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Your Opinion: An axe in the hands of a madman

Your Opinion: An axe in the hands of a madman

June 27th, 2018 by Milton Garber, Jefferson City in Opinion

Dear Editor:

"Hey, Hey, Hey Donald J./How many kids have you grabbed today? — Reminiscent of a Vietnam War era chant, that could be the chant of protesters today.

At the instance of President Trump, government officials are grabbing children at the U.S. border, including infants and toddlers, and forcibly separating them from their parents, many of whom are trying illegally to enter this country. The Trump Administration excuses their barbaric conduct by saying they are just enforcing the law against illegal immigration. Well, yes they are enforcing the law, but in the least humane way imaginable.

Trump has implied, without directly saying so, that if the Democrats in Congress will vote to fund his wall he will release the children. Many of these children, and there are around 2,000 of them so far, are being held in large metal cages in vacant Walmart stores. To do this to children is conduct that shocks the conscience.

Many people who support President Trump do so because they see him as a savvy strongman who will fix our problems. Well, this shocking treatment of children is an example of government strength run amok. It's like we've put an axe in the hands of a madman. Add this to the trade wars that the madman is starting and we the people are in trouble.