Add some fun to your holiday party with games

Holiday bingo is one of the most popular holiday activities. (Dreamstime/TNS)
Holiday bingo is one of the most popular holiday activities. (Dreamstime/TNS)

Looking for some fun activities for your holiday party? You can't go wrong with classics like Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble, of course. Even a deck of cards can lead to hours of family fun.

But if you're looking for something a little different, consider these six delightful holiday games. Apart from the drinking game, they're perfect for nearly all ages. And they'll all leave your guests remembering your fabulous Christmas party for years to come.

Emoji Movie Game

This game is perfect for parties with kids. Just pass out the game cards and get to work guessing the holiday movie titles represented by the emojis. Play for points, and let the winner decide which of the holiday favorites you watch first. has the details and downloadable, printable game sheets.

Holiday Bingo

Holiday bingo boards make the most of just about any holiday activity. Whether you're watching a movie or eating dinner, these custom holiday bingo cards turn everything into a game.

Getting a perfect holiday bingo board is easy. Just log in to Pinterest and print away!

Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game

There are quite a few versions of this now-popular game floating around the internet. Hallmark movies are perfect for drinking games as they tend to follow similar themes and include common tropes. Just be sure to drink responsibly -- and make sure you've downloaded Uber before you start!

Candy Canes

Every played spoons? Well, the raucous game is just as fun -- though perhaps not as noisy -- when played with candy canes. All you need is some candy canes, a deck of cards and 4-8 players ready for a good time.

Blindfolded Wrapping

All you need for this hilarious game is a table of precut wrapping paper, tape, bows and boxes (big or small). Players are blindfolded, then asked to wrap one of the boxes. Best wrapped present wins.

You can use empty boxes, or fill them with party favors.

Murder Mystery

Masters of Mystery recently released their Christmas Mashup Murder mystery game. It's the ultimate holiday-themed whodunit. The game is available in English, French and German for 4-20 players.

To purchase the game, visit