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Dear Editor:

We all have opinions! Unfortunately many are based on what we think we know rather than what we know, myself included. It is a difficult task to sift through the propaganda and establish the true picture. There is no news, false news, true news, and strange newshow does anyone glean the truth?

Considerable time has been spent in an attempt to filtrate the information found on the computer. I have attempted to read information posted by both partiesnot the trashy stuff that seems to continuously float about, but rather information from supposedly true news reports. That is where the previous information has been taken from.

All presidents have suffered greatly from the lack of partisan backing. We have two parties that are so busy attempting to dig up dirt on each other and swaying the facts this way and that way, they no longer exhibit the facts. Has this ever been a problem before? Absolutely! To this length? Not really!

Two-year analysis for both presidents:

As can be best determined, the record shows for the total period of time in office, President Obama was able to keep 258 promises, was compromised on 146, and lost 129. In all fairness, due to the absolute stubbornness of the opposing party, many more of his bills may have been passed had he been of their party. Of course, we also have to consider that there were many that could not pass just because they were either unnecessary or impossible to pass due to legal or monetary problems.

As for the first year only, it appears that 25 were promised, seven of those were completed, 15 were either in progress or compromised, and three were left undone or lost.

As for President Trump, as much as I can ascertain, the record shows that he has made 13 campaign promises for the immediate future of which five have been accomplished, two are either in process or are compromised, and three are not yet accomplished or have lost. Only time will tell the tale, but I do predict that if he does not discontinue the chatter on subjects he is not well versed in, he could fail and lose any nomination for a second term.