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Your Opinion: Response to Sullivan

Your Opinion: Response to Sullivan

March 14th, 2019 in Opinion

Nelson Otto

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

When reading letters to the editor from climate alarmists it’s like rereading the News Tribune archives. It is the same thing just a different date. Ms. Sullivan’s letter of March 7 is a fine example. Once again bringing up the kids suing the government over climate change, the problem is most aren’t kids anymore.

What Ms. Sullivan doesn’t mention is how the group Citizens Climate Lobby and this group of kids are connected. Dr. James Hansen, former director of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the one who was reported as committing ethics violations by accepting and not disclosing $1.6 million of gifts, paid travel and other benefits from climate groups while being the head of NASA, is an advisory board member of Citizens Climate Lobby. Dr. Hansen’s granddaughter, Sophie, is one of the students suing the government. In fact Dr. Hansen was listed as the plaintiff for the children.

Alarmists always tried to say that realists were in collusion with big oil companies, but now we can see how the alarmist groups are actually connected and apart of the same central group of people. The reason for this is to create perception that there are more people or organizations that believe in man-made global warming, and more who want the tax dividend than there actually are. This tactic was mentioned in one of the videos. The idea is to surround realists with enough alarmists and then the herd mentality will take over and the target will capitulate to be accepted by the social group. Although I don’t think they give much credit to their fellow man. I don’t think a group that uses such techniques and use children and fear is a very moral group.

To show how far alarmists will go, a teacher taught her class that they only have 12 years left and took them to Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office to push for the Green New Deal. I must admit I was impressed with Feinstein’s response, but then again anyone with a modicum of good sense knows the Green New Deal is an idiotic disaster. While kids becoming politically active does have an “aw” factor, the reality is we shouldn’t be making policy based on kids who have been scared into believing their world is coming to an end. Time for mature level heads to take back the country and make policies based on fact.