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Recording shows heated call between governor candidates

An audio recording has captured a heated phone call between two Republican candidates for Missouri governor.

Louisiana picks Democrat as next governor, rejecting Vitter

Democrat John Bel Edwards won the runoff election for Louisiana governor Saturday, defeating the once-heavy favorite, Republican David Vitter, and handing the Democrats their first statewide victory since 2008.

Democrats push to prevent gun sales to those on terror list

People on the U.S. government’s terrorist watch list can’t board commercial airliners, but they can walk into a gun store and legally buy pistols and powerful military-style rifles.

GOP candidates to Nixon: Say No to Syrian refugees

Republicans say Nixon should block Syrian refugees without federal security clearances; Governor agrees state's security is vital.

Terrorism takes center stage at Democratic debate

A day after deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, Hillary Rodham Clinton cast herself as the country's strongest commander in chief in a scary world, even as she defended her own role in the rise of Islamic militants.

Clinton's mixing of 9/11 and Wall Street raises ire

Hillary Rodham Clinton defended her campaign contributions from Wall Street by invoking her work to help the financial sector rebuild after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, raising eyebrows among her Democratic challengers and Republicans alike.

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Hosting 'SNL,' Donald Trump fends off mock heckler

Donald Trump hadn't gotten far into his opening monologue before trouble occurred. An off-screen heckler interrupted with a cry of "You're a racist!"

Clinton and Sanders disagree over changes in marijuana laws

The Democratic primary candidates are disagreeing over changes in marijuana laws as they campaign in South Carolina.

Plan to limit Missouri GOP governor’s debates falls through

A Republican Party attempt to limit the number of debates in Missouri’s gubernatorial primary has fallen through because not all candidates agreed to the plan.

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Trump’s unorthodox campaign takes new twist on ‘SNL’

Donald Trump’s unorthodox campaign for president will take another unusual step this weekend when he takes a break from typical campaigning to host “Saturday Night Live.”

Day-after-Thanksgiving declared state holiday

Gov. Jay Nixon issued an executive order to close state offices.

Christie, Huckabee relegated to undercard at next GOP debate

Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee have been bumped from the main stage at next week’s GOP presidential debate, while George Pataki and Lindsey Graham have been cut from the lineup altogether.

Missouri Gov. Nixon backs Clinton bid for presidency

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon says he's backing fellow Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton's run for president.

Carson tells AP: Seventh-day Adventism is right for him

As his surge in heavily evangelical Iowa puts a spotlight on his faith, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is opening up about his membership in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He embraces it as right for him while also framing his beliefs in broad terms that aim to transcend divisions among Christians.

GOP suspends partnership with NBC News for February debate

Still annoyed by CNBC’s handling of this week’s presidential debate, the Republican National Committee said Friday it was suspending its partnership with NBC News and its properties on a primary debate scheduled for February.