DSS director still being overpaid

Second payments came under scrutiny in February budget hearing

Despite his pledge to end a practice of accepting salary deposits from two departments, the director of the Missouri Department of Social Services has continued to receive the double payments.

On Thursday, DSS Director Steve Corsi said he discovered Wednesday the payments continued and immediately went to his agency's human resources department and asked they correct the issue.

During budget hearings in early February, Corsi's unusual salary arrangement came under scrutiny. It was revealed in the hearing that Corsi receives a salary of $128,244 per year from his department. But he also received $13,756 from the Department of Health and Senior Services, making the total $142,000 annually.

Gov. Eric Greitens' administration briefly defended the arrangement, then about a day later announced it had ended the practice, according to media reports.

At that time, Corsi said he would not accept any more compensation from the second department. However, the Missouri Accountability Portal shows he continues to receive payments from Health and Senior Services. On Feb. 28, he received $573.17.

"I should really track my money better," he said Thursday. "Yesterday, I asked my wife how much my pay went down. She said, 'Your pay hasn't gone down.' I went into HR and said we've got a problem."

Corsi confirmed he said he would no longer take the extra pay.

"I didn't want to distract from our mission," he said.

Corsi said he spoke with Penny Schrock, manager of human resources at his department. Schrock, Corsi said, had reached out to Health and Senior Services on Wednesday to remind them they were supposed to stop making the additional payments.

Thus far this year, he has received $2,292.68 from Health and Senior Services.

"What they'll do is take the money out of my next check," Corsi said.

The News Tribune reached out to Schrock for confirmation of Corsi's explanation, but has not received replies.