted Connie Bond to join a ladies golf league after her husband died several years ago. Being active with others can create companionship. 

For members of the women’s self-defense class at HerronBJJ, martial arts training gives them a sense of preparedness and hope if danger comes their way.

Movement can also be a source of artistic expression; check out the graceful, gravity-defying images inside from the aerial silks program at Capital City Cheer if you don’t believe me. Instructor Crissy Langhammer describes the act as flying “without actually breaking the laws of physics,” and it’s gorgeous.

Speaking of flying, female flight instructors Lea Komaromi and Gabrielle Gibson are no strangers to the sky. The freedom, peace and adrenaline rush of being airborne has led these two young women to a career path moving through the clouds. 

How do you like to move? 

For me, nothing clears the chaos of my mind more than a walk through the woods, looking up at all the trees that have existed before me and will continue to grow long after I stop. It’s humbling and beautiful. 

For you, maybe it’s a long car ride down country roads or a Wii Sports tennis simulation video game. 

Whatever your preference, keep moving. It’s good for the soul and so much more.

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Molly Morris is the editor of HER Magazine. You can reach her at [email protected] 


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