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Your Opinion: Blair Oaks allows boy to use girls’ restrooms

May 11, 2022 at 3:50 a.m.

Your Opinion:

Frederick Forck


Dear Editor:

At the Blair Oaks schools in Wardsville, biological males are allowed to use the restrooms of biological females. This permission was granted by the school board through Policy 2115, Transgender Students, in November 2020 (last revision). (

The agenda for the Nov. 10, 2020, meeting in which this was approved, did not apprise district tax payers and voters that the "Transgender" issue would be discussed, but merely stated "Review/Approve Revisions to Board Policies and Regulations." There was no mention of "Policy 2115" specifically or of "Transgender Students" specifically.

The minutes of that meeting also avoided using the term "Transgender" and merely stated "Motion by Jason Paulsmeyer seconded by Doug Moeller to approve the following revised Board Policies and Regulations: Policy 2115..." The following Blair Oaks School Board members voted in favor of boys using girls' restrooms: Nicki Russell, Doug Moeller, John Weber, Dale Verslues, and Jason Paulsmeyer (the current board president). Four of these people are still on the board.

In contrast, none of the following schools have a policy that allows a boy to use the restroom of a girl: Jefferson City Public Schools, Fatima (Westphalia) and the School of the Osage.

School officials said this allowance is to comply with Title IX. However, Title IX does not contain any language requiring boys to be allowed to use girls' restrooms. One school board member referenced "Case Law" which may set a precedent in a state like California, but would not withstand a court challenge in rural mid-Missouri.

So, if you are a female or someone taking care of a little girl, be aware your privacy or the privacy of a little female child using a restroom labelled "Girls/Women" may be invaded by a biological male at any of the Blair Oaks schools or activities at any time as the biological male pleases. And the Blair Oaks School Board has absolutely no problem with that -- it was a unanimous vote.

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