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Your Opinion: Democrat, Communist beliefs too similar

Your Opinion: Democrat, Communist beliefs too similar

March 13th, 2018 by Mark Bruenger, Jefferson City in Opinion

Dear Editor:

For those of you who only have a superficial knowledge of America and the Communist Party USA history, such usually fallback on the McCarthy crutch when USA Communists and supposedly USA Democrats are being discussed and unmasked.

I will now list some of Vladimir Lenin beliefs and compare same to Democrats belief systems.

1. A lie told often enough becomes the truth. 2. The goal of socialism is communism. 3. World peace will happen when there is world communism. (Peace for opponents of communism and Islam are the same. Peace means opponents are "peacefully in the ground." Totalitarian ideologies have the same goal.) 4. Atheism is the religion of communism. 5. Media shall engage in propaganda, agitation and collective organization of the masses. 6. Propagandize children for a few years and they will be communists for life. (Unless rational thought breaks through the brainwashing barrier.) 7. Liberty is very precious, so it must be strictly rationed. 8. We must use language so the masses hate, scorn and revulsed about any opponents. 9. Destroy the family and you will destroy the country. 10. Use a generated or expedient cause as a pretext to register all firearms. The ultimate goal is total confiscation of firearms that will leave the populace defenseless against the dictatorial government. (Lenin forgot to add the last four words, so I helped.)

Now the comparison:

1. Democrat/media coverage of Trump (check). 2. Campus Democrats. (check). 3. The pseudo religion for Democrats. (check), (World peace is so noble and produces so many fanatics.) 4. Democrats full assault on Christianity/Christians (check). 5. (check x 3). 6. PC teaching (check). 7. Dems believe rights for them but not for thee (check). 8. Another check x 3. 9. Gay marriage, transgenderism, no right or wrong, etc. (check x 5). 10. Talk about a timely Lenin and Democrat lock stepped belief system situation (check)

Isn't it amazing how so many Democrat beliefs and policies match Lenin's beliefs. The now dead and pickled Lenin is worshiped in place of atheism by fellow travelers.

Before the presidential elections Comey spoke about the litany of federal felonies Hillary committed then just dismissed same because her lack of intent. The laws Hillary broke do not contain exemptions for intent. DOJ needs to simply enforce the laws Democrats break before the next ice age.

Democrats are a danger to the Republic.