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Your Opinion: Say ‘no’ to Kavanaugh

Your Opinion: Say ‘no’ to Kavanaugh

September 14th, 2018 in Opinion

Linda Wenzlick

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

While I was in route to responding to a letter on Justice Kennedy’s replacement, Mr. Luetkemeyer gave me a whole new reason to write. Our representative reminded us of the duty of presidents to fill vacancies on the court, as though he needs to teach us about civics. We are all too painfully aware of how this works and how the GOP will stop at nothing to get what it wants. Remember when President Obama appointed someone to the court and Republicans would not hold hearings or a vote on Justice Garland, a GOP recommendation? Please! Just how stupid does Mr. Luetkemeyer think we are?

Mr. Kavanaugh is being nominated because he won’t hold Mr. Trump responsible for any laws he’s broken, and he has told us so in his writings. Representative Luetkemeyer blathered on about how Justice Kavanaugh is just what we need, his extensive qualifications, how objective he’ll be, and on and on. Who’s falling for that? Kavanaugh has been a loyal Republican foot soldier for forever. Mr. Luetkemeyer slammed Democratic senators for tough questions but, frankly, they were the only ones holding Kavanaugh’s feet to the fire. This isn’t the playground. Shouldn’t we expect tough investigating for an office with a lifetime appointment, whose decisions will affect generations?

Kavanaugh is anything but objective as his writings have shown. While he told senators that Row v. Wade was settled law, his writings state just the opposite, saying that he is ready and able to be a part of its undoing. He has told us that he thinks birth control is unconstitutional. I’m not sure but I suspect many Republican families were very surprised to discover that news. Other memos and writings show his penchant for racial profiling, his support for torture, and outright lies he told during his original hearings for the appellate court, as documented in papers from the Bush presidential library. This is just plain wrong!

I am also troubled by this effort being made by Americans for Prosperity to have Kavanaugh tour the country in a big campaign style bus with his name plastered all over the sides, making stops here and there so Americans could “get to know him.” When before has this been done for a SCOTUS appointment? This is no altruistic measure but rather some folks expecting a return on their investment.

Senators, say no to Kavanaugh!