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Your Opinion: Response to Schramm

Your Opinion: Response to Schramm

April 11th, 2019 in Opinion

Response to Schramm

Harold Horstmann


Dear Editor:

I’m writing to respond to Mr. Schramm’s response to my letter published 3/31/19 headlined ‘Don’t ditch Electoral College.’

As with virtually all liberals, Mr. Schramm uses innuendo as their only argument in any debate. Mr. Schramm quoted my “numbers appeared to be a little high.” Rather than check facts, Mr. Schramm, as with virtually all liberal Democrats and mainstream media, make unsubstantiated statements such as this to attempt to discredit their opponent’s credibility. For those who use facts to establish truth, the following website information will document the accuracy of my information: Table 4a. Reported Voting and Registration of the Citizen Voting-Age Population, for States: November 2016. Also to verify the individual state’s usual political party voting record the following New York Times article will provide that information: ‘Presidential Election Results: Donald J. Trump Wins’ (

The Electoral College was created to protect all state’s rights to representation. In our Founding Fathers day, the population was centered on the East Coast. Without the Electoral College, the western, less-densely populated states would have had virtually no voice. We now have the same situation except it now includes the west coast states. To prove this point, I ask the question: How many presidential candidates would campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire to establish their credibility as a legitimate candidate with no Electoral College? The answer is none; why should they!

Mr. Schramm, we live in the United States of America with a Constitution, created to protect state’s rights so as not to be ignored in preference to mob rule. Eliminating the Electoral College gives a green light to the biggest and loudest mob voice to influence presidential elections. Without the Electoral College, any conservative candidate would have to put up with a Kavanaugh, Roy Moore or Trump type of unrelenting abuse such that they wouldn’t have a chance of winning. Of course that’s just one part of the Democrat playbook to wrest socialistic control of our nation just like fighting voter ID laws and giving felons, illegal immigrants and 16-year-olds’ voting rights.

God bless and protect our precious Republic!

Response to Haslag

Steven C. Brown

Holts Summit

Dear Editor:

Robert Haslag’s Socialist Democratic talking points brought forth in the St. Pat’s day editorial may explain why I wait for breakfast before celebrating (wink wink).

The fact that Michael Cohen and Snopes are used as sources of information speaks volumes about Mr. Haslag. Neither is credible and both have been proven so. Implying President Trump “hates England, France, Germany, Japan and most of our allies” is laughable. I thought liberals understood “paying your fair share,” which is what President Trump has requested that they do. But then, for your crowd Mr. Haslag, America first is distasteful.

Let me leave Mr. Haslag and his ilk with these thoughts. Unlike Obama, President Trump’s decisions have not led directly to the deaths of Americans as Obama did in Benghazi. I won’t bring up Bergdahl or Manning (both traitors) that Obama embraced.

I personally don’t approve of what President Trump says, but I do care about the country, not political power. Obama said a poor economy is now the new normal. President Trump has proven him wrong. God bless America.

Indoor public pool needed

Barbara A. Hill

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Why doesn’t Jefferson City have even one public indoor pool? With millions being spent on parks ($36,000,000 on just one), you’d think we might have a public pool for year-round recreation!

Our SOMO Aquatics athletes must travel to California, Missouri, to practice. Not even Lincoln University has an indoor pool.

Just think of the great swimmers we will never know we had!