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Your Opinion: Trump’s actions speak louder than words

Your Opinion: Trump’s actions speak louder than words

February 9th, 2019 in Opinion

Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Many recent LTEs have criticized Trump’s words, but there’s an old saying that actions speak louder than words. In Trump’s SOTU speech the stark contrast between the two parties was clearly revealed. It’s up to citizens to decide which party’s ideas are better.

Two short years after the Obama administration’s disastrous policies of over-taxing and regulating that increased unemployment, food stamp recipients and poverty, Trump’s conservative principles have produced a historic surge in economic growth. Hidden by the leftist press are Trump’s accomplishments: 5.3 million jobs, 600,000 manufacturing jobs, lifting 5 million off food stamps and having the lowest unemployment for blacks, Hispanics, Asians, women, the disabled in 50 years, with 157 million working. Question: should Democrats bring this prosperity to a screeching halt with Socialistic laws? All Dems, talk about raising taxes for government control over health care (Medicare for All), businesses (guaranteed wages) education (free tuition) green energy ($7 trillion expense). Do we wisely live free or under government control and massive debt?

Trump renegotiated NAFTA requiring Mexico and Canada to purchase auto parts and agricultural products that took America from a $1.6 billion trade deficit to a $70 billion trade surplus, which pays for border protection. No Socialism here! In renegotiating NATO other nations now pay $100 billion for their defense. Trump has stopped North Korea missile testing for 15 months, placed tough sanctions on China, Iran and pulled out of the Iran deal and INF with Russia (they violated for 10 years) to renegotiate and make America stronger economically and militarily. Pulling out of the Paris Hoax Accord saved $100 billion yearly! His goals: a peaceful world through strength, border protection, infrastructure, intellectual property protection, lowering drug and medical costs, research to fight diseases and protect viable children from late and post term abortions. America desires greatness not gridlock!

Guests at the SOTU exhibited America’s successes in liberating Europe, reaching the moon, blacks freed by Trumps’ new disparity in criminal sentencing law, a human trafficker police, a survivor of Dachau’s death camp, all that put America first over themselves. Trump asks wealthy Democrats who hide behind gates and guards to stand for protecting Americans by building border barriers that prevent the heartache of the 4,000 Angel families. Give up your socialistic power dreams of open borders and illegal voting and remember your oath to protect Americans from dangers both foreign and domestic.