Your Opinion: Much about Prop. B remains unsaid

Dear Editor:

I do realize that not everyone is capable of reading between the lines. That is why I have carried on this campaign against Prop. B for almost a year now.

There was so much about the dogbreed industry and the Humane Society of the United States that was not being said. If voters took Prop. B at its written word they missed the whole story and could not have made an informed vote.

I have said this over and over - HSUS is not a humane organization - they are professional fundraisers who play on voters emotions to raise money to put all animal raisers out of business. From dog breeders to pork producers and everything in between, they want us out of business regardless of the consequences and that includes euthanizing thousands of dogs.

I would like to remind Judy Baumgartner that in her very first letter to the editor, she vilified all dog breeders with more than 10 females and several others also have lambasted the dog breed industry without regard to good breeders or bad breeders. So those people shouldn't act like they are innocently being attacked. You should be able to take as well as you give.

Our legislators are not ignoring the vote of the people; they just recognize a bad piece of legislation and are trying to deal with it.

If these supporters really believe that by forcing dog breeders into a corner and putting them in a position of putting sown their dogs is a good deed I'd hate to see what they consider depravity.

Their misunderstanding of this Prop. B issue does give us agribusiness people a little insight into what we will incur when HSUS comes back to Missouri.

It these supporters are so easily swayed by emotional television ads they will never get animal agriculture either until it is too late.

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