A sampling of comments about Greitens, House report

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Gov. Eric Greitens continues to proclaim his innocence of criminal charges lodged against him in St. Louis, and that the Missouri House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight's report, released Wednesday, is incomplete and contains false information.

But the governor continues to face calls for his resignation or impeachment.

Here's a sampling of some of the things Mid-Missouri politicians, and others, have said in the past couple of days:

State Sen. Mike Kehoe, R-Jefferson City: "The contents of this (House) report are disturbing and disgusting, particularly as the father of three daughters. The governor has lost the moral authority and the ability to lead the state going forward.

"Should the governor choose not to resign, I am persuaded that he has not only burned bridges, he has blown them up to where it will be impossible for him to effectively lead the state going forward."

State Sen. Jeanie Riddle, R-Mokane: "I feel deep sadness for all the families involved.

"If he will not testify under oath (to the House committee) for his own defense to counter these charges of moral turpitude and prove his innocence, he should immediately resign (or) the House of Representatives should proceed with impeachment for the good of our state and our principles."

Rep. Mike Bernskoetter, R-Jefferson City: "The Governor, of course, deserves his day in court. However, I believe he lacks the moral authority and political ability to continue to lead our state.

"For the sake of his family, our state, and our moral values, I am calling on Gov. Greitens to resign immediately (or) I will join my House colleagues in taking the necessary actions to put an end to this terrible situation."

Rep. Don Phillips, R-Kimberling City, and vice-chair of the House committee: "The report released Wednesday reflects the thorough examination each committee member took in determining the validity of the facts of Gov. Greitens' conduct.

"The transcripts show that members did not just accept testimony as fact, but cross-examined witnesses, at times repeatedly and persistently, to ensure that what was reported to the House was indeed deemed accurate.

"In signing my name to the report, I did so with confidence that the committee diligently sought the truth, invested great consideration of the testimony we heard, and that the report was factual and credible."

Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis: "Gov. Greitens has to go. He is not the victim in this case, and his contention otherwise is not only a cheap attempt to switch the narrative, but also pathetic and offensive to real victims.

"Missourians thought they voted for a person of character and integrity, and instead they got a man who has compromised the integrity of the governor's office."

GOP Sens. Rob Schaaf, St. Joseph; Doug Libla, Poplar Bluff; and Gary Romine, Ste. Genevieve, in a letter to President Donald Trump: "Mr. President, we ask you to please join us in asking Gov. Greitens to step down. There is a crisis here in Missouri, and it is just possible, even likely, that if you do so, it might save Missouri from months of pain and shame dealing with all this."

The Women's Foundation, Kansas City: "This has nothing to do with politics; it's about sending a message to all women that sexual abuse won't be tolerated, that victims will be believed, and that the era of impunity is over.

"As an organization dedicated to promoting equity and opportunity for all women, we urge the governor to step aside for the good of the state, the victim, and everyone affected."

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