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Your Opinion: New scientific studies warn of global cooling

Your Opinion: New scientific studies warn of global cooling

January 3rd, 2018 by Nelson Otto, Jefferson City in Opinion

Dear Editor:

As one of the coldest days of the year hits Missouri, I open the paper and see another LTE about anthropogenic climate change, which of course is supposed to be caused by anthropogenic global warming which is supposedly caused by anthropogenic CO2. Yet seven new scientific papers are warning of global cooling and the dangers that a little ice age is very possible. A chart was recently published showing the average high temperatures on Dec. 30 from 1917-2017 have been dropping. It also looks like we are going to have a second La Nina year in a row. That means the Pacific Ocean is cooler than normal, which is odd since the explanation for the "pause" in global warming was supposed to be the oceans absorbing all the heat and getting warmer.

The sun plays a major role in our climate and world temperatures. Just in 2017 alone over 120 scientific papers were published stating the relationship between solar activity, clouds, cosmic radiation and climate. Solar activity has been dropping, and for years scientists in other countries have been sounding the alarm of another pending little ice age. After the removal of the oppressive Obama administration and the end to calls from several states' attorney generals to attack climate realists, do climate scientists in the United States now feel it is safe to publish facts again without persecution. With the latest reports showing decreasing temperatures and a cooling climate the need for cheap plentiful fossil fuels is now more evident than ever. Wind turbines and solar panels will not meet the energy needs required to keep people alive and economies going. There is no successful way to power vehicles other than fossil fuels. Even with the new chargers that are coming out it will still take over 5.2 hours to recharge an electric semi truck, and Nixa's entire solar farm would only be able to charge 14 of the 5.6 million semi trucks that are on the roads every day. It is time we wake up to the facts and get over our "feelings" on climate change or we will all be left out in the cold.