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Your Opinion: Monitor immigrant services; require work

Your Opinion: Monitor immigrant services; require work

August 7th, 2018 by Sue Bower, Jefferson City in Opinion

Dear Editor:

What is the point of being a U.S. citizen? Let's see

A U.S. citizen can vote in U.S. elections. No, wait! Illegals can vote too, at least in some areas of the U.S.

U.S. citizens get free public educations. No, wait! Illegals can get free public educations too — everywhere. I think even some colleges/universities give scholarships to illegals.

U.S. citizens can get Medicaid, Medicare and food stamps. No, wait! Illegals can too.

U.S. citizens can get drivers' licenses. No, wait! Illegals can too, even if they cannot speak or read English.

The Bible says spare the rod and spoil the child. Look at all our wonderfully spoiled kids in today's world. The Bible says if a man does not work, do not feed him. Boy, are we getting this wrong today.


Monitor patients on Medicare/Medicaid seeing a doctor more than three times a year as well as the doctors seeing these patients.

Make people on welfare have a job to get benefits; almost everyone can do something or prove that they can't pick up trash, answer a phone, fold laundry, dice vegetables, etc.

Make sure that unemployed people can no longer go online and say they have been looking for a job in order to get benefits. You can lie online, but apparently Missouri does not require concrete proof of actual job-seeking. Shame on you Missouri government!

Make every entity (school, daycare, hospital, charitable group) responsible for verifying true identities of immigrants. A mother once provided papers saying her child's name was Pedro, but she called him Jose. Suspicious? Everyone should have to demand proof before providing services.

Limit food stamps to food staples: bread, meat, vegetables, fruit, milk, coffee. Provide the basics, but no frills.

Don't allow hospitals to charge outrageous "trauma" charges. Monitor unnecessary expensive tests like an MRI for appendicitis.

As a parent, use discipline responsibly to raise responsible children. We are ultimately responsible for the citizens our children will become. Discipline, chores, homework, charity, kindness, respect to elders and people in authority, a strong belief system — all work hand in hand to build our nation's future citizens.

Find out what it costs our governments (national and state) to provide for illegal immigrants. Would your family be willing to spend $1-2,000 a year in additional taxes to support these illegals? Can we bill you?